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Published:September 9th, 2009 21:25 EST
Israel's Secret Nuclear Arsenal

Israel's Secret Nuclear Arsenal

By SOP newswire2


Although the consequences of an Israeli attack on Iran are impossible to predict, the probabilities are clear:

1. A missile attack on Tel Aviv from Tehran, in direct reprisal

2. A closure of the Strait of Hormuz by Iranian forces

3. A nuclear strike by a shell-shocked Israel against Tehran

4. A massive cut in oil supplies from the Gulf

5. Activation of Iranian cells in Europe and the US to carry out reprisal attacks

6. A global stock-market collapse as oil price surges

7. Radiation induced illness in all Gulf states in addition to economic slump

8. The probability of the nuclear conflict extending into Europe

9. The start of the first global nuclear war

EU-Israel Association Agreement should be suspended
There is no way that Israel`s trading relationship with the European Union should be even considered for any upgrade until there is a clear explanation from the Israeli government as to why over 300 defenseless children and 100 of their mothers were brutally killed by a heavily-armed IDF in December/ January last, in Gaza. On the contrary, unless satisfactory evidence is forthcoming that would explain such an atrocity, then moves should be instigated to immediately SUSPEND ALL BILATERAL TRADING LINKS between the EU and Israel. The European Union must not ignore such a gross violation of human rights which is in DIRECT CONTRAVENTION of the specific provisions of the EU-Israel Association Agreement to which the government of Israel is a signatory.