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Published:September 27th, 2009 23:42 EST
Some Features of Crimean Tatar Language

Some Features of Crimean Tatar Language

By Elmaz Muzhdabaeva

Crimean Tatar language (Qırımtatar tili, Qırımtatarca) or Crimean language (Qırım tili, Qırımca) - language of the Crimean Tatars, is a Turkic language belonging to the Altaic family of languages. Writing on the basis of the Latin alphabet and the Cyrillic alphabet.

Names of the languages - the adjective «Crimean Tatar» (on russian - «крымскотатарский») - is talking terms. Widespread two options: fusion - Crimean Tatar and separation - Crimean-Tatar. Despite the fact that, according to official action «Rules of Russian spelling and punctuation» from 1956, the word should be written together, there are a number of books and dictionaries, recommending a separate writing. Thus, in practice, in the Crimea and Ukraine as a whole is used almost exclusively to writing together, in Russia - both options, but the separation more. In particular, operating in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan standard GOST 7.75-97 «names of languages Codes» refers to the language of Crimean Tatars «Crimean-Tatars», while the literature published in the Crimea «Crimean Tatar» (on Russian «крымскотатарский»).

Each of the three sub-ethnic group of Crimean Tatars (Tats, Nogai and South Coast Tatars) has its own dialect.

South Coast Tatar (yalyboysky) dialect refers to the wish to understand Azerbaijan language and is very close to Turkey. It differs from the Turkish literary smaller than some of their own dialects of Turkish. A feature of this dialect is also a considerable number of Greek and some Italian borrowings.
North or Nogai dialect belongs to the language and related Qypchaq Karachay-Balkar, Nogai and Kumyk language. On the level of dialect spoken Crimean Tatars of Romania and Bulgaria, as well as the vast majority of Crimean Tatars in Turkey. Now the basis of the modern literary dialect based on the average Tats dialect. Despite substantial Biliousness modern dialect is a direct continuation of Polovtsian language spoken in the Crimea in the XIV century (written language monument Codex Cumanicus).

Until 1928, Crimean Tatar language used Arabic alphabet, from 1928 to 1939 in Latin (the so-called «new Turkish alphabet» (NTA), also known as Yanalif) in 1939 - in Cyrillic. Since 1990, a gradual shift in the Romanized alphabet approved the decision of the Supreme Soviet of the Crimea in 1997. This differs from the alphabet used in the 1930`s and is a Turkish alphabet with the addition of two additional letters Q and "`. Currently used as Cyrillic or Latin alphabets. It should be noted that the Internet is used almost exclusively the Latin alphabet, but most of the printed product is produced until the Cyrillic.