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Published:October 4th, 2009 16:22 EST
Eight American Soldiers Die In Gun Battle In Afghanistan

Eight American Soldiers Die In Gun Battle In Afghanistan

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Insurgents stormed remote outposts in eastern Afghanistan killing eight Americans in the deadliest battle in more than a year near the border with Pakistan, the U.S. military said Sunday.

The fighting took place in Nuristan province`s Kamdesh district in high mountains along the eastern border with Pakistan. U.S. forces had already announced plans to withdraw from the area as part of commander General Stanley McChrystal`s strategy to focus his forces on population centers." Reuters

World War II lasted six years, and it reshaped the boundaries of nations, brought down evil empires, and left the United States and the Soviet Union as the preeminent world powers.

The war in Afghanistan has endured for eight years, and it hasn`t changed a darn thing. Osama bin Laden remains free, al Qaeda is still a menace, the Taliban is resurgent, Afghan women are still nothing more than chattel, and Afghanistan is still the opium capital of the world.

Our soldiers in Afghanistan aren`t fighting to preserve our liberty, or to make the world safe for democracy. We are an occupying force propping up the corrupt Hamid Karzai regime.

Our young boys and girls are shedding their blood in vain, their sacrifices haven`t accomplished squat. The American invasion and occupation of Afghanistan is detested by the world, including most Americans.

Yesterday eight American soldiers were killed defending a remote outpost that they were planning on abandoning in a few weeks. This incident illustrates the folly and futility of our misadventure in Afghanistan.

General McChrystal is pushing the Obama administration to send more troops to Afghanistan, but the American public must demand that the president reverse course and withdraw our soldiers from that godforsaken part of the world.

The death of those eight American soldiers will only have meaning, if they inspire the American public to say: Enough is enough!! Bring our soldiers home!