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Published:November 9th, 2009 09:26 EST
Tree of Democracy Bares No More Fruit

Tree of Democracy Bares No More Fruit

By SOP newswire2

"Another such victory and we have had it", King Pyrrhus of Epirus

This ancient quote comes to mind after witnessing the latest run of CIA imposed democracy in Pakistan. The old crooks back with gloss and glitter. The biggest crook getting the biggest prize, the Presidency, the rest of the goons settling for ministries and cabinet posts. The humble people of Pakistan were mesmerized by the media into welcoming these crooks back into power. People have short memories, it is true for any nation, but a nation that forgets its history has its geography changed by its enemies.

The masses were blinded by the media and the liberal fascists who want to enforce their 1% doctrine of western cultural, political, economic and secular agenda on the 99% nation of Pakistan. The mantra of democracy was tuned into the minds of the people using the best propaganda tool "the television`. Now second year into the Zardari government people are praying for Divine intervention or some miracle to rid the nation of this cancerous government. On the other hand, the 1% liberal fascist elite class wants to enslave 99% of the nation into bowing down to US slavery. We shouldn`t really blame them for they have been programmed into being nothing else but servants of the Zionist cabal.

The so called popular sentiment ingrained into the viewers` minds by TV anchors and talk-show hosts, that the "worst democracy is better than military dictatorship` " is absolute rubbish and distortion of facts. The people of Pakistan do not care if a civilian prime minister is ruling over them or a General. The nation is looking for someone who can solve the ills of the society. We don`t care about western urban jargons and CNN`s polls on democracy in Pakistan or IRI`s opinion polls.

From being a slum Malaysia became an "Asian Tiger`, was this achieved through democracy or one man`s benevolent leadership? What about UAE, Qatar, or Kuwait? Is there any democracy there? What about Indonesia? Ask any Indonesian if they are having a good time with their democracy. Singapore had a benevolent dictator who turned Singapore from a pirate marshy swamp into 9th largest economy of the world. Add to that Chavez in Venezuela, Lula in Brazil and the list goes on. Even Russia has recovered from IMF and World Bank enforced torture through the able leadership of Putin (formed FSB head and a nationalist). And we must not forget China from this list.

What we don`t find is a model of European or US styled democracy able to lift people out of their misery anywhere in the world. Their own experience with democracy has been a disaster. UK has the highest number of fascists groups on its soil, followed by Germany and France. The US, has its entire socio-economic-political model collapsing on its own hollow foundations. Every nation that has tried to follow Western-imported democracy has been in ruins and complete disaster. Hondourus, Columbia, Panama, Philippines, South Korea, Mexico, and many other countries fill the list of failed democratic experiences.

Democracy in Pakistan means nothing more than a breeding ground for robber barons and scoundrels. Pakistan has a literacy rate of 40% and according to the UN Human Development Report one of the few countries in the world which has a declining literacy rate. Literate in Pakistan means anyone who can read and write their name. The electoral constituencies in Pakistan are nothing more than family holdings, where elections results have produced the same people every time elections have been held. Only change has been the different family members switching political parties, with half the family members sitting in opposition and half in government. The elite class became elite courtesy of selling their loyalties time and again to the highest bidder.

The political background of Pakistan is easy to understand. The Indian sub-continent was ruled by Mughals for a longtime. When Shah Jehan was the King, Mughal Empire had become huge and de-centralization was required. In order to rule efficiently the Mughals had divided the empire into provinces which were further divided into cities, and towns. Further sub-division led to the creation of zameens, or land holdings ruled by zamindar, which were loyal to the Mughal Empire, they paid taxes, maintained an army, which was also loyal to the Mughal King. When the sun set on the Mughal Empire Punjab was over run and ruled by Sikhs, the zameendars were in no mood to let go off their power and prestige and simply removed the Mughal Flag and replaced it with Sikh Flag. It`s indeed easier to sell your soul, than die with honor. When the Sikhs were overthrown by the British Empire the zameendars removed the Portrait of Raja Duleep Singh and replaced it with the Queen of England. These zameendars were not interested in anything else but maintaining their own power. Zameendars of Punjab were the most active among all. They happily served as subjects of the Mughal, Sikh and British Empire. When the zameendars saw that the creation of Pakistan was inevitable they started joining the Muslim League, and labeled themselves as patriots.

The British created their Unionist Party which openly called for the British to remain in India, and was against the creation of Pakistan. Almost all the zameendars of Punjab joined this party. The situation in Sindh was similar, and the famous families of Sindh and Punjab were getting their monthly stipends from British Empire. Chandios, Mengals, Talpurs, Tiwana, Jamali, Ghutani, Bazinjo, Bughti, Khan of Kalat, Mukhdoom family of Punjab, Aitezaz Ahsan`s grandfather, Hamid Nasir Chatta`s grandfather, Shahnawaz Bhutto, Sikander Hayat are just few prominent names from a very long laundry list of families whose allegiance for a few hundred years have not been with the people whose lives they are destined to destroy, but with their masters elsewhere. The irony is that the current political leaders are the grand children or direct relatives of these same people. The election result has not bought any change, we can have elections every year but it will never bring any change until we change the system once and for all. During Ayub Khan`s tenure, all the names mentioned above and others including Bhutto were against Fatima Jinnah in the Presidential elections with Ayub Khan. This is the patriotism of all these Zameendar families that they chose to support Gen. Ayub against Madr-e-Millat, Fatima Jinnah. Not only this they arranged many political Jalsay or rallies where they maligned Fatima Jinnah. These so called champions of democracy have acted in the most hypocritical ways over the last three or four hundred years.

The situation right now is that Pakistan is on the edge of turmoil because of these corrupt to the core political families and landlords who couldn`t care less about Pakistan or Pakistan`s interests. Both Nawaz League and PPP are completely incompetent to provide any direction to the nation. Both these parties are corrupt to the core, most of their party members are the same landlords who are not interested in anything else but making more money. ANP, another party that is in coalition with PPP, was founded by Abdul Ghaffar Khan, who was called frontier Gandhi ", because of his allegiance to Indian Congress and his anti Pakistan stance. ANP still is a sub nationalist anti-state party. During the Soviet-Afghan war they openly supported the Soviet Union, and now the same ANP is supporting the US. Just recently party Chief Asfandyar Wali spent a longtime meeting key US officials in USA.

What we need in Pakistan is not CIA enforced hypocritical democracy " What we need in Pakistan is a complete overhaul of the system. We need to get rid of these tyrants and robber barons who have become our leaders in the name of patriotism. As Thomas Jefferson said, tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. "

It`s high time that we wake up from our slumber and decipher the cheap rhetoric that our politicians have been feeding us from a very longtime. Democracy does not work in a nation with millions of uneducated people; democracy doesn`t work in a country where there have never been land reforms. CNN and CIA`s color coded movements can`t and will never work in Pakistan because people of Pakistan reject such democracies and will do so in future as well. We need to get rid of landlords and land owners who have monopolized the lives of rural peasants of Pakistan. The dream of Pakistan that was envisioned by Allama Iqbal and Jinnah will be achieved even if it takes some time. In Iqbal`s Pakistan there will be no place for these liberal fascists, and progeny of corrupt political parties. What they have with them are hollow western slogans, and corrupt politics, what we have with us are Islamic principles, Iqbal`s Khudi and Jinnah`s resolute courage. These are real ideas, and ideas are stronger than bullets, and can`t be replaced by ballots or textbooks.


Forwarded by: Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana.