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Published:November 20th, 2009 09:53 EST
A Young Female Girl Abandoned by Family Over Killing her Rapist

A Young Female Girl Abandoned by Family Over Killing her Rapist

By Prince Nelson Balina Omukisa Yiga

THE 14-year-old girl from Bushenyi who stoned to death a 40-year-old man whom she accused of trying to rape her yesterday failed to get released on Police bond because there was nobody to stand surety for her.  

The girl (name withheld for she is a minor) is an orphan. She missed part of her end-of-year exams since she was detained.  "District Police commander Jimmy Oyuku said nobody came to help the girl get released so she could sit for her examinations."  

"Even the head teacher of the school where she is studying did not come to her rescue. The P.4. girl had been living in the house with her nine-year-old brother. At the time of the alleged attempted rape, she was alone. The brother was out looking for firewood. "Their father died some years ago while the mother died in April. The Police said her paternal relatives, who are supposed to assist her, seem to have abandoned her."  

"The sobbing girl, dressed in a dotted black skirt and a black jacket, was yesterday taken to hospital for medication. The Police told journalists on Tuesday that the girl hit Josephat Mpigika on the head with a stone after he made an attempt to defile her. "Mpigika, a herdsman from Nyakagomora village, died of his injuries shortly after arrival in Kitagata Hospital. He had been released from prison on defilement charges."  

"Oyuku said they have appealed to the sub-county authorities to see how the girl can be assisted.  "If the LCs fails to show up, we shall assist the girl in accordance with the Children`s Act, " Oyuku said.  "Asked why the file has not yet been taken to the state attorney, Oyuku said the investigations were not yet complete. Besides, he said, they feared for the girl`s life if she went home without protection." 

We are not sure what the deceased`s relatives might be planning. So we cannot send her home, she has no security there.  "He added that they will liaise with the LC3 boss to see how they can provide security for the girl and her brother. The girl told The New Vision that she had been selling matooke and coffee during the harvest season to get money to cater for their basic needs, including school fees." 

"She said she pays sh19,800 school fees per term while her brother pays sh3,000. "My paternal uncles, who would have come to my rescue, have not come because by the time our mother died, they were not relating well with our family," she said. "Before her mother died, Mpigika had attempted to rape her for a whole year, she narrated." I reported it to my mother and to his employer, Polly Kakoko. "After the death of her mother, things became worse. Whenever I would be coming back from school or from fetching water, the man would run after me," the girl recalls."

"She said she wants the Police to release her so that she can go and sit for her exams. "Oyuku appealed to the public to take care of orphans, saying after the death of their parents, the relatives often begin to plan how to grab their property instead of supporting them. "Asked why he had not taken any steps to assist her, Kabira LC3 chairman Capt. James Tofayo said: We are waiting for the Police to first play their role. "Otherwise, they will say we interfered with their investigations."