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Published:December 10th, 2009 09:14 EST
Panthers Party supports Telangana State

Panthers Party supports Telangana State

By SOP newswire2

An Emergency Meeting of the Working Committee of National Panthers Party was held in the capital today under the chairmanship of Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, NPP and attended by 25 out of 31 members of the National Working Committee.

Panthers Party supports Telangana State


           The Working Committee in a unanimous resolution urged the Prime Minister of India for his urgent intervention to ensure the fulfillment of the commitment by the President of India in his address in 2004 to establish Telangana State in response to the most genuine aspirations of the people of Telangana.


           Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, NPP also appealed to the political leadership in the country including the left bloc, BJP and Congress to read the writings on the wall and pressurize the government of India without any delay lest the situation takes any ugly or unfortunate turn. He also appealed the Prime Minister to send his special emissary to Hyderabad with clear assurance so that the fasting leader, Shri K. Chandershekhar Rao is persuaded to end his fast unto death.


           The Working Committee also expressed shock and anxiety on the most tragic death of more 150 innocent people in Baghdad, Iraq due to bomb explosion. Prof. Bhim Singh blamed Anglo-American Bloc particularly, USA for the death of nearly million innocent people of Iraq and its destruction by the foreign troops, mostly Americans. The Panthers Party demanded a public trial of both Bush (the then US President) and Blair (the then UK premier) for the death of millions of Iraqis and for the assassination of its President, Saddam Hussein and accused them for violation of Iraq`s sovereignty, territorial integrity and naked aggression and demanded trial by the UN Criminal Court of Justice in Hague.


           Prof. Bhim Singh said that USA`s claim that Al-Qaida is responsible for yesterday`s blast in Baghdad. The Panthers Supremo in his rejoinder to US questioning the US claim, When there was no Al-Qaida till President Saddam Hussein was President of Iraq, which was admitted by the UN inspectors team, from where and when Al-Qaida entered Iraq. He blamed that if they were Al-Qaida to blast a bomb then US deserves to be punished for the entry of Al-Qaida into Baghdad ".  Prof. Bhim Singh said that as long as foreign troops are in Iraq, there can be no peace let the US understands that.


           The Working Committee congratulated Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of Inidia, for his visionary approach in activating friendly relations with international community particularly that of USA and Russia in the light of fast changing combinations and permutations in international relations.


           Prof. Bhim Singh also assured full cooperation to the Indian Prime Minister in his peace initiative with neighbouring countries particularly China and Pakistan.


           The Working Committee described Copenhagen International Climate Conference where all the members of United Nations, 193 countries, are participating as a device by nuclear powers to create a universal confusion on the climate scenario, the Chairman, Prof. Bhim Singh who has traveled around the world for 6 years on two-wheels blamed the nuclear powers as mother of climate distortion. Addressing the Working Committee, the Chairman said that the temperature in the high attitudes of Himalayan region or Tsunami-tempest is because of the nuclear blasts in the oceans or in the high altitudes. That emission must be stopped which is possible. This is possible only complete disarmament and destruction by dismantling all nuclear arsenals which are dumped in heaps by USA, UK, Russia and China. The Panthers Party has decided to convene a Disarmament Conference in the month of February, 2010.