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Published:December 29th, 2009 11:08 EST
Tiger Woods: The Most Hated Celeb

Tiger Woods: The Most Hated Celeb

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Let`s please give the kid a break,`` said Mark Steinberg, Tiger Woods`s agent, recently.

Tiger Woods acts like an adolescent who uses a fake ID to con his way into a topless club. The disgraced golfer had unprotected sex with countless porn stars and cocktail waitresses without thinking about the consequences to his health or to his marriage. Not to mention that Tiger was unconcerned about the possibility of giving birth to illegitimate children.

Like a geeky teen trying to impress his peers, Tiger is well known for telling crude and vulgar jokes. Tiger is a misogynist, to him women are good only as sex objects or as the objects of perverted jokes.

Tiger had nothing but contempt for his colleagues, he had almost no interaction with his fellow golfers. Tiger almost never signed any autographs, he treated his fans like dirt.

In short Tiger Woods is the antithesis of his image as a consummate professional and dedicated family man. Tiger is one of the most contemptible celebrities in this country, and that`s why very few famous persons have come to his defense.

Tomorrow Tiger will be 34 years old, and on his birthday he should dedicate himself to becoming a real man. Tiger can start by firing his idiotic agent, and the rest of his enablers, and sycophants. Real men don`t hide or run away from their problems, the humiliated golfer should man up, put on his big girl panties, and publicly apologize to his fans and sponsors.

Reporters shouldn`t cut Tiger any slack, it`s time to stop treating the lecherous golfer with kid gloves. Thank goodness for the National Enquirer, this distinguished publication has never backed away from speaking truth to power. The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and the rest of the mainstream media should never again kowtow to a sports icon.

We helped create a monster, and now we must expose the full depravity of Tiger Woods. We must break Tiger down, so that from the ashes a new and much improved person will emerge.

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