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Published:January 1st, 2010 20:14 EST
Iran vs. US: A Tag of War of Intelligences

Iran vs. US: A Tag of War of Intelligences

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Currently, the tag of war has been started between the intelligences of Iran and the United States of America. Both countries are considering each other as their strong counterpart. The government of the US is somewhat worried about the upcoming power of Iran; on the other hand, Iran is accusing the US for interfering about its internal issues. In this case and circumstances the US is playing a more-curious role, or Iran is playing a defensive role. Actually the cold-clash between these countries is somewhat historical as a result of past grudges such as the taking of hostages from the US Embassy in Tehran back in 1979.

After the end of cold war and the break up the Soviet Union, the US has been left as one of the last remaining superpowers of the world and this country is always adamant to keep its position as a superpower. In order to prevent any upcoming super-power; the US has taken position on many policies in order to prevent any upcoming power, especially those in the Middle East countries, the US has created Israel and through Israel the intention of controlling the Middle East countries is being materialized. On the other hand, the US has kept China, India, Pakistan, Russia, North Korea, etc. in great pressure to act as a superpower creating many successful bars. However, currently Iran is being considered as an upcoming superpower among the Middle East countries. The basic problem between these two countries has been started after being held of successful Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979. Now the Government of Iran is not obedient as its previous government to the US or any other country. That is why the US has disconnected all types of diplomatic relationships with Iran. However, nowadays the curiosity of getting atomic energy of Iran has created a great headache for the United States because it might be a threat for the present and future interest of the US.

After being occupied, Iraq, now the US understands the great problem regarding keeping stability in Iraq because it is their commitment before the people of this world that they will bring peace in Iraq as well as the world. But in this case bringing stability in Iraq, the US is facing strong indirect interference of Iran. Consequently, the basic problem of the present government of Iraq that it has been consisted of Shia Muslim community who has original religious bonds as well as influence from the leaders of Iran. However, considering all of these problems the US desires to use Israel to capture Iran but the little state Israel does not have the capability to fight with Iran and Iranian Islamic leaders have already warned Israel that if Iran is attacked they will devastate Israel. That is why all types of surrounding circumstances have created a serious problem for the United States about the security of their interest.

In order to bow Iran, the United States took many steps but all have seemed to have failed. Actually the intelligence of Iran is playing a vital role to keep their country secured. They are foiling all types of the espionage process of the United States. Actually, without following the system of espionage, there is no other strong way for the US to gain different sensitive internal information of Iran because they have no diplomatic ties with Iran; in contrast, Iran is covered by strong political stability. So, it is very tough for any country to make Iran as their obedient country.

Sometimes some paid-protesters try to do something against the government of Iran but they are rejected by the people as well as the Islamic Leaders. As we are looking many US citizens of the United States as well as US-bias people have been arrested in Iran for the accusation of espionage. Actually, the Iranian government should investigate the accusation properly and they should not harass any innocent US citizen as well as an Iranian citizen for the crime of espionage. But during this present crucial situation it very tough for Iran to believe any person.

Although the intelligence of the US is materializing many policies for Iran such as making political chaos using opposition leaders, international blockade, threatening by Israel, espionage, etc. but all of these policies have failed as a result of the active role of the Iranian intelligence agencies. Iran is a type of country which has strong political stability under the supervision of religious leaders. However, the present tag of war between the intelligence agencies of Iran and the US has a source of great entertainment for the political society of this world. However, this tag of war and all conspiracies should be stopped for the peace of the Middle East as well as the world. The world community wants to breathe in a peaceful environment and they do not want see any blood-shed, killings, bombings, etc. We dream of a world in which there is no conflict, people and nations to live together in peace and harmony.