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Published:January 2nd, 2010 15:36 EST
CIA Suicide Bomb Attack: How did the Bomber Infiltrate?

CIA Suicide Bomb Attack: How did the Bomber Infiltrate?

By Sean Beelzebul

The recent suicide attack on CIA counter-terrorism operatives in Afghanistan has raised new questions regarding the security of the organization`s use of non-CIA personnel in their operations. For many years the FBI has used informants to gather information on terrorism. The man who attacked the CIA base was wearing an Afghan military officer`s uniform complete with identification card. Either the Taliban was responsible for this act, meaning they murdered an officer and had a terrorist dress in his guise. Or, this act was committed by an ally of the CIA`s who simply went ballistic and betrayed his friends. Whatever the case, why was an Afghan officer permitted to enter the CIA base in the first place?

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the act and US officials agreed this is a legitimate possibility. Yet, with all the clandestine security of the CIA, it is shocking that their defenses were compromised in this manner. The fact that a man dressed as an Afghan officer was permitted on the premises indicates that the CIA had a system in place where they could get information directly from people who deal more closely with the Taliban, similar to the FBI`s informant system. This security breach will surely be patched, but how?

The Afghan National military rigorously denied that the attacker was truly an officer in their forces, but recent cases of Afghan soldiers turning their guns on US personnel leaves the subject up to debate. This case is especially problematic because the bomber could have relayed much information back to the Taliban if he was working for the terrorists. It is clear that it was unwise to allow such a person in the base. Future operations of the agency will likely not risk a future event of this sort. For now, although operations will be slowed to some extent, the US Government will only improve its ability to gather information safely learning from a catastrophe such as this incident.