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Published:January 25th, 2010 15:54 EST
No One Can Drive a Wedge Between Israel and Turkey

No One Can Drive a Wedge Between Israel and Turkey

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- It is very important for those who love Allah to support one another and be brothers with each other... The People of the Book were at ease at the time of the Messenger of Allah (saas). Christians, Jews were all living in brotherhood and friendship. We will establish the same brotherly environment.

- No one can drive wedge between Israel and Turkey. We do not cease to care for Israel because of some movies, theatres or ads... We act according to the Qur`an. We see the Children of Israel as what is revealed in the Qur`an. They are a line of the prophets, they are a blessed line, we will never let anyone harm even a hair on their head... Whoever drops an atomic bomb on Israel will find us against him. No one can do such a thing, no one can dream of it... From now on we will never let anyone in the region or in the world to do such a thing. From now on there is no such thing. We are in the age of peace, brotherhood and love. This kind of things will never happen.

- Gilad Shalit is surely our son. He is also our brother. We, of course, in no way wish him to remain apart from his parents, to live in such tension... There have been unnecessary wars, unjustifiable struggles. We wish Palestine and Israel to embrace one another. We want everyone in the prisons to be released, everyone to live in peace, abundance, blessings and brotherhood. Neither in Israeli prisons nor in the Palestinian prisons should anyone remain... We are also disturbed about the condition of our Palestinian brothers in Israel. However, what we say is not that the terrorists in Israel should be released so that they pursue terror in Israel... But of course we want them to get out of the prisons with good manners like the angels, we want them to hug Israelis warmly and there to be an environment of brotherhood.

- Christians, Jews and Muslims will stand shoulder to shoulder in their struggle against Darwinism and materialism. But surely this is not a fierce struggle but will be based on love, compassion and mercy as well as science and arts. This time, this intellectual struggle is won by believers in Allah. This is the century when believers in Allah prevails. Consequently all satanic plots like wars, conflicts and battles end in this century. This means the fight between Palestine and Israel will also come to an end.

- I`ve said 2 years ago that the Turkish Islamic Union will be established. Back then people thought it was a tale, but now you see that what I`ve said is coming true, the visa requirements have been lifted with many countries. All the countries, with which the visa requirement is lifted, are the candidates of the Turkish Islamic Union. After that the passport requirement will also be lifted. The visa and passport requirements with Israel will also be lifted, so Israel will be among our neighbors we can freely visit. States will be as independent and national states, but borders will be lifted in this respect. And therefore friendship and brotherhood will mark this century. People will no longer dare to fight or to cause terror; wars have now ended in this century. Terrorism too will end rapidly, and you will see it.

- We are in the era of the Messiah (Moschiach), in the era of the Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)... Some people may wonder if these matters are metaphysical. Yes, they are metaphysical. The world is metaphysical. People will see that metaphysics will dominate this century. Religion is dominant in the Middle East which means that religion directs people. Religion keeps people together, gives them moral strength and provides the source of their lives. For that reason we see that believers prevail in this century, as a matter of fact we have already seen it and will also see in the future.

- This century will be the century of the lovers of Allah... In Jerusalem, we Muslims, Christians, Jews will come together insha`Allah and embrace one another insha`Allah. Muslims will give thanks to Allah in mosques, Christians in churches and Jews in their synagogues. We will make sacrifices to Allah, roast meat together and its beautiful odor will spread all over. We will make those places like Heaven insha`Allah. By Allah`s leave we will rebuild Prophet Solomon`s (pbuh) Masjid. We will also open such beautiful places of worship next to the graves of other prophets who lived in the past, so that Jews, Muslims and Christians can worship. We will render the world in its most beautiful state insha`Allah. This is a fact related to happen in the End Times. This is also stated in the Torah and the Qur`an also indicates this fact. In the hadith also our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) noted this subject.

- There will be no atheism, no Darwinism, no materialism. The freedom in every thought will be experienced. People will say how beautiful is the world, how beautiful is life. " Fear will be completely eradicated from the face of earth, terror will be completely eradicated from the face of earth. Women will be able to go wherever they want on their own. There will be no need for the locks on the doors. There will be no need for security cameras. There will be no need for the police to be present in every corner. The courts will be emptied, the police stations will be emptied. There will be very rare cases in the courts insha`Allah. A very peaceful and beautiful life is awaiting for us insha`Allah.

To watch the live meeting (with English subtitles):
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To watch the press conference (with English subtitles):
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The attendants from Israeli delegation are:
1)Mr. Ayoob Kara -
The Deputy Minister of the Development of the Negev and Galilee (Deputy Minister Kara is the closest non Jewish person to the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and has a vision to develop a strong and warm relationship between Jews, Muslims, Christians and all other religions.)
2) Mr. Efraim Lahav - Senior Strategic Advisor Deputy Minister, Office of The Prime Minister; Chairman of Academic Union of Israeli Civil Workers; General Director Academic Association in Israel
3) Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander - From Sanhedrin, the Rabbinical Court in Jerusalem, Jerusalem Court for Issues of Bnei Noah
4) Father Hurrian Dimitri (Mussa Hadi) - Orthodox Christian leader
3) Rabbi Ben Abrahamson " Historian & consultant to the Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem, Sanhedrin relating Islam religion; Director of "the Committee for Historical Research on Islam and Judaism"
5) Sheikh Ameen Kablan - Deputy of the Druze community
7) Mr. Ataf Krinawi - Bedouin leader
8) Mr. Japhet Tsedaka - Head of the Samaritan community