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Published:January 27th, 2010 15:17 EST
Tensions Heightened Along the North Korea and South Korea Border Today

Tensions Heightened Along the North Korea and South Korea Border Today

By Sean Beelzebul


Yonhap news reported this Wednesday that North Korean artillery near the border was fired at a South Korean Island called Baengnyeong. The Wall Street Journal reports that this was after a declaration by North Korean Tuesday, of "no sail` zones in the area ", but does not go into further detail. The Yonhap news article reports that the North fired approximately 30 shots in the area and then a dozen more hitting the border line "the Northern Limit Line. According to Yonhap:   South Korea responded to the first round of North Korean shells with 100 warning shots from shoreline Vulcan cannons with a range of 3-4 kilometers, though the South Korean navy did not respond to the second volley, instead releasing two more warning messages to the North. " Clearly tensions are quite high.

I disagree with the South`s actions. I believe they over-reacted with their warning shots ". While, it`s obvious that the North was provoking a dispute with their belligerent declaration of a no-sail zone and firing of the initial shots, I don`t believe the South had to requite this act with three times the artillery fire.

The South at least backed off after the second round of artillery fire from the North, and dispatched warnings instead of more fire power "this was right action. The North Korean situation is dire and conditions are terrible, whereas in the South the monetary unit, the won, increased in value after the artillery exchange.

I am afraid that the North with its cantankerous and childish leaders should be understood as such. The South should not sink down to these levels when dealing with their neighbors. Being in more fortunate health the South should all the more stress diplomacy over initial military reactions.