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Published:January 31st, 2010 20:27 EST

The Quantum Field - an Unknown Realm

By Richard Taylor

   For centuries now physics has been trying to describe and prove a unified field theory that would be most helpful in humanities understanding of life and what forces come into play and have an affect on us. It started clear back in 1867 with Isaac Newton. His veiw was the universe as a massive mechanical system where space and time are absolute. We now know that to be flawed, but he was pretty close for the time.


   Then in 1867 came field-theory physics. James Maxwell proposes the existence of forces that cannot be explained by Newton`s physics. His research, along with Michael Faraday`s, leads to the discovery of the universe as fields of energy that interact with each other.

   Then came Quantum Physics in 1900. Max Planck publishes his theory of the world as bursts of energy called "quanta". Experiments on the quantum level show that matter exists as "probabilities" and tendencies rather than absolute things, suggesting that reality may not be so real or solid after all.
   In 1905 Albert Einstein brings us Relativity Physics. He proposes that time is relative rather than absolute. A key aspect of relativity is that time and space cannot be seperated and exist together as a fourth dimension.

   65 years later, in 1970, comes String-Theory Physics. Physicists discover that theories describing the universe as tiny vibrating strings of energy can be used to explain the observations of both the quantum and everyday worlds. The theory is formally accepted by the mainstream physics community in 1984 as a possible bridge to unite all other theories.

   In 2000 and something came the new and improved unified theory of physics which someday in the future, physicists wil discover a way to explain the holographic nature of what we observe in the quantum universe, as well as what we see in our everyday world. They will formulate the equations to unify their explanation into one consistent story.

   This is where I come in and show you that our logic and common sense should supercede what the science community believes. They believe that if you can`t prove it, it therfore does not exist. Isn`t that a little bit silly? We can`t prove when the first human came into existence, does that mean that we don`t exist? Our common sense overides that, for here we are. Let us go with our logic a little bit further.

   There has to be a medium, a field if you will, that has to exist in order for us to function as we do, and to make everything work the way it does. For example, what does a jet fly through? A long time ago it was thought of as an ether type of field. But ether lacks a good description of it. Some people think it is the wind we fly through. But if the wind is not blowing what is it we`re flying through? Others think it is just the air we`re flying through. But does air alone have enough consistency to it to let a 350,000 pound jet glide through it? I think there has to be a little bit more to this than meets the eye.

   Now here is where it get`s tricky. We`re flying planes around in something that we can`t even see, but we know there must be something because we do it all the time. My logic tells me that it can`t just be air, because we breathe it all the time and I don`t really think it can substantiate 350,000 pounds (this is based on a 767 max takeoff weight) no matter how fast you can go. So there must be something more than just a field of air or ether.

   But what is it if we can`t see it or prove that it exists? I am going to coin the phrase of simply the "Quantum Field" for it has always been there and we have proven it by flying through it. But wait, there`s more. More that everybody fails to recognize. Let`s take all the waves that are shooting around out there. Radio waves, cell phone waves, and a plethora of other waves. You might call them signals, but that word just doesn`t do them justice. And there`s also light waves and micro waves to name a few more.

   So all these waves are out there shooting around, but shooting through what? It`s not the air, although you would be led to believe so. It`s the "quantum Field", you know, the one we can`t see. And here`s something else to think about. How do all of these waves go right through walls of concrete and brick to your cell phones and other devices we use? Surprise! Everthing is not as solid as your brains would have you believe. Your brain is the matrix device that makes everything you experience real. It`s magic in it`s own sense, but because it happens all the time it is taken for granted.

   Let`s say you are at the table looking out the window. it`s a beautiful day with the sunshine coming in through your window. By rights, your window is solid and shouldn`t let anything in. But it`s clear, so that should let the light in, which it does. You put your hand on the table where the light is shining through and you feel the heat from the sun. That shouldn`t be possible because your window is solid, but yet you feel the heat. How can the heat pass right through something that`s solid? On this count, It`s not because it is clear, it`s because it`s not as solid as you think it is. And all the while your brain is telling you that it is because the glass is clear even though it`s solid. Here we come to the paradox. It is, but it isn`t.

   My friends, the world is full of paradox`s. It is, but it isn`t. That means that anything is possible. It`s the quantum field that makes it possible. We live in a world where anything is possible. It comes down to the matter of belief. Our belief is so powerful that it took us to the moon. Now we are looking to go beyond. Let`s take a look clear back when they built the Pyramids. In those days it must have really seemed impossible to do, because even today, with our technology, we still can`t figure out how they did it. People think it was the HEB`s that helped them. ( What you call aliens I call Higher Evolved Beings, or HEB`s) I think that the HEB`s showed them how powerful their beliefs are. Einstein has proven that mass equals energy squared, so why couldn`t the Egyptians have changed the mass of the huge blocks they put into place to energy, thereby making them much lighter? Just a thought.

   The thing that gives me the credentials to say all of this is the fact that I suffered a stroke ten years ago. I shouldn`t even be sitting here writing this. I had a supernatural experience that healed me of it. This led me on to do research on quantum physics, the universe, the near death experience, our reality, and the nature of "The All`, whom you refer to as God. I have made many startling realizations. One`s that ordinary people will call me crazy for because they are almost that unbelievable.

   I have been awakened, for what purpose I do not know. What I do know is that there is so much more out there that we choose not to believe. We are all a part of "The All", which in essence makes us Godlike in our own manner. So what I am trying to do here is to make you think and start using your own common sense and logic to the things that are right before our very eye`s, such as the "Quantum Field". Once we understand it, it will no longer be an "unknown realm". I have much more to awaken you to which I am writing another book about. For now, I am just trying to get you to understand that through our combined consciousness, we can do the miraculous. After all, miracles aren`t miracles when you understand them.