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Published:February 3rd, 2010 14:27 EST
lady gaga cartoon

Lady Gaga To Collab With Lindsay Lohan?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It seems like an unlikely pairing, but rumor has it that Lady Gaga may be teaming up with Lindasy Lohan for a duet.

lady gaga cartoonAlthough nothing has been set in stone at this point, producer Rodney Jerkins says he would like to see the two women work together in the studio."

Socialite Examiner/Alison Nadaud

Lady Gaga had a wonderful duet with Beyonce, but a Gaga/Lohan pairing would be an unmitigated disaster. For a collab to be successful both singers must bring something to the table.

Lady Gaga brings a banquet to the table: An amazing vocal prowess, songwriting excellence, and the hottest name in the music business. Lohan brings meager offerings: Ratty leggings, a drug habit, questionable vocals, and a dubious work ethic.

Lady Gaga should be applauded for using her fame and wealth to help the desperate people in Haiti, but she`s wasting her time trying to help the hopeless trainwreck Lindsay Lohan.

I hope the Lady Gaga/Lindsay Lohan duet never comes to fruition, it just may derail Gaga`s career.

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