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Published:February 10th, 2010 09:53 EST
Flag for Vishwa Shanti Maha Yagya Sammelan

Flag for Vishwa Shanti Maha Yagya Sammelan

By SOP newswire2


Inaugural flag for the success of Vishwa Shanti Maha Yagya at Kumbh Mela-2010, Haridwar was hoisted by Shankeracharya of Puri and Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party on the banks of the Holy Ganges today. Shankeracharya of Puri congratulated Prof. Bhim Singh for his world peace yatra on motorcycle projecting India`s mission on world peace and disarmament. The Shankeracharya also congratulated the Panthers Party Chief for fighting for four million pre-paid mobile telephone subscribers in Jammu and Kashmir who have been denied this right by the Government of India.

National Panthers Party

The Shankeracharya told International Media and galaxy of Sadhus and several religious persons that Prof. Bhim Singh is the first Indian who carried the Indian flag for world peace for years and that`s why he had invited him on the occasion of inauguration of Vishwa Shanti Maha Yagya at Kumbh Mela.

Prof. Bhim Singh while thinking the Shankeracharya for the honour he has showered on him, the Panthers Party Chief welcomed India`s initiative to restart dialogue with Pakistan to resolve the status of LoC which he said was the only problem between India and Pakistan. Prof. Bhim Singh also urged Indian leadership to persuade Pakistan to hold referendum in POK and Gilgit-Baltistan whether the citizens in that part of Jammu and Kashmir would like to stay with Pakistan?

Prof. Bhim Singh also reiterated his stand that there should be an all party government in J&K because no party enjoys majority and there is a common agenda in J&K which is return of peace and democracy. Prof. Bhim Singh expressed shock the way the Uttrakhand Govt. is handling Kumbh Mela Management. He said that Government of India has given 800 crores of rupees to Uttrakhand Govt. for the management of the mela whereas hundreds of sadhus and other people are sulking on the deserted banks of the Ganges without any assistance from the administration. The communication, the road structure, the camping sites all are in hopeless state of affairs. Prof. Bhim Singh urged the Prime Minister to set up a monitoring camp at Haridwar so that the money given by the Centre may be utilized for the purpose.

Later, while addressing a press conference he said that Kumbh Mela is a great source of transcending message of love, peace, disarmament and non-violence to the whole world which is a great need for the survival of the world today.

Sudesh Dogra, Political Secretary