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Published:February 13th, 2010 17:01 EST

Cougar Madonna Refuses To Let Her Toyboy Escape

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Only a week after dumping her toyboy lover, pop superstar Madonna shows that she is back with model Jesus Luz after indulging in public display of affection.

The couple got stuck into a passionate embrace as they were reunited in Rio de Janeiro this week, Daily Mail online reported.

madonnaThe 51-year-old superstar looked as though she was desperately trying to reclaim her youth as she and 23-year-old Luz kissed on some stairs of a night club seemingly oblivious to their fellow party-goers, Daily Mail online reported."

It`s been widely reported in the tabloids and entertainment Web sites that Jesus Luz dumped Madonna because she`s too old for him. But it looks like the shameless cougar has sunk her claws into her young lover again.

If Madonna was secure in her relationship with Luz she would not engage in ostentatious displays of public affection. Madonna can`t even see her glory days in her rear-view mirror, making out with a man who is young enough to be her grandson won`t recapture her youth. It will only serve to exhibit her desperation and clinging personality.

When young lovers embrace it make people smile, but when a middle-aged celeb makes out with a young man it makes everyone wince. Madonna, for the sake of everyone`s mental sanity, please confine your sexuality to your bedroom.

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