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Published:February 13th, 2010 20:09 EST

Iran Now Supposedly has the Means for Nuclear Capability

By Ron G Anselm

If it is one thing after another lately with the local news of the bad economy, more layoffs, more unemployment numbers rising, and the War in Afghanistan not making any headway for finally ending, we now hear that one of the most defiant countries that has been basically a big thorn in the side of the United States, besides North Korea announced that they now have the technology and capability to process enrich uranium into weapons states if they want to.

nuclear capibility

     President Ahmadinejad of Iran held a speech and named that day a national holiday for Iran and announced the news. One of the funny things is, during that speech the people of Iran held a protest towards their Presidents announcement of having the capability to produce nuclear weapons. It seems Iran`s Government has been separated with their people for some time now. Lately, it seems the people of Iran want a more peaceful and better lifestyle and have taken more interested in the views of the United States and have been against their own Presidents views of acting like an ass.

     Maybe the war on terror has done some good for the people of the Middle East to finally let them see how it would be to have a country like ours that is free and great and that the people have a choice to decide who they want to vote for in their Government. There is no greater country than ours and no greater luxury to have than Freedom!

     Iran has been sort of trash talking towards the United States for the past year saying they were enriching uranium for peaceful purposes and for the use in medical research. In my opinion, do medical research in other areas other than the supposedly areas that requires enriched uranium, especially if you have been told by the United States and NATO to STOP! enriching uranium!

     The day of the speech, the Government bused in people from all over the country to fill Azadi square where the speech was held. Looks like the Government of Iran needed to make people come to the speech otherwise there probably would have been no one there to listen. The Iranian Government wanted to put a show on for the world as if all the people of Iran supported the speech and came on their own free will to listen but had to fake it by busing them in. Wow! If President Ahmadinejad needed to make the people of Iran come to listen to his dumb speech by busing them in, why didn`t he just dress up in a Chip-In-Dales costume and give the people of Iran some incentive, especially the Iranian ladies to come listen to his meaningless words of supposedly intimidation, (Yea Right!) towards the United States. Again, in my famous words, Unbelievable!

     The Iranian Government also had to figure out how to try to block any opposition from opposing the so called famous speech, so they sent thousands of forces into the streets the night before to try to intimidate any opposing views. Looks like the Iranian Government once again had to fake it to try to make the people or some people scared to not show their opposing views and voice their opinions in opposition to the government of Iran. Sure is nice to have a great country like the United States with the Freedom of Speech in its Constitution. It is great to be an American citizen; there is nothing better in the world.

     There was one group of Iranian people that turned out to be the opposition who were led by Mr. Karroubi, (whoever that is) when that group entered Azadi Square where the speech was being held, clashed with the Iranian big bad security forces and were quickly detained and of course you know what else happened next and is what normally happens in a communist atmosphere, they were arrested and detained as were more people around the country that held protests toward the speech.

     Now that Iran has supposedly nuclear capability makes this world a little more unsecure to live in. There needs to be more severe sanctions against Iran and more monitoring of what is going on behind the iron curtain of the Middle East`s defiant country. We are all living in a time that will definitely be in the history books of our grandchildren and their children and so on. It looks like our Governments focus will have to be centered more on Iran while still keeping a major focus on the war in Afghanistan.