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Published:February 15th, 2010 15:23 EST
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Gal Stop Trying to Be a Woman When You Are Only a Gal

By SOP newswire2

By Rayhab Gachango

Gal you strut around in your fancy clothes, your makeup, high heels and skin tight clothes. Gal stop trying to be a woman when you`re only a gal at 8 years old.


Gal you`re strutting your stuff, showing off those budding breasts and swinging your hips. Trying to make those boys notice you and tell you you`re pretty. Gal stop shortchanging yourself, losing your innocence to make the boys notice you. Gal stop trying to be a woman when you`re only a gal at 14 years old. 
Gal you`re strutting your stuff, drinking with those men. Being the cool gal, the life of the party, being the hottest chick on the block, every man has your number on speed dial. Gal stop trying to be a woman when you`re only a gal at 18 years old.  
Gal you`re strutting your stuff. Living in an expensive apartment, driving a top of the range car and eating at five star restaurants. You boast about your man whose am MP, who does everything for you but do you know he`s just using you for sex. There are rumors he has HIV and you never use a condom. Gal stop trying to be a wife when you`re only a mistress. 
Gal you`re strutting your stuff, wearing your short skirts and tight blouses that show off your breasts. You`re getting it on, on the dance floor, shaking it, trying to attract the attention of the guys so that you can get a one night stand. Woman stops trying to be a gal when you`re a woman at 45 years old. 
Gal strut your stuff, be who you need to be. But gal respect yourself, love yourself and don`t try to be someone that God didn`t mean you to be. Don`t be a woman when your only a gal and don`t let yourself be dirt when your more precious then diamonds. Gal be what God meant you to be. A Diva. A Queen. 

Speaking of which, what is going on with our gal, the Creekside Princess. Has she found her dream, or is it a nightmare? The Creekside Princess is a young woman named Gabrielle. She will be our channel of exploration and discovery. Her story is the story of the journey through her own dysmorphic perspective, through the world`s/society`s standards, most of them not quite right, into her own comfort with her own personal identity. Like it happens with all of us, her journey of discovery is catalysed by loss and pain. She is catapulted into the maze of life, where she must make choices with every turn, and learn lessons every day.

The Creekside Princess is written by several writers, the majority of whom are female. We do have a few male minds here, men who care about their sisters, mothers and female friends. Together, we will bring you the Weekly webisodes that we have no doubt you will grow to love and enjoy. If you have not read the first 3 episodes of the Creekside Princess, go here. And here is Episode 4: The Dream:

The Dream

The afternoon sunlight half-blinded me as I stepped out of the bistro. I walked slowly, looking back every now and then, but no Cooper emerged, running after me and swearing that he was in love with me. The BMW was nowhere in sight and I cursed inwardly. Now getting home would be such a hassle. I sighed and decided to walk the two or so miles to where I could get a matatu. It would be cheaper that way...

Find out what happens.  

You can also contribute to the webisodes! Just drop us a line at and you just might meet the team and write your very own story!

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