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Published:March 9th, 2010 10:48 EST

India-Bangladesh Relationship: At a Glance

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer,Dhaka,Bangladesh

Nowadays. The India-Bangladesh relationship has turned into a great level rather than past. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina has been awarded the Peace Award by the president of India and also different bilateral agreements have been signed between these two countries regarding anti-terrorism as well as development.

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Bangladesh is always pioneer of peace and historically this nation is peaceful and amicable with others. The government of Bangladesh has assured the Indian government that the territory of Bangladesh can never be used by the anti-Indian groups as well as will do everything to keep peace in South Asian region. On the other hand, Bangladesh government also expects that Indian government will take steps with an iron-hand to those culprits who make plots against Bangladesh staying on the territory of India.

The government of Bangladesh has expressed thankfulness to Indian government for their great cooperation for the independence of Bangladesh in 1971. India gave shelter almost 10 million refugee of Bangladesh during that crucial moment. This is the great contribution from any neighbor country. Bangladesh also expects a great commercial relationship with India but unfortunately the Bangladesh Satellite TV Channels are not being permitted in India which is a great bar for developing commercial relationship between these two countries.

Although Indian officials gave assurance to solve this problem several times but it is not solved yet. On the other hand, in case of different crime in Bangladesh regarding drug, illegal arms and other explosives materials it is reported in News Media that these illegal weapons, drugs etc which are used by the terrorist are basically come from India. In order to solve this problem, the Indian government should be sincere about any kind of illegal transaction regarding arms, drugs and others.

However, apart from the different problems, the relationship between Indian and Bangladesh has been developed. This is not only important for this two country also important for the peace of South Asia. We want a South Asia where no clash, terrorism, poverty will be available and everybody will stay in peace.