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Published:March 9th, 2010 20:34 EST
Leading Japanese Politician Says 9/11 a Hoax

Leading Japanese Politician Says 9/11 a Hoax

By Geoff Dean


As is surely the case with any major terrorist attack (or most other historical events), there are always the revisionists and the conspiracy theorists. Some in the Middle East and elsewhere have claimed that the 9/11 attacks in New York were perpetrated by Israel and/or American Jews and that there were no Jews in the World Trade Center at the time of the attacks. Conclusive proof to the contrary has done little to dent the fervor of the true conspiratorial believers.

 More concerning to me, in Japan, Yukihisa Fujita, the chief of the DPJ`s (Democratic Party of Japan) International Department and the head of the Research Committee on Foreign Affairs in the Upper House of Japan`s Diet, a man whom the Washington Post calls "an influential member of the ruling party...and the foreign policy establishment" of Japan, has called the 9/11 attacks a hoax, a complete fabrication.

 For instance, he deems that the explosions were likely not the work of terrorists, that "shadowy forces" (probably Jewish) manipulated the stock maket pre-attack to profit from it, 8 of the 19 hijackers are "alive and well" in US confinement, and that the collapse of towers involved "controlled demolition" using explosive placed into the building prior to the "accidental" airplane crashes. He called for the Japanese government to undertake an independent investigation into the attacks in which 24 Japanese citizens died although two years later, the proposal still languishes.

 There is no reason to think that "9/11 denial" is widespread in Japan but it is perhaps just an extreme manifestation of anti-Americanism that has become popular in Japan since the Bush Administration. Prime Minister Hatoyama`s calls for closer ties with China and a more "mature and equal" relationship with the US, the ending of refueling missions for US warships in the Persian Gulf, the release of information on "secret pacts" involving the reversion of Okinawa and US introduction of nuclear weapons into Japan, and the row over the Futenma Base move, are all symptoms of a Japan that while "treasuring" the relationship with the US, also seeks some distance and room to disagree.

 I see nothing wrong with a more "mature" US-Japan relationship and agree, for instance, that Futenma Base should be moved out of Okinawa and, if possible, out of Japan. Still, I fear that left unchecked, virulent anti-American conspiracy theorizing could spin out of control and severely damage the "critical force for stability in East Asia" (The Washington Post`s words).

 Most concerning, I see little evidence of PM Hatoyama`s ability to rein in Fujita or anyone else who spouts off whatever pops into his or her mind. He seems so busy trying to hold his party and coalition together that he has no time to keep everybody on the same page.

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