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Published:April 8th, 2010 10:58 EST
Destruction of US: The ultimate target of counterpart intelligences

Destruction of US: The ultimate target of counterpart intelligences

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer,Dhaka,Bangladesh


Currently the United States of America is considered the last remaining superpower of the world. Although many countries of this world do not bother this doctrine but the US is trying to keep its position by its level best by welfare and also aggressive activities. Although this country is performing active role for the establishment of human rights but they are also accused by many countries as the principal violator of human rights. However, the people of this world are very much grateful to US that whatever they do, they are trying to keep balance of the world.

Today the world is called the world of globalization. It means the world is like a global village and we are the inhabitant of this world. If you have experience of living at a village you will be concerned about this matter that at a village there are some influential persons who used to lead and interfere about all of the issues of village. So, as the overview of a village, the United States of America is considered as the most influential and superpower of this global village although there are many influential states of this global village as Russia,China,India,North Korea, Germany etc. As the political circle of a village the counterpart persons always try to bow or devastate the power and position of superpower person.

Alike this theory the counterpart countries of US are determined to bow the position of US or to devastate the US. In this regard devastation of US does not mean to kill the people of US or to devastate its territory. It means to divide the US into several states as 50/60 independent states in order to demolish its power and boast.

It is true that US is doing everything by its level best to keep their position and they are keeping the upcoming superpower countries into a great pressure by adopting many successful policies. When the Soviet Union (USSR) was the polarization of this world at that time US contributed excellently to bow the power of Soviet Union (USSR) and later the superpower Soviet Union (USSR) was scattered into many countries. Still today, Russia is under serious pressure given by US because US has set a lot of missiles marking the different valuable positions of Russia and in case of any adverse situation, American missile may attack Russia.

However, Russia has taken this challenge seriously and now they are trying to make amicable relationship with its neighbour countries although sometimes they punish antagonist country as Georgia. Although as the common practice the Muslim communities of Russia are being used to make chaos in Russia but Russia is handling this foreign conspiracy successfully. Actually the political stability of Russia has given it an excellent shape to precede this country as superpower. However, despite different policies against Russia by the US, the Russia is progressing with an excellent development. Russia has spread its cooperation to the anti-US countries and neutral countries. All of these because Russia has serious grievance over US because US has actively contributed to divide its territory into many independent states and rewarded its stupid leader who contributed to break down Soviet Union (USSR).

However, nowadays Russia is so much serious about any world-affairs rather than some years ago. Actually Russia has regained its power to declare them as the latest super-power just they are waiting for the proper time. On the other hand US has arranged war in Afghanistan and Iraq basically to boom the selling of its arms to the weak countries. But this policy of US is not being successful because the arms-market basically been occupied by Russia and China except some few countries.

On the other hand the hidden Superpower China is coming to be declared as one of the latest superpower of the world. Actually Chinese economy has boomed into a great label and the western products are basically being beaten up from the Asian mainly South Asian markets and being graved by Chinese products because of its reasonable and cheap price. Moreover, China spread their military cooperation to the different countries to strengthen their power and to tackle any adverse situation. However, China is too much annoyed on US because US is interfering about Tibet and Taiwan issue which belong to China.

It has been reported through different news media that US provides two million dollar to the Tibetan leader Dalai Lama each year that is used to make chaos in China. However, despite the different policies against China, this country is proceeding rapidly and they have a huge reserve of dollars by which they can play games at any time. However the hidden military power of china has given a great shape to tackle any kind of adverse situation against China. On the other hand China has spread their arms-market worldwide especially to weak countries by its reasonable price and soft pressure for payment. However, the political stability of China is a great power of China which is so much harmful for the interest of US.

The other superpowers that mean India, North Korea, Germany are hiding their power through their hidden policy but they are performing their activities as the superpower and they never allow any kind of interference of the US inside their territory. Nowadays, India is considered as the superpower of South Asia and as the best reliable friend of Bangladesh. However, India has already gained self-sufficiency in case of food, cloth, technology and partially they gained sufficiency in military affairs. Historically the Indians are bold in nature and they have the greatest history to beat up British regime from Indian Subcontinent.

Although US is using Pakistan to bow India but this policy is not being successful because the people of South Asian countries are in a great bond for their same history, climate, philosophy and culture. On the other hand this country is trying to melt its artificial-conflicting relationship with China. However, this is not so far; India along with other South Asian Countries will make a new world inside of this world and China will be the moon of this world. Alike India, Germany, North Korea  are proceeding rapidly and they are keeping their power hidden because to make unaware the world community about their power but they are ready to show their power in case of any adverse situation.

However, considering the above matters the US is passing a very much complicated time to keep their position. The upcoming superpower countries are very determined to throw away any kind of US interference inside their territory. On the other hand, the USA is not being benefited from Afghanistan and Iraq war. Moreover, these two wars contributed to devastate the US economy and to deviate the progress of US.

On the other hand the intelligences of antagonist countries of US are very much clear that the best way to devastate the power of US to break USA into several small states. However, the US has to be serious to keep its sovereignty as well as unity. On the other hand they have to increase their cooperation to the weak-countries of this world and to solve the Palestine issue permanently in order to get sympathy of the people of this world. Only the love of the people of this world can secure US not arms and ammunition.

Written By

Md. Mahmudul Hasan


Vice Chairman

The Law Union of Bangladesh Society (LUBS)

Project Director

Human Rights Enforcement Society (HRES)

Volunteer Coordinator

Society For Human Rights And Education (SHRE)



Life Time Member

Bangladesh Red Crescent Society

Bangladesh Polii Unnayan League


Fulbaria Somity (Mymensingh) Dhaka