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Published:May 17th, 2010 13:03 EST
david cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron Bans Cell Phones From Cabinet Meetings

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Britain`s new Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday banned the use of mobile phones at cabinet meetings in a bid to ensure his top team stay focused on the challenges facing them, his spokeswoman said.

david cameronChairing his first meeting of the cabinet, Cameron told senior ministers from his Conservative party and their coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats, that the distraction of mobiles would not be welcome.

The new team faces the daunting task of implementing public spending cuts to reduce a record budget deficit, while ensuring Britain stays on the road to recovery following a deep recession." AFP

In the old days you would see lovers holding hands as they leisurely strolled down the street, these days they are more likely to be yakking away on their respective cell phones.

Mobile phones can destroy relationships, but they can also cause havoc on a national level when politicians attending important meetings are distracted by an incoming text or phone call.

Prime Minister David Cameron is starting off his new administration on the right foot by banning cell phones from cabinet meetings. It is the epitome of disrespect for a cabinet member`s phone to ring during a meeting with the Prime Minister. In effect he is saying that a phone call from his wife, buddy or bookie is more important than discussing national affairs of grave consequences with the Prime Minister.

Managers should follow Cameron`s example and ban cell phones from meetings, in fact any employee whose phone rings during a meeting should be fired.

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