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Published:June 10th, 2010 20:01 EST
Three-Year-Old Eletrocuted at PC Hotel in Pakistan

Three-Year-Old Eletrocuted at PC Hotel in Pakistan

By Ernest Dempsey



When 3 year old Sara went with her father to the most famous hotel in the country, the Pearl Continental (PC) Hotel, no one knew that she was moving toward her own death. A while after entering the hotel, she was not the jolly, playful child anymore but a cadaverous mass stranded between life and death. She was electrocuted on the floor of the hotel while she played there with a few other kids and now is lying on deathbed in a hospital awaiting God`s mercy to return her to life.


It is Meher Bokhari of SAMAA TVagain, the one journalist in Pakistan who raises issues that no other dares to raise, who in her popular show News Beat, dated June 08, 2010, shook up the entire nation once again by covering the story of 3 year old Sara, the victim of the country`s most famous hotel`s negligence, telling how the poor child went with her father to the PC hotel in Lahore on 29th May, 2010. As her father sat at a table, Sara and a couple of other kids were attracted to the aquarium in the hotel`s hall. Fascinated by the colorful fish swimming in the aquarium, Sara and the kids imitated the act of swimming on the hotel`s floor, entirely unaware of death lurking next to her.


There, rolling and playing fish on the floor, Sara received a life-threatening electric shock from a decorative light. Her father`s glance caught sight of the child lying motionless on the floor. He rushed to his baby and found her lifeless, her pulse and heartbeat miles away. And when he asked for help, to his shocking disappointment, this topmost hotel of the country had no arrangement for an ambulance or any first-aid specialist, not even an ordinary doctor or any kind of emergency service that would get the poor child some quick medical help.


The unfortunate father had to pick his dying daughter up in his own arms and rush to the nearest hospital to save her life. Later, he would shift her to a major hospital with the help of an ambulance that arrived after much effort. Now, poor Sara is struggling for her life in coma for over 10 days while her parents are praying for her day and night. Meher Bokhari almost cried for the suffering of the child, and the nation cried with her. People called on phone to express their sympathies with the parents and prayed for Sara. But what about the hotel and the authorities?


Well, it turns out that the hotel has altogether denied the girl receiving an electric shock. While the doctor`s reports clearly mark electrocution as the cause of the injury, the hotel management states that it may be due to something the girl swallowed accidentally. The high position holders in the hotel didn`t even commiserate with the miserable parents. Sara`s uncle tried to file a report of criminal negligence against the hotel (it was over 200 volts of electric potential flowing through that lighting item, instead of harmless 10 or 12 volts, on the floor) but the police refused to file an FIR.


And media? The media that we consider the voice of the nation? They have been silent. Maybe they themselves would like to tell what gagged their mouths. But Kudos to Meher Bokhari and to SAMAA TV who brought this issue up and broke the apathetic silence over the tragedy " the silence that electrocutes worse than Sara. It is worth mentioning that during the show, a man with job experience in hotel management called and told Meher that these fancy hotels have no arrangements of any kind for dealing with an emergency and their staff is instructed to deny any responsibility on the management`s behalf in such cases.   


Sara`s wounds are on the nation`s consciousness. She is stranded between life and death. Anyone reading this post is requested to pray for her, to wish her life. Her parents, so noble that during the entire show they didn`t say a even single bitter thing against anyone but just kept asking all to pray for their daughter, deserve all the prayers and good wishes of this nation.


This horror story is yet to appear in mainstream media (if at all). And of course, the next time you think of going to a fancy hotel in Lahore, please go in your personal ambulance to save yourselves the trouble of finding first aid in case your child`s life is endangered.