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Published:June 20th, 2010 11:15 EST
Poor People Turning to Suicide in Pakistan

Poor People Turning to Suicide in Pakistan

By Ernest Dempsey

It is a wave of depression, the deadly edge of penurious life, when the poor can`t pay it all and throw themselves down the dark abyss of DEATH. In different parts of the country, particularly in the poor population of Punjab province, several people committed suicide due to their financial troubles. Where is Pakistan heading?


The most shocking incident that banged out to the entire nation earlier this week took place in Lahore city where 36 years old Akbar Ali, a poor Rickshaw driver, poisoned himself and his three daughters to death to escape the misery of debt and penury. Ali`s wife, who also took the poison, survived the incident and was left to look after her only son " six-year-old Ali Raza (who wasn`t poisoned).


The incident was covered in depth by Meher Bokhari of News Beatfame. A few days later, Meher then went to another part of the city where a young vegetable-seller committed suicide. The reason was the same " financial worries and debt. Other deaths were also reported due to poverty. People whom Meher talked to expressed loss of any hope and begged for government support. The scene represented misery and darkness.


With people turning to suicide, Pakistan continues to suffer from VIP culture where billions are spent on security issues. The catch-22 for the Pakistani masses is: Which way you want to die " suicide or murder? Any large-scale poverty alleviation schemes may be a source of relief for the endangered population of this country. But will corruption let it happen? The answer in itself is a dark note.