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Published:June 21st, 2010 17:21 EST
Landlord Holds 14 people Hostage in Bahawalpur Pakistan

Landlord Holds 14 people Hostage in Bahawalpur Pakistan

By SOP newswire2

BAHAWALPUR (PAKISTAN): A landlord allegedly held hostage 14 laborers including 14 children on failing to pay against interest in Bahawalpur, Geo News reported Monday.

A laborer Rahim Baksh and his cousin Riaz Husain have alleged that a landlord who provides loan on interest in Jalalpur Pirwala held their children hostage on failing to pay interest money.

Rahim Baksh said one year four months ago he had obtained Rs27,000 from the landlord on interest for medical treatment of the former`s mother. He said he has so far paid Rs300,000 but the landlord still demands Rs150,000 to clear the debt.

He alleged that the landlord has now held 14 people hostage including his and his cousin`s wife and children. Rahim Baksh said he and his cousin were forced to leave their area due to threats of the landlord and now working at a furnace in the outskirt of Bahawalpur.

He appealed Punjab Chief Minister and Pirwala police authorities to get the alleged hostages released.

Source:Mahmood Sultan