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Published:June 25th, 2010 11:37 EST
Israel's Threatened Attack on IRAN to Embroil Gulf in Nuclear War?

Israel's Threatened Attack on IRAN to Embroil Gulf in Nuclear War?

By SOP newswire2

The foremost danger facing our world, today, is that the increasingly vocal rhetoric from certain quarters that threatens a violent, unilateral attack upon Iran, could suddenly crystallize and within just a week or two, turn a regional conflict into the world`s first nuclear war.
Israel is, we are told, is ready and able to carry out a pre-emptive strike, (with or without American assistance), in which it will target suspected Iranian nuclear facilities in Natanz, the holy city of Qom, gas storage systems in Isfahan and a heavy-water reactor in Arak.
Iran has, of course, no nuclear weapons - but Mahmoud Ahamedinajad  would be expected to immediately retaliate against such a strike with long-range missile/ rocket attacks upon Tel Aviv, Haifa and the Dimona nuclear arsenal.
With an estimated death toll in these major centers of population and military technology, possibly running into thousands, Israel will, it is assumed, then have no option but to use its undeclared nuclear arsenal of between 200 and 300 warheads - it`s sole priority being the security of its own borders, at all costs. It is expected that there will be no other major consideration, not even an expected rise in the global price of gasoline to possibly $10, or more, a gallon if or when oil shipments from the Gulf are cut and world stock markets go into freefall.
Once these nuclear weapons are deployed by Israel, the world as we know it will then have changed forever. The conflict may well escalate throughout the Middle East and the Gulf, to Europe and the wider world, and the non-IAEA nuclear states of Pakistan and North Korea could also become involved. The other nuclear powers, the US , Russia , France , China , Britain and India could jump in different directions, for no one can predict what the eventual global consequences would be as lethal radioactivity starts to shroud and then envelop the Middle East, the Gulf and the Mediterranean .
If or when the world wakes up to such a stark, nuclear landscape, it will be then too late to recognize that to have colluded in allowing a tiny state, in the Middle East, to secretly build a unique, undeclared, nuclear arsenal that is completely outside of the IAEA inspectorate, was a fatal mistake that might well cost millions of lives, worldwide.
We may reasonably ask, why was the entire Middle East " including Israel and Iran - not made a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone (NWFZ) by the UNSC when the nuclear threat became obvious? More importantly, what future would any of us have in such a bare, bleak, barren world " a world that may conceivably be thrust upon us any time soon as a result of the failure of the US, in particular, to enforce the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, plus the abdication of its duty of care to ensure that any state that it has supplied, over decades, with billions of dollars worth of arms, munitions and advanced military equipment, did not use these to become a global threat?
The arms race in the Middle East , the world`s tinder box, has virtually ensured that this is a scenario that becomes increasingly more likely, day after day, as neither the UNSC nor any major state has the courage to inveigh against such obvious madness.

 Source: JRDKidd, London