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Published:July 25th, 2010 11:40 EST

Video: Walmart Opens In Afghanistan

By Robert Paul Reyes

A "Walmart Afghanistan" has opened in a bazaar in the war-torn nation, providing bleak hope that maybe our mission has not failed. The Walmart Afghanistan is not an official outpost of the world`s largest department store chain. The Walmart sign is made out of canvas, and a lot of the products sold are counterfeit or pirated.

This tiny Walmart won`t remind the soldiers of the giant Walmart back home, but it provides a service to our soldiers by selling toiletries, DVD`s and other items they need.


If more of these Walmarts open for business maybe one day Afghanistan will be a bustling democracy? We can dream and hope...

The shopkeeper gave a gift to the filmmakers -- when was the last time you got a gift when you walked into a Walmart Superstore? Afghans are a friendly and generous people, and they make sincere attempts to make foreigners feel welcome.

I didn`t see a Walmart greeter, but if there is one in Walmart Afghanistan he will give you a big smile and a pat down to check your for explosives. He will never wear a blue Walmart apron -- too much of a target for snipers who might be lurking nearby.

After watching this video of the Walmart Afghanistan I can`t help but admire the resourcefulness and resiliency of the Afghan population.


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