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Published:August 30th, 2010 10:39 EST
Panthers Party Chief questions Chief Minister`s Tangdhar Proclamation

Panthers Party Chief questions Chief Minister`s Tangdhar Proclamation

By SOP newswire2

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, JKNPP and Member, NIC questioned the credibility, sincerity and objectivity of the loud declaration that J&K Chief Minister, Mr. Omar Abdullah made in a Tangdhar public gathering with captive audience. The Panthers Party Chief asked Abdullahs to spell out what they (the father and the son) mean by political issues relating to Jammu and Kashmir. Let them dare spell out the political issue.

Prof. Bhim Singh described the claim of the Chief Minister on the policy of issuance of Indian Passports as farce and misleading. The Panthers Party Chief asked the Chief Minister to answer why passports were refused by his government to Syed Rafiq Shah, MLC & State President (Young Panthers), Provincial President, Mr. Farooq Ahmed Dar, Educationist Mr. G.M. War and several others in spite of the advice from the Ministry of External Affairs to release them the passports. Prof. Bhim Singh said that Syed Rafiq Shah is a sitting and elected Member of the Legislative Council who has not faced even a single FIR in his student career or otherwise. The reports were cooked against him only because he defeated the Congress-NC nominee to the Council against him. He said that Mr. Farooq Ahmed Dar is a Provincial President of a nationalist-secular Democratic Party recognized as J&K National Panthers Party by the Election Commission of India. His passport was refused. Same thing happened with Mr. G.M. War who is an educationist and a teacher. There are several other instances where National Conference government has withheld the passports for political reasons.

Prof. Bhim Singh laughed at the apology of the Chief Minister that the "mistakes committed in the past` shall not be repeated. Let the Chief Minister explain the "mistakes` committed by whom and explain the mistakes to the whole nation so that the instigators are exposed forever. Panthers Party Chairman said that biggest mistake rather blunder was committed by the grandfather of the Chief Minister by declaring termination of monarchy in J&K on an illegal resolution of Shri D.P. Dhar on 20
th August, 1952. Shall the Chief Minister rectify this blunder?

The Panthers Party Chief described the speech of the Chief Minister as a mini-theatre trying to convince the people of J&K that he has not yet lost his political base in the Valley. This is petty the Panthers Party Chief said that the Chief Minister has no plan even an imagination to develop industry in the state to create jobs for the unemployed youth.

The Panthers Party Chief said that both Congress and National Conference have turned panicky on the last day of their governance having realized that their government has lost both the acceptability and the credibility among the people of the state. Meeting organized in Samba to project the sinking Congress from the Panthers Party den and National Conference from Tangdhar with captive audience proved that the days of the discredited government are over. He again advised the Chief Minister to convene Assembly Session and submit his resignation so that he also feels relieved of the company of the tainted and corrupt ministers who have caused hell for him. No doubt one faction of Congress feels victorious after killing a "goose` of another faction but that shall not solve the problem as 90% ministers in the government of J&K are declared tainted and corrupt. The only solution lies in dismissal of the government and promulgation of Governor Rule in J&K.