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Published:April 15th, 2010 23:10 EST
360° (4) Lucky

360° (4) Lucky

By Juliet Maruru

Dear Princess Friends,

Due to certain unavoidable circumstances, Creekside Princess went on a short hiatus. We are back now with the continuation of the 360° Series.

As you may have realised the 360° Series are about the people who live around and love Gabrielle. In every young woman`s life there are people who have a profound influence on the decisions she makes. In older times, the mother, father and older members of the community had the responsibility to impart knowledge, wisdom and guidance. Today, the responsibility is as much ignored as it is difficult to take care of because of the change in the structure of community.

TV, the Internet, Social Media and so on have become strong influences in the lives of many young people. Still, there are people in your life who have been strong influences in your decision making processes. Who are they?

Before we can go on and see one more of the people in Gabrielle`s life, allow me to highlight a few things.

  1. We have decided to move the Creekside Princess episode publishing to Tuesday 5pm. We will have the book reviews continue on Monday and Wednesday, the Queen Stories on Thursday, and an article from the guest mzee every Friday.
  2. This week, the reading room highlight was Chimamanda Adichie`s Half of a Yellow Sun.
  3. Poetry Wednesday featured among others Parsha Lukamba`s Dear Mr. Pizza.
  4. The Queen Story for this week was Pauline`s Bundle of Blessing.
  5. The Resident Mzee this week is Linda Musita with her article Skinny Fish.

And so now here we are:

360° (4) Lucky

He crept behind an empty lorry, took out the rizzla-rolled stick, laced it with Vicks ointment and went on to puff ravenously at a "spliff head the size of an African state` as the Ganja Boys called it. Three quick puffs transported him into his little world where all problems could be put in a manageable level.

Once his eyes could see clearly, it was too late to realize that he had been sitting at the back of an unmarked navy lorry, and "bang` an officer had seen him. There`s was nowhere to neither run nor hide, so he gave himself up. Hoping the good officer would understand his problems, and that it would be unwise to take him in. but it would cost him, what he was trying desperately to cling to! Read the rest.

You can also contribute to the webisodes! Just drop us a line at and you just might meet the team and write your very own story!

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