[For men] How to lead your partner to orgasm and 5 recommended sex toys

For men

Are you interested in bringing your partner to orgasm?

In this article, I’m going to share with you the benefits of bringing a woman to orgasm, specific ways to bring a woman to orgasm, and five recommended sex toys to bring a woman to orgasm.


  • You want women to orgasm and love sex more.
  • You feel like SEX is getting stuck in a rut lately.
  • You don’t know what to choose when using a sex toy with a woman.

If you have any of the above concerns, please read to the end.

The Benefits of Leading Your Partner to Orgasm

First of all, here are some of the benefits of bringing a woman to orgasm.

There are three main benefits to a man when a woman has an orgasm

  • The woman becomes more active in sex.
  • The tightness of the vagina improves and the sensitivity on the male side increases.
  • It’s visually exciting.

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

The woman becomes more active in sex

When a woman is able to orgasm during sex, she is even more willing to have sex.

Many women are reluctant to have sex in the first place, as many of them have a hard time having orgasms during sex.

However, since many men are more active in sex, they tend to cross paths.

So, if a woman loves sex, the solution is to make her love sex.

Don’t you think that if your partner woman loves sex, you’ll have even better sex on a regular basis?

They will be more willing to try different positions and be more interested in new situations.

Men who are struggling with a woman’s reluctance to have sex with them should try to improve their orgasms by making them feel more orgasmic.

The tightness of the vagina will improve and the sensitivity on the male side will increase

When a woman has an orgasm, her vagina becomes more tight.

Then the man who is inserting his penis can feel the stimulation too, and so the man is more likely to feel an orgasm too.

So when a woman feels an orgasm, he can feel good about himself as a result.

Visual arousal

When a woman has an orgasm, a man can get more excited than usual.

The sight of a woman’s body jerking and bouncing and a look of pleasure on her face can fuel the excitement.

It is right for a man to want to see the woman he loves feel pleasure.

The sight of a woman having a true orgasm will make the usual sex even more exciting.

How to bring a woman to orgasm

Now that you know the benefits of leading a woman to orgasm, it’s time to learn how to lead a woman to orgasm.

The methods I’m going to show you here are not all of them, but I encourage you to refer to them as the three standard ways for women to reach orgasm.

Clitoral stimulation

The easiest way to bring a woman to orgasm is to stimulate the clitoris.

The clitoris is a protrusion at the entrance of a woman’s vagina, a very sensitive organ that is home to thousands of nerves.

If you compare it to a male body part, it is the glans of the penis.

The clitoris is an organ that has developed for no purpose other than to feel pleasure, but only to feel orgasms during sex.

What a strange thing it is.

The orgasm that a woman feels in her clitoris is called external orgasm.

In order to make a woman come externally, you should stimulate the clitoris gently and continuously.

It’s a sensitive place, so just be sure to stimulate it gently.

It is recommended to touch it through your shorts at first.

Stimulation of the G-spot

The G-spot is a coin-sized spot on the upper vaginal wall about three to five centimeters from the entrance of the vagina, and the pleasure you feel at the G-spot is considerably stronger than the pleasure you feel at the clitoris.

If the stimulation you feel at the clitoris is like an electric current, the stimulation you feel at the G-spot is a pleasant sensation that spreads through the lower half of your body.

It’s enough to make some people lose their hips and even cause them to faint.

Stimulation of the G-spot can also cause a woman to squirt.

Tides are different from urine and can be just a blotch of love juice or a fountain.

The G-spot is such a strong and pleasurable place, but you actually have to develop it to feel the pleasure.

Don’t you think that if you were sensitive from the start, you would have a pretty hard time having sex and giving birth?

For this reason, most women don’t find it pleasant to have their G-spot stimulated from the start.

Stimulation (development) of the G-spot is all about ‘light stimulation of the G-spot in a steady rhythm’.

Be aware that strong stimulation does not cause you to feel pleasure, rather it can cause pain. Caressing a woman does not need to be forceful.

Basically, you should try to be gentle with your touch.

Portio stimulation

Portia is the part of the uterus that is inside a woman’s vagina.

It is called the vagina, sometimes called the vulva, but it is a different thing.

The orgasms you feel in the portio are even more intense than those in the G-spot, which is stronger than the clitoris.

It’s also a pleasurable sensation that penetrates the entire body, not just the lower half, and can be euphoric.

Women who are able to feel orgasms from portio orgasms can become addicted to sex and masturbation because of the pleasure they experience.

However, the portio is also not an organ that is inherently pleasurable, so it needs to be developed in order to achieve pleasure.

In portio, it is possible to have multiple orgasms in a row after having an orgasm, called continuous come (multiple orgasm).

This is unique to female orgasms, and men can only have one ejaculatory orgasm in a row.

This is because the hormone prolactin is released rapidly after ejaculation, called the refractory period, making it difficult to feel sexual arousal.

However, once a woman reaches orgasm, her body becomes even more sensitive.

And subsequent sexual stimulation makes it easier to feel orgasms again.

Also, as the portio-orgasm progresses, it’s called extracorporeal portio orgasm, which allows a woman to feel the portio-orgasm without touching the portio directly.

If you press slightly below a woman’s navel, you will feel an orgasm in the same way as you would if you touched the portio.

The portio can be developed through sex or masturbation.

It is possible to feel a portio orgasm by placing the penis against the portio and quivering in small increments or by continuously pressing against it.

However, it may be a bit more difficult on the male side as it requires continuous stimulation for 20 minutes or more.

The use of a sex toy such as a dildo is useful during the portio development stage.

Also, portio development can be very time consuming.

Unlike the clitoris, it is a fairly insensitive organ that is difficult to feel stimulation, so it can take as early as two weeks, and in some cases it can take several months for the longest person to feel stimulation.

Once you can develop it, you can feel the portio orgasm during sex, so focus on developing it first.

Even if you don’t have a hard time developing it, that’s what portios are supposed to do.

It’s best to be patient and relaxed and composed.

Recommended sex toys that make women feel orgasmic

Next, let’s take a look at some of the recommended sex toys that can give women an orgasm.

It also explains which sex toys are suitable for which sex zones, along with which sex toys are suitable for which sex zones, so you can choose one for each sex zone you want to develop.

Some of the sex toys can be used with other partners, so you can try them out yourself as well as with women.


A vibrator is a sex toy that has a motor built into the plastic exterior, and the rotation of the motor causes the body to vibrate and provide stimulation.

It is a beginner’s toy among sex toys and is especially effective for clitoral orgasms.

Some can be inserted into the vagina, but most are used to stimulate the clitoris from the outside.

They are also suitable for stimulating the nipples as well as the clitoris.

Many of them are inexpensive, and you can buy them for as little as RS500 for the cheapest ones.

You may be able to get it cheaper if you aim for a sale period.

You can choose a Vibrator if you have requests such as:

  • You want women to feel clitoral orgasms.
  • You want women to feel the G-spot orgasm
  • You want to try an affordable sex toy.

Massager Magic-wand vibrator

Think of the Massager as a more powerful version of the vibrator, which is originally marketed as a home massage machine.

It is quite powerful because it was developed to relax the large muscles of the hips, shoulders and back.

Many of them are also powered from an electrical outlet, and the vibrations are more powerful than those of the battery type vibrators.

Since many of them are large and weigh quite a bit, most massagers cannot be inserted compared to vibrators that are small and can be inserted in some cases.

However, it can stimulate that much more powerfully.

When the Massager was first introduced, it was not originally intended to be a sex toy.

Recently, however, since it has been frequently used in pornographic videos, many people may have a strong image of the Massager as a sex toy.

The Massager has established itself as a sex toy, and now there are a number of sex toy-specific products on the market.

Many of them look the same as a regular Massager, even though they are dedicated to sex toys, so they are perfect for women who don’t like the overt look of sex toys.

Massager is a great place to start if you have requests such as:

  • You want something that’s hard to recognize as a sex toy because women seem to be resistant to sex toys.
  • You want to attack with a sex toy that you can feel strong vibrations.
  • You want to use it as a massage machine.


The dildo is a replica of the male penis and was originally designed for use by women for masturbation.

dildo is mainly made of a soft material called silicone or elastomer and does not have a vibration function.

It is a very simple sex toy.

Because it doesn’t require a power source and doesn’t make vibrating sounds, dildo is highly recommended for women with family members or roommates, but it’s also highly recommended for men who want to give their female partners an orgasm.

If you are not confident in the durability of your penis, or if you are prone to erectile dysfunction due to fatigue, you should use dildo as the first insertion during sex.

This way, you won’t compromise your woman’s satisfaction and you won’t get too tired.

Dildos are also useful for portio development.

Porcupines need to be stimulated for at least 20 minutes in a row, and it’s not easy to develop them through sex.

So you can stimulate yourself sufficiently without getting tired more than necessary if you use dildo.

You may want to introduce dildo, if you have problems such as:

  • Suffering from fatigue during sex.
  • Not confident in the durability of my penis.
  • Want to make women feel portio-orgasms.
  • Want a sex toy that doesn’t make noise.

If you have these problems, you may want to introduce dildo.

Realistic dildo vibrator

A realistic dildo vibrator is a toy that is a dildo with a vibration function.

Many people think of this one first when they hear the word vibrator, but to be precise, it is a category of realistic dildo vibrator.

In addition to vibration, there are also types with swinging and piston functions.

This is why it is often purchased by women for the purpose of using it for masturbation.

This one is suitable for stimulating the G-spot.

It is possible to stimulate both the vagina and the clitoris at the same time because there is a type that has something like an ear to stimulate the clitoris (it is separately called a rabbit vibrator), depending on the thing.

The realistic dildo vibrator is for people who have requests such as:

  • Want to try a more stimulating sex toy.
  • Want women to feel the G-spot orgasm.
  • Want a reputable sex toy, even if it’s a bit pricey.

BDSM Goods

BDSM is an acronym for B(bondage), D(discipline), S(sadism), M(masochism).

The example of toys can be hand-cuff and ropes for bondage, chastity belts for discipline, and candles and whips for S&M.

Isn’t it a little high level for a normal couple to get into BDSM?

You may think that this is a good idea, but the truth is that even if you are not familiar with BDSM, you can still have exciting sex if you use it in the right way.

For example, if you’re a woman with a slight M-ness, blindfolds and handcuffs can be useful.

Both blindfolds and handcuffs restrict the movement of the body, and when you restrict the movement of one part of the body, other parts of the body become more sensitive to compensate for the restricted sensations.

Since you are blindfolded, you may ask yourself, “Where will they touch me next?

What will they do to me next?

The situation that makes sex more exciting is.

  • You’re in a sex rut.
  • Your partner is more “M” oriented.
  • I want to make a move on a woman.

If you have these problems and desires, we highly recommend the goods for BDSM.

When using sex toys on women

When using sex toys on women, pay attention to the following two points

  • If the use of a sex toy causes pain, stop immediately.
  • Start with a small sex toy made of soft material

I will explain each of these in detail.

If your partner is in pain, stop immediately

When using a sex toy on a woman, stop using it immediately if it hurts.

Women who are not familiar with sex toys or who are inexperienced with sex toys may feel pain when used on them.

Some women may not be comfortable with a sex toy because it is not a human hand or finger and the intensity of the stimulation is not easily adjustable.

If a woman reports pain while using a sex toy, stop using it immediately.

Start with a smaller size of soft material at first

When using a seduction toy for sex, start with the smallest size in soft material.

Especially with dildos and dildo vibrators that are inserted into the vagina, inserting a large one suddenly can result in injury.

If you start with an insertion diameter of about 10 cm, you will be able to use them without difficulty.

If you are using a dildo or dildo-type vibrator for portio development purposes, use a smaller dildo at first and then change to a larger size as you get used to it.


When a woman is able to have an orgasm during sex, there are great benefits to be gained on the part of the man as well.

It is also something that leads to mutual satisfaction. In addition to pursuing your own orgasms, I encourage you to challenge women to develop their own orgasms as well.

I recommend using a sex toy when appropriate, as it makes it easier for you to have an orgasm.