Masturbators need maintenance too! How to take care of it to make it last longer

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A masturbator is a toy used by men for masturbation, but a masturbator that can be used over and over again can have a high cost performance if properly maintained.

In this article, we will show you how to properly maintain your masturbator to make it last longer, the benefits of masturbator maintenance, and masturbator maintenance products.

  • I don’t know how to wash my Masturbator properly!
  • I don’t know why my Masturbator doesn’t last long…

If you are a man with any of these problems, please stay with us until the end!!

Maintenance is necessary to make your Masturbator last longer!

Most Masturbators are basically of the type that can be used repeatedly, but they will not last long at all if not properly maintained.

Manav Sharma
Manav Sharma

There are many products that cost more than RS5000, so if it gets ruined after one use, it is not very cost effective.

However, with proper maintenance, there are cases where you can use it more than 100 times.

Also, if the Masturbator is used in an unhygienic condition, bacteria and mold can grow inside the Masturbator and cause inflammation of the penis.

This is why proper maintenance is necessary when using the Masturbator.

If you find this “too much trouble to maintain at this point!” then you can choose to use a disposable masturbator.

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Manav Sharma
Manav Sharma

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3 Steps! How to properly maintain your Masturbator

Now, let’s check out how to maintain your Masturbator.

Proper Masturbator maintenance is actually quite simple and can be completed in three steps.

  1. Wash it after every use
  2. Sanitize
  3. Drying and storing it properly

I will explain each of them in detail.

1) Always wash after use

Manav Sharma
Manav Sharma

The first and most important thing to do is to always wash your Masturbator after use.

Clean it with lukewarm water or water and soap (or sex toy cleaner).

You can use gauze or your own fingers to clean the masturbator.

Soak the hole area with soap and rub it with your fingers.

Even if you use a condom, you still need to clean it after use.

How to wash a small masturbator

A small masturbator is a masturbator that can be held in one hand and weighs up to 500 grams.

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Most of them can be turned over from the inside, so if you carefully turn them over before washing, you will be able to clean them better.

First, rinse the entire masturbator with water or lukewarm water.

Next, use soap or masturbator cleaner to carefully clean the inside of the Masturbator from the outside.

Many masturbators have complex internal structures, so if you can turn it over to clean it, it is more sanitary to do so.

Be careful because sometimes the masturbator may tear when you turn it over.

Be sure to remove all soap and cleaners when you finish cleaning.

How to wash a medium Masturbator

A medium-sized masturbator is one that weighs about 1 to 5 kilograms and is sometimes called a stationary masturbator.

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In the case of a medium-sized masturbator, the washing method is basically the same as that of a small masturbator, but since it is a little larger than a small masturbator, it may be difficult to wash.

In such cases, it is recommended to use a hose to wash directly inside the Masturbator.

If you don’t have a hose, you can also use a soft toothbrush.

For medium to large masturbators, there is a limit to how much you can clean with your fingers, so we recommend using these items whenever possible.

How to wash a large Masturbator

A large masturbator is one that is as big as a sex doll and weighs more than 5 kg.

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Most large masturbators have a masturbator that can be attached to the vagina, but some masturbators cannot be removed for the sake of realism.

Manav Sharma
Manav Sharma

These large masturbators are very difficult to clean, but the washing process is the same as for the small and medium masturbators, basically scraping the vaginal area with your fingers.

Please take a bath with them and wash them carefully.

At this time, if you have a toothbrush with soft bristles, you can use it to clean the inside of the vagina.

When washing a large masturbator, you need to be careful to clean the area where you will be washing it beforehand, because large masturbators are often washed on the floor of the bathroom or on a washbasin.

Since bacteria can easily breed around water, there is no point in cleaning the masturbator if it is placed in an unhygienic place.

It’s a bit of a hassle, but when washing a large Masturbator, be sure to clean the water area carefully beforehand.

This can be said for medium-sized masturbators as well, but medium to large masturbators are more difficult to clean. It is recommended that you wear a condom to reduce the burden of cleaning.

2) Sanitization

Once the Masturbator has been cleaned, it should be properly sterilized so that it can be used hygienically the next time.

The process of sterilization is not mandatory, but it is recommended if possible.

Manav Sharma
Manav Sharma

If you don’t have dedicated Masturbator products, you can use alcohol sanitizing sprays sold at drugstores that do not affect the human body.

3) Keep it dry and store it properly

This is the most important point. After cleaning and sanitizing, the masturbator must be dried thoroughly.

The Masturbator is usually made of a material called silicone or elastomer, and it is easy for mold to grow and bacteria to breed if it is stored wet.

The vaginal area is particularly difficult to dry, so roll up a piece of tissue paper and insert it inside the Masturbator, and drain it thoroughly by moving it in and out several times.

It is even better to insert a stick to dry the Masturbator made of diatomaceous earth.

Manav Sharma
Manav Sharma

I tried looking for it on Amazon but couldn’t find it… sorry I couldn’t guide you.

This process will make a big difference in how well your Masturbator will last.

Advantages of maintaining your Masturbator

There are three advantages to maintaining your masturbator

  • The masturbator will last longer
  • Prevent infections when using the masturbator

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, when a masturbator is a type that can be used repeatedly, the length of time it can be used varies greatly between those that are properly maintained and those that are not.

Especially large masturbators are expensive, so you want to use it for as long as possible.

In addition, if you do not maintain your masturbator after use, or if you leave it wet and unsanitary, bacteria can enter through the microscopic scratches on your penis and cause inflammation.

Inflammation of the penis and mucous membranes tends to be difficult to heal and prolonged, so it is important to keep it clean.

Manav Sharma
Manav Sharma

It is important to keep the Masturbator clean by cleaning and sanitizing it as needed.

Helpful Masturbator Maintenance Items

The following is a list of useful items to maintain your Masturbator.

  • Masturbator cleaner
  • Soap
  • Baby powder
  • Dryer

Let’s check each of them in detail!

Masturbator Cleaner

Masturbator cleaner is literally a cleaner for cleaning your masturbator.

It is made of a material that will not harm the Masturbator, so it will not damage the Masturbator.

Since cleaning is done after each use, it is important to use ingredients that are as gentle as possible to the masturbator.

Manav Sharma
Manav Sharma

If you wash your skin with harsh soaps, it will quickly dry out and become damaged.It’s the same thing.


There is some kind of soap in every household, and this is a good substitute for Masturbator cleaner.

Therefore, you can prepare either soap or Masturbator cleaner.

For the soap, the one you usually use that is weakly acidic will be sufficient.

Baby Powder

Baby powder is used to finish the maintenance of the cleaned and dried Masturbator.

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The Masturbator is made of a material called silicone or elastomer, which has the tendency to stick to other things very easily.

Therefore, if you keep the Masturbator after cleaning it, it will often become covered with dust.

If you put them side by side with other masturbators, the masturbators may stick to each other.

To prevent this from happening to your masturbator, it is very effective to put baby powder on it.

It’s not a must, but if you can, it is recommended.


A hair dryer is used to dry the Masturbator.

Natural drying is not a problem, but using a hair dryer to dry the inside of the masturbator immediately after cleaning will prevent mold and bacteria from growing.

In many cases, you may already have a hair dryer at home, so we recommend using it properly.

Frequent problems during masturbator maintenance

The following are two of the most common problems that can occur while doing Masturbator maintenance.

  • Tearing of the Masturbator
  • Melting of the Masturbator

This is especially common with small masturbators, where the body of the masturbator is torn when trying to turn it over during cleaning, or the masturbator itself is melted when exposed to a hair dryer for drying.

Although there are individual differences, Masturbator itself is not very strong.

Manav Sharma
Manav Sharma

Therefore, if you try to turn it over too vigorously, the masturbator may tear at the entrance.

If the Masturbator is ripped, it is usually unusable, so be careful when you want to clean it by turning it over to avoid ruining your purchased Masturbator.

If you want to clean your masturbator by turning it over, do so carefully to avoid damaging it.

If you turn a masturbator inside out that is not a penetrating type, it may cause damage or tear easily.

Maintenance is required even before using Masturbator!

By the way, Masturbator needs maintenance not only after use but also before use.

Although the Masturbator has been shipped from the factory and has passed strict checks to reach you, human eyes are not reliable.

Foreign materials such as metal powders and debris may be inside the Masturbator, or there may be moisture or oil on the Masturbator from the manufacturing process.

If you use the Masturbator with these on it, it can damage your penis.

This is unavoidable and is not because the Masturbator itself is an inferior product.

Once you receive your Masturbator, check it over and clean, sanitize, and dry it once, and you should be able to use it comfortably without any worries.

Manav Sharma
Manav Sharma

Don’t think that since it’s brand new, it doesn’t need any maintenance…!

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What do you think?

Masturbator is now one of the sex toys that can be easily purchased online in India.

However, it is surprisingly difficult to know how to maintain it properly.

Please master the correct way to maintain your Masturbator in order to make it last longer and use it hygienically.

Sex Toys India for Ur Best !!! will continue to introduce information about sex toys and how-to’s to help couples have better sex.

Manav Sharma
Manav Sharma

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