[For Beginners] How to choose and use a male masturbator without fail

For men

Gentlemen.Have you ever used a masturbator?

The person who sees this article is probably the one who has not experienced using masturbators, or has used masturbators and has failed with masturbators before.

In this article, I will introduce “How to choose a really comfortable masturbator”, “How to maintain masturbators”, and three of my recommended royal masturbators for such a man who has not experienced using masturbators or is inexperienced in using masturbators this time.

  • I want to make the masturbation better
  • I want to use a masturbator but don’t know what to choose.
  • I have used a masturbator before, but it didn’t feel good.

If you have ever felt this way, please read through to the end.

What is a masturbator?

What is masturbation to begin with?

Let’s review.

A masturbator is a sex toy for a man to masturbate to.

It is a tube-shaped object made of a soft material such as silicone or elastomer, and allows you to feel as if you are inserting a penis into a hole similar to that of a vagina.

You can change the pressure with your own hands, and many masturbators have more gimmicks attached to them than a real vagina, so you can actually get a stronger pleasure than a vagina.

There are also masturbators that are mouth-shaped that are designed to be used for imitating fellatio, and anal-type masturbators that are designed to imitate anal penetration.

There are disposable masturbators and ones that are washed and used repeatedly, and if they are disposable, you can buy them for less than RS100 if they are cheap.

However, price and feel are roughly equal, and the higher the price, the more elaborate the construction.

The materials used are also high quality silicone and elastomers, so you can enjoy a feel closer to the human skin.

Therefore, it’s not very common to use a more expensive masturbator and have it not feel good at all.

There is no such thing as “It doesn’t feel good at all” with a more expensive masturbator.

However, it’s a matter of taste.

If you like a rough texture, a cheap masturbator made of urethane sponge (disposable type is usually made of urethane sponge) is suitable for you, and if you want to feel the texture close to human skin, a slightly more expensive masturbator made of high quality silicone or elastomer is better.

You can choose a type.

Hand job masturbators and stationary masturbators

There are many different types of masturbators, but they can be divided into two main types of sex toys.

The hand-job masturbator, which is hand-held and stroked, and the larger masturbator, which is stationary and you need to move your own hips.

Hand-job masturbators are small enough to hold in your hand, so you won’t have to worry about storage space, and they’re easy to clean.

Many of them are inexpensive, so if you want to try them out first, we recommend that you start with a hand job masturbator.

In contrast, the stationary masturbators are large, ranging from 1kg to over 40kg in the case of a fairly large human-shaped masturbator, so maintenance is difficult and the storage space is an issue.

However, if you’re looking for realistic pleasure, a large one is perfect for you!

Penetrating Type and Non-Penetrating Type

Masturbators can also be divided into two types: the penetrating type and the non-penetrating type.

The penetrating type is literally a masturbator that goes through and you can see the other side.

Because the glans does not hit the vaginal wall (the part that made the image of the vagina) when the penis is inserted, the reality and the feeling of use are a little inferior to the non-penetration type in the reality and the feeling of use while the maintenance is easy here.

However, the price range is inexpensive and many of them are easy to buy, so you can buy them easily for that reason.

The penetrating type masturbator is a cheap penetrating type, so the first masturbator is an inexpensive penetrating type, and you may think “It didn’t feel as good as I thought it would…is this how masturbators are supposed to feel?

A non-penetrating type masturbator is the type of masturbator that you can’t see the other side, and it’s concave.

It is used by inserting the penis into the hollow part, but the inside of the masturbator tends to become a vacuum when you stroke it.

However, there is a rare case that it becomes an ejaculation obstacle in the vagina when using it too much though it is easy to get a pleasant sensation because the stimulation is strong.

If you like the sensation that of the glans hitting the vaginal wall, or if you want a realistic feeling, the non-penetrating type is the best.

If you choose ease of care and ease of use, you should choose the penetrating type.

Common masturbator choice mistakes

Now that we’ve reviewed what’s available in masturbators, let’s take a look at some common masturbator selection mistakes.

Knowing this beforehand will help you avoid making mistakes when you buy a masturbator yourself.

It didn’t fit the penis size

Quite often, the masturbator you bought was either too tight for your penis size OR it was too loose and didn’t feel good at all.

The diameter of a masturbator’s insertion area can be roughly judged by the appearance of the package.

The type of masturbator with a description such as “virgin” or “girl” is a reproduction of an virgin vagina without any experience, and should be considered to be tightly made.

Therefore, if you think that your penis is bigger than the size of a normal man’s penis when erect, you are likely to fail if you try this “virgin” masturbator from the start.

In contrast, masturbators that are described as ‘soft touch’ or ‘low-stimulation’ are often relatively loosely made and have a muffled feel.

It’s important to check buyer reviews carefully for the feel of these products.

If you’re buying from an online store, you’ll probably be able to see the review section, so you can’t go wrong with the opinions of people who would have actually purchased and used the product.

Stimulation is too strong or too weak

This is similar to the case of “it didn’t fit the size of the penis”, but there are cases where the masturbator you bought was too stimulating and you felt pain, or there was no stimulation and you didn’t feel anything.

This depends on what kind of masturbation and sex you usually do, but if you like to masturbate while applying strong pressure with your hands, you may be satisfied with the type with strong stimulation.

In contrast, if you like gentle stimulation, the low-stimulation type of masturbation masturbator will be better for you.

How to choose a masturbator without fail

Now, I will actually introduce “How to choose a masturbator without fail when you buy a masturbator.

When I choose a masturbator, I check the following three points, and I have never failed. (I’ve been masturbating for over 5 years.)

  • Choose a masturbator that is not too cheap.
  • Check your size before you buy.
  • Be sure to check the reviews on the masturbator’s feel.

Let’s discuss each of these points in detail.

Choose something not too cheap

The first step in choosing a masturbator that will not fail is to choose one that is not too cheap.

The quality of masturbators is proportional to their price (some of them are very inexpensive and have a great feel!

There are some miraculous products in the market, but they are hard to find…), so it’s hard to fail if you choose a masturbator in a certain price range.

Specifically, you should choose products in the RS1000 and up. Below that price range, it’s pretty hit and miss, so it’s not a good place to start.

It’s a good idea to buy one to try out after you’ve gotten used to using masturbators to some extent, though.

Check the size

Secondly, when buying a masturbator, be sure to check the size of each part of the masturbator.

If you can choose to look at the actual product, check the information on the package properly.

If you’re buying from an online shop, read through the product description section carefully.

The place to check for the size of the masturbator is the length and diameter of the insert.

It doesn’t have to be a perfect size because it stretches to a certain extent, but if you don’t choose well, especially if you have a larger than normal penis, it could happen that you won’t be able to fit all the way in, especially if you have a larger than normal penis.

Check out the reviews for how it feels

Lastly, you should always check the use of masturbators in reviews.

The opinions of people who have actually used the masturbator are the most important to prevent “it’s not what I expected” because they are the real voice from the purchasers.

Search the internet for the masturbator you want and look for different opinions.

What to prepare for when using a masturbator

Next, here’s what to prepare for when you actually use the masturbator!

If you prepare the following goods when you use the masturbator, you can use it and clean up smoothly.

  • Lotion
  • condoms
  • Large size bath towel
  • Sex Toy Maintenance Goods

First of all, lotion is always necessary when using a masturbator.

If there is no lotion, it is not pleasant, and you may feel pain when you insert a penis into a masturbator, because it does not slide at all.

It’s better to choose a lotion that is mainly sodium polyacrylate.

Sodium polyacrylate is a polymer and has high water-retaining power.

It keeps moisture for a long time and is inexpensive, so it’s great for masturbators.

There are also oils and silicones that can be used in lotions, but it is best not to use them on masturbators.

While masturbators are made of silicone and elastomers, these are derived from oil.

If you use a lotion that is also derived from oil, your masturbator may melt.

It would be a shame if the masturbator you bought can’t be used once and for all.

Masturbators are fine with or without condoms, but they are easier to clean up afterwards if you use one.

When it comes to condoms, you can use any kind of condom, so it’s best to choose a cheap, large-volume type.

You can use a large bath towel under your buttocks.

You’ll use it in conjunction with the lube when you use the masturbator, so the lube will leak out while you’re stroking.

If you make a mess on the floor or bed, it’s a big deal afterwards, so you can put a towel underneath.

As for sex toy maintenance products, you can have or not have them here as well, but it’s easier to clean them if you have them.

You need to wash and dry your masturbator properly after use and keep it clean, and it’s very easy to have the detergent and storage bags you need for this.

If you have an alternative at home, that will suffice.

Next, let’s check out how to use your masturbator properly!

The proper use of masturbators

Using the masturbator is easy, just fill the hole area with lube and stroke it with the strength and speed you want.

Try applying pressure with your hand to give it a tighter feel, or use it if it has a vacuum function, or use it in various variations.

Basically, there’s nothing dangerous about using it normally, so feel free to use it in any way you like.

Use plenty of lotion together

When using a masturbator, I recommend using a generous amount of lotion.

If you use too little lotion, the lotion will dry up in the middle of the masturbation and you’ll have to add more.

Use more lotion than during sex and enjoy masturbation with your masturbator.

Maintain it well after use

It is important to wash and dry your masturbator thoroughly after using it and keeping it clean.


Since masturbators that come in contact with mucous membranes and semen are very susceptible to germs, they can quickly become filthy if not properly maintained.

If you use a filthy masturbator, bacteria can enter through microscopic wounds on the penis and cause irritation.

Therefore, always maintain a clean masturbator after using it, even if it is a hassle.

Avoid high temperatures and humidity when storing it

Another thing to keep in mind is when storing a clean and well-maintained masturbator.

Masturbators are often made of silicone or elastomers, but these materials stick to other things very easily and are vulnerable to high temperatures and humidity.

Storing masturbators in high temperatures can cause them to melt and become unusable.

Especially in India, the temperature rises easily and it is easy to become under the high temperature, so you need to be careful about the storage place.

Also, since it tends to get dusty, it is better to wrap it in non-woven cloth and store it.

What to rethink when masturbation doesn’t feel good

‘I just can’t get my masturbator to feel good… is it not for me?’

Maybe some people can’t feel pleasure from any masturbator.

Sex toys are like it or not, so some people may not be genuinely comfortable with masturbators.

But it’s not really that the masturbator doesn’t fit, it may just be that you don’t have enough immersion or the artificial temperature of the masturbator is not right for you.

Not enough mind-training?

When masturbating, it is very important to have a good training session.

It is no exaggeration to say that many people spend a lot of time choosing a wanker, and it is no exaggeration to say that the choice of wanker and the imitation training determines how good it feels to masturbate.

If you don’t have enough implements, you won’t be able to feel the pleasure as much as you want, so no matter how well made the masturbator is, it won’t work.

If you’re worried about the temperature, try warming it up

There may be people who do not feel pleasure easily because of a peculiar cool feeling when they use masturbators.

Especially in winter, it is quite cold, and when the penis is inserted, it becomes atrophied.

Even if you don’t mind the burning sensation, masturbators may feel artificial because they don’t have body heat like human beings, and it may be difficult to accept it.

If this is the case, try warming up your masturbator and lube a bit.

You can soak the masturbator in a little hot water (about 50 degrees).

Soak the entire bottle of lotion in hot water as well.

Don’t put it in the microwave by mistake.

By warming up the masturbator and lotion a little bit, the feeling of use will be more realistic and you will feel more comfortable.

You can’t go wrong if you buy this one! Three kinds of the best masturbators

Next, we’re going to introduce you to three types of rule-or-right masturbators recommended by the manager!

If you don’t know what kind of masturbator you should buy, or if you want to try to buy a masturbator on the high street first, please check it out!


FLESH LIGHT Vagina is a masturbator that looks exactly like a flashlight from the famous American masturbation company, FleshLight.

This masturbator is becoming popular all over the world and is establishing itself as a must-have masturbator.

Although the price is a little bit higher at more than RS13000, the cost performance is quite good because there are cases where it has been used more than 200 times.


If you’re worried about the high price tag, the FleshLight parody product is a great choice.

It’s made to resemble well and is perfect for you to try out.

The price is one third the price at RS4000, so if you are interested in FleshLight but can’t afford it, this is the perfect product for you… It’s not the real FleshLight, so there may be some differences in the feel of the product, but it’s also very popular.

Vaginal Male Masturbator

Virgin loop

Virgin loop is a masturbator that is made in Japan with the image of a virgin’s vagina in mind.

It is made in Japan and is very popular not only in Japan but also in India because of its high quality and impressive appearance like a real vagina.

You will be addicted to the feeling of thickly wrapped penis!

It is a very good point that the price is not too high.

Virgin loop
Rs 2429


MEGAMI is a small, stationary masturbator, and MEGAMI is the Japanese word for goddess.

If you are a man, you can ride on it with one hand, but it is really a goddess itself.

You can use it not only for the vagina but also for the anal area, so you can use it in two ways depending on your mood that day.

The intricate internal structure of both the anal and vagina is a pleasant sensation that cannot be achieved with a real woman’s vagina.

Although it is a stationary masturbator, it can be used as a hand job masturbator because it is on the small side.

Rs 6996


What did you think?

A masturbator can bring you pleasure if used correctly.

If you put a lot of effort into image training and use a masturbation device in a perfect condition, you will be able to masturbate to a higher quality than you can achieve.

Once you use it, you’ll be addicted to the sensations.