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[For Indian women]How to wash dildos and where to store them without finding them

You may have bought a dildo, but you don't know how to wash it properly... I'm thinking of buying a dildo, but can I ...
For women

For Lesbian:5 Matching Apps to Safely Meet Lesbian Women in India

It doesn't matter if you are a woman or a man, as long as you have an attractive partner. In India, lesbian relations...

What are Butt Plugs (Anal Plugs)? How to have an anal orgasm[For Indian]

Butt plugs, also known as anal plugs, as the name suggests, are sex toys that are inserted into the anus. Men can sti...
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[DIY] How to Make Homemade Dildo! Familiar objects can be made into Dildo!

Dildo can be made from familiar things, vegetables, clay, spray cans, rubber balls, pen and towel, Dildo making kits, et...
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Masturbators need maintenance too! How to take care of it to make it last longer

A masturbator is a toy used by men for masturbation, but a masturbator that can be used over and over again can have a h...
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Types of dildos and what beginners need to know when choosing a dildo for the first time

Tips for Indian women to find the right dildo for them for the first time.
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A must see for women in India! How to make a woman squirt and how to prepare for it

Squirting can enhance your sex life and lead to more pleasure. Here are some tips for Indian women on how to squirt a...
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What is Squirting? The mechanism of female Squirting

Squirting is a phenomenon in which a woman spurts a clear, colorless liquid out of her vagina when she has an orgasm. ...
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[BEST25]Best Sex Toys for Men in India [Indian Sextoy for ur Best! Recommend]

Wouldn't you like to know which are the most popular male sex toys available in India? In this article, I'm going to ...
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[10 reasons]Why sex is good for your health? Have sex to be healthy from the inside out

Did you know that sex is good for your health? When you have an orgasm during sex, it improves blood flow and brings ...