A must see for women in India! How to make a woman squirt and how to prepare for it

For women

Squirting can enhance your sex life and lead to more pleasure.

Here are some tips for Indian women on how to squirt and how to prepare for squirting.

  • I want to have more exciting sex
  • I want to train myself to be able to squirt
  • I want to know what I need to prepare for squirting
Priya Singh
Priya Singh

If you have any of these concerns or requests, please stay with us until the end.

What is female ejaculation?

For those of you who don’t know what Squirting is, let’s start with a brief explanation.

Squirting is a phenomenon that occurs when the G-spot, one of the sexual zones in a woman’s vagina, is stimulated, causing fluid to spurt out of the urethra.

Squirting is often mistaken for urination because it comes out of the urethra, but strictly speaking, urine and squirting are two different things.

In recent years, Squirting is often seen in pornographic videos, but it is not always such a big squirt.

It’s not always as big as that. Sometimes it’s just a little bit of squirting in the vagina, and it varies greatly from person to person.

What is Squirting? How does a woman squirt?

If you want to know more about Squirting, please read the article above.

What is Squirting? The mechanism of female Squirting
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Preparations for Squirting

Now, let’s start with the preparation before going into the specific steps of Squirting.

The following are the two main preparations for Squirting.

  • Prepare the goods necessary for Squirting.
  • Find a G-spot in advance.
Priya Singh
Priya Singh

Let’s check each of them in detail.

Prepare the goods you need

The following three items are necessary for Squirting.

  • Large bath towel
  • Sex lubricant
  • Vibrator for G-spot

The large bath towel is to make cleanup easier when you are done squirting.

If you think you can’t squirt, you may end up squirting a lot more than you expected.

If you do, it can be hard to clean up and you may feel down. For this reason, it is recommended that you prepare it if you have it at home.

Next, sex lubricant is used to make it easier for fingers and toys to slide around when stimulating the G-spot.

A woman’s vagina has vaginal secretions, so it’s okay if you don’t have any, but it’s a fact that it’s easier to get pleasure from using sex lubricant.

You can also use it for everyday masturbation, so it’s worth having.

Nururun Lube 30ml

Finally, a vibrator for your G-spot will also make Squirting easier.

Squirting is caused by continuous, rhythmic stimulation of the G-spot, but it can be quite tiring to do it with your own fingers.

This is where a vibrator that specializes in G-spot stimulation comes in.

Super Pink Boy
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You can choose a vibrator that looks just like this one.

You can also use a vibrator to stimulate the G-spot.

Let’s find the G-spot

One of the most important preparations for Squirting is to find a G-spot in advance.

The location of the G-spot varies from person to person, so it’s hard to say, but it’s usually located on the upper side of the vaginal wall, about 3-5 cm from where you insert your finger into the vagina.

It is a little rough to the touch and often swells up as you touch it.

If you want to know more about the location of the G-spot, click here.

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If you’re not used to the feel of a G-spot, it may be difficult to find, but try to be patient.

How to squirt

Priya Singh
Priya Singh

Now, let’s look at how to squirt!

This time, I’ll explain two ways of squirting, one with a toy, and the other with your finger.

This article is only about how to squirt alone. Once you’ve learned how to do it yourself, you’ll be able to squirt.

Squirting with toys

First of all, how to use a toy to Squirt.

Priya Singh
Priya Singh

If you want to train your dog to squirt alone, using toys is the easiest way!

You can give strong stimulation continuously, so people who couldn’t squirt before can squirt right away after using the toy… sometimes!

The following are some general tips on how to use toys for squirting.

  1. Become sexually aroused saficiently
  2. Caressing the clitoris and other sexually sensitive areas
  3. Caressing the G-spot

The key to having an orgasm in any of the sexual zones is to make sure that the sexual excitement is high enough.

Imagine your favorite situations or enjoy your favorite movies to increase your sexual excitement.

Once you are sufficiently sexually aroused, start caressing your clitoris, nipples, and other sexually sensitive areas instead of your G-spot.

Again, make sure to increase your body’s sensitivity.

After the vaginal secretions have been released and the vagina has become slippery, the toy can be inserted.

At this point, it is a good idea to apply plenty of sex lubricant if you have it.

Place the toy on the G-spot and stimulate it with weak vibrations at first.

If you feel that you are about to have a G-spot orgasm, it is okay to let it happen.

You may feel the urge to urinate, but it is common to feel the urge to urinate when squirting.

Don’t worry about it, just keep stimulating and you should be able to squirt.

There are times when you are squirting, but the amount is so small that you don’t notice. It is also a good idea to pay attention to the amount of vaginal secretions.

Squirting with your fingers

The next method is to use your fingers to squirt. You don’t need to prepare any special goods, and it is an easy method to try.

The method of finger squirting is roughly as follows.

  1. Enhance sexual arousal
  2. Caress the clitoris and other sexually sensitive areas
  3. Gently and rhythmically stimulate the G-spot with your fingers

The first two steps are the same as squirting with a toy, but the method of stimulating the G-spot changes from there.

When you use your fingers to stimulate the G-spot, do not use force. The vagina is delicate, and if you stimulate it too forcefully, you may damage it.

When you get excited, it is easy to stimulate too hard, so be careful.

The key is to stimulate with a thumping rhythm and without pausing.

When stimulating with your fingers, you may also feel the urge to urinate, just like with toys.

Priya Singh
Priya Singh

If you stop stimulating when you feel the urge to urinate, you won’t be able to squirt easily, so the key to finger squirting is to stimulate while not worrying about it.

If you’re not used to G-spot stimulation, using a toy is still the quickest way!

Squirting + α

If you can’t get the Squirting to work, try the following two methods.

  • Drink a lot of water before you try Squirting
  • Try to relax

Let’s go over each in detail!

Drink lots of water

If you are having trouble squirting, your body may be lacking water in general.

Therefore, in some cases, drinking a lot of water beforehand will help you to squirt.

Priya Singh
Priya Singh

It is said that an adult needs to consume about 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, and this does not include the water contained in food.

You need to consciously consume water to achieve this amount, so make sure to consciously drink water by setting yourself a goal of X ml per hour.

Drinking plenty of water is good not only for Squirting, but also for your own health.

Make sure to relax

If you want to squirt, you need to keep your body relaxed and free of tension.

If your body is tense and tight, you won’t be able to have an orgasm, and of course, Squirting will be difficult.

Before squirting, try to relax by soaking in a bath to warm up, or create a relaxing environment by burning your favorite aromatic oil.

The warmer and more relaxed you are, the easier it will be for you to squirt.

I just can’t seem to squirt?

“I’ve tried everything, but I just can’t get it to squirt…

Priya Singh
Priya Singh

Don’t worry about it.

As we mentioned earlier, Squirting is a personal thing.

There are people who are squirting but don’t notice it because the amount is too small, and there are also people whose constitution prevents them from squirting.

If you can’t squirt after trying various things, just give up thinking that you have such a constitution.

Giving up may be a foolish thing to do, but it’s a waste of time to worry about something you can’t do.

If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to develop other orgasms rather than Squirting?

The following article explains in detail about the development of female sexual orgasms, so if you like, please read this next article.

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Why Squirting needs training

Most people will need to train until they can do Squirting.

There are two reasons for this.

  • When you touch the G-spot, you feel the urge to urinate
  • Because the G-spot needs to be developed
Priya Singh
Priya Singh

Let’s explain each of them in detail.

Feel the urge to urinate when you touch the G-spot

Many people feel the urge to urinate while stimulating the G-spot.

This is because when you stimulate the G-spot, you stimulate the adjacent bladder.

If you are not used to stimulating the G-spot, you may find this sensation unbearable and stop stimulating it.

However, once you get over this urge to urinate, you should be able to feel Squirting or orgasm.

Because you need to develop your G-spot

The G-spot is not a place where you can start out feeling pleasure or squirting.

The G-spot is not a place where you can feel pleasure or squirting right from the start, it is a place where you can finally have an orgasm or squirt after a certain amount of sexual stimulation.

Therefore, most women will not feel anything at first when they stimulate the G-spot.

Even if you can’t squirt from the start, the secret to success is to train yourself to accept that this is the way it is.


Squirting may not always be pleasurable, but it can make sex more exciting and special.

Your boyfriend will be even more excited to see you Squirting.

However, squirting is not something you can do right from the start; it requires some preparation, ingenuity, and training.

The key to squirting is to be prepared for it by drinking lots of water, and to put aside your urge to urinate and embarrassment.

Depending on your constitution, you may not be able to squirt at all, so it’s important not to worry about it in such cases.


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