The way of developing the G-spot for beginners women in India !

For women

Did you know that the G-spot is an organ that, depending on its development, can give you an orgasm?

But developing the G-spot can be a bit tricky. Why not learn how to properly develop your G-spot and get you to internal orgasm?

In this article, you will learn what the G-spot is, how to develop it, what to do when after developing it, and more.

If you are:

  • Women who want to develop a G-spot orgasm.
  • Women who want to come internally.
  • Want to know what the G-spot is.

Not to mention, if you are a man who:

  • Want your female partner to feel the G-spot orgasm.
  • Want to know how to develop women’s internal orgasm.

You should definitely read this article through to the end.

What is the G-spot?

The G-spot is a sexual area in the woman’s vagina, a coin-sized spot on the vaginal wall on the abdomen side about 3 to 5 cm from the entrance of the vagina.

The G-spot is made up of the urethral sponge, which is the sponge tissue that surrounds the urethra and can cause a sensation of urination when stimulated.

It’s also a little harder to find than the clitoris and the portio because it’s an area of your body, and not a clearly defined point, and because the G-spot is located differently for each individual person.

To find the G-spot yourself, lie down on your back, bend your knees up and open your legs slightly.

Insert your finger into it (the middle finger will be easier to do), and when you have inserted it to about the second joint, bend your finger into a crooked position, and the G-spot is the part you can touch.

If your male partner finds it, you can do the same thing with the woman lying on her back, palm facing up, and insert your middle finger.

What is it like to feel an orgasm at the G-spot?

An orgasm felt at the G-spot is like an orgasm that runs through the whole body, mainly in the lower half of the body.

It is stronger than clitoral orgasms, and it is easy to have a lingering orgasm, so it is possible to have a series of orgasms without a pause (this is called “continuous orgasm”).

When a woman comes continuously during sex, the tightness of the vagina becomes stronger, so the man who is inserting his penis into the vagina can also get physical pleasure more easily.

G-spot orgasm ≠ squirting

Myth: Squirting or Ejaculation Only Happens During OrgasmSome people can squirt or ejaculate before or after an orgasm. Squirting can also occur at the same time as an orgasm. Some people also have multiple spurts of squirting spread over a few minutes.

What Is a Squirting Orgasm-WebMD

It is often said that when a woman has a G-spot orgasm, she will squirt.

This comes from the fact that squirting occurs by stimulating the skein line in the G-spot, but in fact, squirting and orgasm are not necessarily the same thing.

Therefore, a woman may have a G-spot orgasm and not squirt, or she may squirt even if she does not have a G-spot orgasm.

And if you do, the amount of squirting varies greatly from person to person.

Some women squirt by the cupful, while others squirt just a little. In some cases, the amount may be so small that it could be mistaken for vaginal secretion.

In fact, it is quite possible that you may have actually squirted without realizing it.

Do you have to develop the G-spot to feel it?

The G-spot is not an organ that is orgasmic from the start, so it needs to be developed in order to feel orgasms. (Development is like training to properly stimulate a potential sexual area so that it can cause sexual arousal and orgasm.)

In some cases, it is difficult to feel an orgasm without development, and in other cases, it takes a very long time to develop because each person feels differently about stimulation in the G-spot.

In such a case, it is sometimes possible to develop successfully by masturbating to increase the sensitivity of the body sufficiently.

How to develop the G-spot for beginners

Now let’s continue with how to develop the G-spot.

I’m going to assume that women develop it by masturbation, but the basic process is the same for sex.

If you want to develop it during sex, try to replace your partner with a person who stimulates you.

Preparation for G-spot development

Before you start developing your G-spot, make sure you’re prepared for a smooth development process.

You should also have the following goodies to help you develop your G-spot smoothly.

  • A bath towel to put under your buttocks
  • G-spot vibrators
  • Sex lubricant

A bath towel is designed to stimulate the G-spot to make it easier to clean up afterwards when you have squirted, and a G-spot vibrator is an efficient way to stimulate the G-spot during masturbation.

A regular egg-vibrator can be used as a substitute, but since it is inserted into the vagina, it is best to use a vibrator with some length.

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If you want to use it for masturbation, it is better to choose this type of vibrator, because it is easy to use even by yourself and can develop the G-spot efficiently.

(1) Increase sexual arousal sufficiently

First of all, you should increase your sexual arousal sufficiently before developing your G-spot.

You can fantasize about your favorite situations, or you can use cartoons, novels, or pornographic videos to help you get aroused.

Find ways to get your sexual excitement firing up high enough.

(2) Have an orgasm somewhere other than the G-spot

Once you’re sufficiently sexually aroused, you can start to orgasm by stimulating something other than the G-spot.

If you haven’t developed your clitoris at this point, try to develop that one first.

The clitoris is a very sensitive organ in a woman’s body with many nerves concentrated in it. Therefore, it should be relatively easy to develop.

The reason why you need to feel an orgasm on the clitoris before you have a G-spot orgasm is because a woman’s body becomes more sensitive once she has an orgasm.

When a man reaches orgasm with ejaculation (wet orgasm), there is a period of time called the “post cum clarity” (which is wise man time).

Women, however, do not have a refractory period and can have as many orgasms as they like.

The G-spot is not easy to feel orgasms before development, so it is necessary to feel orgasms on the clitoris in advance to increase the sensitivity of the vagina.

3) Stimulate the G-spot

Now that you’re feeling the clitoral orgasm and feeling even better, it’s time to move on to stimulating the G-spot. By the way, did you find where the G-spot is?

If you haven’t, start by finding it.

If you can’t find it, you may find it while you’re touching it, so don’t be in a hurry to find it.

Stimulation of the G-spot is done by tapping it rhythmically with your finger.

The key to G-spot orgasm is to stimulate it continuously in a steady rhythm, with no intensity required.

Keep it short so you don’t scratch it with your fingernails.

4) Experience an orgasm by losing yourself in the pleasure

As you repeatedly stimulate your G-spot, you’ll find yourself experiencing waves of pleasure.

However, the timing of this pleasure depends largely on the individual, so don’t be in a hurry if you don’t feel an orgasm easily.

If you don’t feel an orgasm by chance, or if you are tired, it may be difficult to feel an orgasm, try again on another day if you don’t feel an orgasm after stimulating to your heart’s content.

Tips for developing the G-spot

Next, here are some tips for developing the G-spot.

If you find it difficult to feel an orgasm in your G-spot… try to be aware of the following.

Also, trying to feel an orgasm is counterproductive because it puts pressure on you.

It is essential that your body is sufficiently relaxed to feel an orgasm.

Therefore, if you are under pressure, your body will not be able to feel orgasms as much as you expect.

If you want to develop your G-spot orgasm not only by masturbation but also by sex, you should try to avoid feeling the pressure.

If you feel the urge to urinate, don’t worry about it

Since the place where the G-spot is located is where the urethral sponge is located, it often causes the urge to urinate as you touch it.

While this is a urge to urinate, it is not actually urine. It is most often a tide.

So, in order to have a G-spot orgasm, you need to continue stimulating the G-spot even if you feel the urge to urinate.

It is necessary to continue stimulating the G-spot after you feel the urge to urinate.

If you stop the stimulation when you feel the urge to urinate, you will not be able to feel G-spot orgasm.

If you are worried about the urge to urinate, it might be better to do it in a place where there is no problem if you leak urine (like the bathroom).

Warm your body enough

I mentioned earlier that in order to feel an orgasm, the body must be sufficiently relaxed.

Since the mechanism of orgasm is caused by spasms of the muscles in the pelvis, it is difficult to feel an orgasm if your body is tense due to cold or tension.

Therefore, if you can’t feel G-spot orgasm easily, it is recommended that you use warm water slowly to warm up your body, or massage your body with aromatic oils to warm it up enough.

When developing the G-spot

Next, I’m going to tell you what to keep in mind when developing your G-spot.

There are two things beginners should be aware of when developing their G-spot: – No strong stimulation!

  • Do not stimulate it too hard!
  • Do not be in a hurry.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons for each!

Do Not stimulate too hard

First of all, try not to stimulate the G-spot too hard.

The inside of a woman’s vagina is very sensitive.

It’s a collection of many capillaries that bleed easily, and since it’s a mucous membrane, the wound is slow to heal. (Wounds in the mucous membranes and inside the body heal more slowly than in places that are exposed to the outside air.)

Therefore, if you develop a wound, bacteria can enter through it and cause irritation, so if you’re developing a G-spot, try to keep your fingernails short and trim and gently stimulate the vagina so as not to damage it.

Thumping and light tapping is fine. If you’re not sure how hard to tap, try using a vibrator.

Don’t rush it

Because the G-spot is not an organ that feels orgasmic from the start, it can take some time to develop.

Therefore, you may become impatient if it is not easy to develop.

If you’re in a hurry and stimulate it too hard, it can cause injury, and the pressure of impatience can make it even harder to feel the orgasm.

There are a lot of G-spot related stories out there on the internet, but it’s healthy to look at them all as individual differences.

The key to success in developing your sexuality is to take it slow and at your own pace.


It is estimated that only about 40% of all women can feel G-spot orgasms.

That stems from the need of development, but everyone has the potential to feel a G-spot orgasm.

Develop it the right way, and we encourage you to experience the unique pleasure of being a woman.