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In this article, we will cover what are sex toys for women in India, types of sex toys for women, 15 sex toys for women in India to buy, what to look out for, and more for women living in India!

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What are sextoys for women in India?

A sex toy is a toy that can be used during sex or masturbation, but a sex toy is one that is specifically designed to be used by women.

They are often pink, white or skeletonized, and are designed to look the way women like, and some of them do not look like sex toys at all.

Some are shaped like lipstick, made to look like candy, or have animal motifs.

Women’s sex toys can be used during sex and masturbation to provide a different and exciting sensation.

The sex toy can move in a way that no human being can, so you will be enveloped in an unknown feeling of pleasure.

Many people are fascinated by the sex toy once they have used it.

The stimulation provided by a sex toy also helps couples to avoid being in a rut.

Indian people, who are passionate and affectionate, may not get into a sexless relationship, but there is nothing stimulating about a series of sex that ends in the same procedure as usual.

Sex toys for women can greatly contribute to change and stimulate the usual sex routine.

In addition, masturbation with a female sex toy helps you to feel orgasms more easily, leads to the secretion of female hormones, has a cosmetic effect and a stress-relieving effect.

The sex toy is packed with good effects for women, and it is a must-have item for all women.

About 40% of the sex toy market in India is female buyers

Sex toys used to be difficult for women to buy, but in recent years, due to the spread of the Internet, the popularity of sex toys for women has increased and the number of situations in which they can be easily purchased has also increased.

Therefore, the number of people who use female sex toys is increasing.

Recently, 40% of the buyers in the Indian sex toy market are women.

Initially, the market was heavily dominated by male customers — Divya Chauhan’s ItspleaZure recorded men accounting for 75 per cent of the traffic and almost 85-90 per cent of the transactions, but tides are changing. An increase in demand from women is making the ratio slowly inch towards 50:50. Another interesting fact is that many men are buying sex toys for women. While that is not the case in tier I and tier II cities, it holds true for tier III and IV cities — customers of these cities have cart sizes three times bigger than those in big cities.
India’s sex toys industry is fulfilling the desire to become ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’

You may not have many chances to talk about sex toys with your relatives and friends.

You don’t have to be ashamed of your interest in sex toys.

Type of sextoys for female in India

Next, we will introduce the types of sex toys for women in India.

We have picked up five types of sex toys for women that are selling especially well in India.


Vibrator is a sex toy that vibrates and is placed on the clitoris and nipples to bring pleasure to the sexually sensitive areas.

There are two main types of vibrators: dildo-type vibrators and capsule-type vibrators.

The capsule-shaped vibrator is also called an Egg-Vibrator.

The Egg-Vibrator is a product that is easy to try, even for sex toy beginners.

It is attractive because it is basically simple in construction, so the price is often set low and it is easy to obtain.

On the other hand, dildo-type vibrators are recommended for people who want stronger stimulation than capsule-type vibrators because they are inserted and used.

There is a dual-type vibrator that can stimulate the vagina and the clitoris at the same time, and you can get a pleasant sensation that greatly exceeds the capsule-type vibrator.

Therefore, there are many people who are addicted to using them once they are used. However, many of them look like penises, so if you have a family member or roommate, you may be hesitant to use them.

There are vibrators that not only vibrate, but also swing and piston, and the appeal of a dildo-type vibrator is that it stimulates you in a way that no human being could ever do.

It is recommended as a sex toy for people who are not easily satisfied with sex with their partners or who want to make masturbation more pleasurable.

If you want to know more about the Vibrator, please click here.


Dildos are models of male genitalia that do not have the vibrator function.

Not only do they imitate male genitalia, but they also come in simple bar shapes and non-genital objects such as vegetables and fruits.

There are two main types of dildos: realisticand non-realistic dildos.

Realistic dildos are sex toys that look and feel like penises.

XXX Indian Dick Man 6″ Skin
Rs 1650
This is what a penis looks like at first glance.

Non-realistic dildos are dildos that do not look like a penis at first glance.

White Big dick Lsize
Rs 2295
At first glance, it doesn’t look like a penis. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have it as an interior decoration.

There are also dildos with suction cups that can be used hands-free by attaching them to the wall or floor.

The attraction of the sucker-type dildos is that you can play with them in a way that is close to actual sex, even while masturbating.

Most are made of silicone or resin, and some are made of metal or glass.

Most of them are water-resistant, so you can use them in the bathroom and wash them clean after use.

Dildos are one of the quite popular items in the female sex toy category.

If you want to enhance your masturbation, insert something larger than your partner’s penis, or if you want to use it with a female partner, dildos are especially good for you.

Also, dildos do not vibrate and do not make noise.

Therefore, dildos are perfect for Indian women who often live with their families.

To learn more about dildos, click here.

Electric massager

The Electric massager is one of the electric massagers with a vibrator function, but in the realm of pornography it is recognized as a kind of vibrator, not a massage machine, and is used for masturbation and sex.

The appeal of the electric massager is its strong vibrations, which are stronger than those of the vibrator, and therefore, the electric massager allows you to enjoy more stimulating sensations.

It is a very popular sex toy among men and women, and is supported by many women around the world.

There are two main types of electric massagers: the wired type, which is plugged into an electrical outlet, and the wireless type, which is charged and used cordlessly (batteries are also available).

The wired type can get power directly from the outlet and can produce more powerful vibrations than the wireless type. In contrast, the cordless type, while attractive for its portability, tends to produce slightly less intense vibrations than the wired type.

If you are new to using an Electric massager, you may want to opt for the slightly less stimulating cordless type.

The stimulation of an electric massager is so strong that normal sex may not be enough for you, so be careful.

There is nothing wrong with using it to spice up your regular sex routine, or when you are having trouble getting off with your regular masturbation.

However, if you become accustomed to having an orgasm with strong stimulation on a daily basis, the sexual zones where you are using the electric massager can become desensitized.

When using an Electric massager, be sure to consider how often you use it.

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When lesbians have sex with each other, bands are often used to attach the dildo to the waist, and the strap-on dildo is used for this purpose.

There are two types of strap-on dildos: ring-type and plug-type.

In the ring style, a ring part is attached to the strap, and the dildo is inserted into the ring part.

The ring style is recommended for those who want to have fun with a variety of dildos, as they can fit any kind of dildo that goes through the ring.

On the other hand, the plug type is used by inserting the dildo into the corresponding plug.

Because they are stronger and more stable as they are plugged in, they can handle intense movement.

For this reason, if you want to play hard, plug-type dildos are recommended.

However, because of the limited number of pluggable dildos that can be plugged in, they are inferior to ring-type dildos in that the number of compatible dildos is limited.

You may want to use the plug type for hard play, and the ring type for everyday use.

The material can vary from leather to fabric, but for hygiene, it is better to choose a strap that can be washed entirely.

In both cases, it is important to choose the right size belt for you, as fabric rubbing can cause skin damage.


Condoms are famous as a contraceptive, but they are also a great sex toy for women.

It is often used with men, but in fact, it is sometimes attached to a sex toy.

It is easy to obtain at pharmacies in the city, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the most familiar sex toy.

There are various types of condoms, some with no color and no smell, while others have a scent and a slight sweet taste.

Since it’s basically for two people to use, it’s also a good stimulus to choose a condom with your partner.

If you want to know more about condoms, please see this article.
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15 Best buy sex toy for Indian female

here are 15 sex toys for women in India!

The 15 sex toys introduced in this article can be used for both sex and masturbation, so please try to find the sex toy that suits your purpose.

XXX Indian Dick Man 6

XXX Indian Dick Man 6″ Skin
Rs 1650

The XXX Indian Dick Man 6 is a reproduction of the Indian male penis and is the perfect sex toy for Indian women.

It is handcrafted by SEX Toys INDIA.

It is made of high quality silicone and is as smooth as your partner’s penis.

The RS1650 is relatively affordable among dildos, and it is recommended for a wide range of women, from those who are new to sex toys to those who are used to using them.

Super Pink Boy

Super Pink Boy
Rs 1900

The Super Pink Boy is a stylish skeleton-looking dildo vibrator.

It is also useful for developing G-spot orgasms, as it is shaped to easily stimulate the G-spot.

If you want to learn more about G-Spot, please click here. ↓

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This is a very well-balanced product that can be used not only for insertion, but also for clitoral stimulation.

Because it is a slim type that fits in one hand, it can be completely stored in a makeup bag.

[It is suitable for these people]
-I want to develop G-spot orgasms
-I want a sex toy that can be easily stored because I live with my family.

My caiman

My caiman
Rs 3205

If you are tired of the regular sized dildos, I highly recommend the My caiman.

My caiman is 225mm x 45mm, and the pressure of insertion is greater than any of the other toys in this article.

If you want to feel a stimulation and pleasure that you have never felt before, you can try the larger size of My caiman.

However, if you use it too much, you may not be satisfied with your partner’s sex, so it is better to use it in moderation.

[Suitable for these people]
-I want to masturbate more stimulantly than I do now
-Have never had sex, but want some experience with sex toys
-The male partner’s penis is larger than average

XXX Indian Dick Man 5

XXX Indian Dick Man 5″ Skin
Rs 1450

The XXX Indian Dick Man 5 is a slightly smaller dildo than the XXX Indian Dick Man 6.

It is recommended for women who are new to dildos, virgins, and people who haven’t had sex for a long time.

It can also be used for anal use if you have already developed your own anal skills.

It doesn’t have a suction cup at the base, but it’s very stable when it’s upright, so you can use it hands-free.

[It’s suitable for people]
-The first time to use a sex toy
-I haven’t had sex yet, but I want to experience the sensation of penetration.
-I want to try anal development

Classic Egg vibrators Black

Classic Egg vibrators Black
Rs 700

The Classic Egg vibrators Black is a classic Egg-Vibrator.

The controller and the vibrating part are separated, so you can use it in your favorite position.

The price is also fairly easy to get compared to other toys, so it is recommended for people who want to know what a sex toy is for the first time.

This kind of vibrator can be used for both sex and masturbation, so it is a product with high cost performance.

[It is suitable for such people]
-I want a low-cost vibrator
-I love the orgasm I feel on my clitoris
-I want a simple looking toy.

Spiral Rabbit Vibe

Spiral Rabbit Vibe
Rs 2000

The Spiral Rabbit Vibe is a vibrator that can be inserted and used to stimulate both the vagina and the clitoris at the same time.

Therefore, if you stimulate the clitoris at the same time as the vagina, even if you have never experienced intra-eclampsia, the sensitivity in the vagina will increase and you may be able to develop it.

The body has countless folds, and these folds provide a unique feeling of pleasure.

[It is suitable for these people]
-I rather enjoy external orgasm
-I want to be able to internal orgasm

Aqua MANTA 201

Aqua MANTA 201
Rs 2779

The Aqua MANTA 201, in the shape of a cute manta ray, is a rare sex toy that combines a cock ring and a vibrator in one piece.

You can use it for masturbation, but the Aqua MANTA 201 will come into its own when you have sex with your partner.

The manta ray is a cock ring that is attached to a man’s penis, and both men and women can feel the stimulation when it is inserted into the vagina while it is attached.

It is not overt in appearance, so it is suitable for women who are resistant to sex toys.

[Recommended for]
-I want a toy that I can use for sex with my partner
-I want to feel good with my partner
-I want a toy that doesn’t look like a sex toy

MARO Kawaii No.2

MARO Kawaii No.2
Rs 5824

MARO Kawaii No.2 is a vibrator for clitoris from TOKYO DESIGN, a Japanese sex toy manufacturer.

The MARO Kawaii No.2 is shaped like a rabbit and fits in the palm of your hand.

The price is a little bit higher than other toys, but only MARO Kawaii No. 2 can offer you good silicone and a well-considered feel.

[Recommended for]
-I want a toy that doesn’t look like a sex toy
-Want a good quality sex toy
-I like to feel clitoral orgasms

Cuchu Sticky Nachu

Cuchu Sticky Nachu
Rs 3144

Cuchu Sticky Nachu is a vibrator that specializes in G-spot stimulation.

It is very light at 95 grams without batteries and does not get tired even if you use it for a long time.

Its cute pink appearance will tickle your heart.

It is recommended for those who live with a family and cannot make noise while masturbating.

[It is suitable for these people]
-I want to have stimulating masturbation without letting my family know
-I want a vibrator that is easy to operate with one hand
-Want to develop G-spot

Lesbian Strap on vibrator dildo

Lesbian Strap on vibrator dildo
Rs 3482

The Lesbian Strap on vibrator dildo is a strap-on dildo that, as the name implies, is designed to be used for lesbian sex.

It is a ring-style strap-on dildo that will fit most of the dildos that go through the ring.

Of course, you can use it for male anal use as well, but the size of the dildo is too big for anal use, so you need to have a well-developed anal organ to insert it.

The tip of the dildo is equipped with a vibrator function, which will help you to bring your partner to a new level of pleasure.

The Vibrator controller can be tucked into the waistband while in use for a smart look.

The length of the belt can be flexibly changed, so women who are not sure if they can wear it with their body size can rest assured.

[Recommended for]
-I am a lesbian and want to feel good with my partner
-I want a strap-on that can fit larger people like myself

Fairy Vibrator

Fairy Vibrator
Rs 2250

The Fairy Vibrator is a handy massager that often appears in porn videos.

It is a vibrating toy, so it can be categorized in the same way as the Vibrator, but the vibrations are much more powerful and attractive than the Vibrator.

The head is large and cannot be inserted into the vagina, but it is especially good for clitoral stimulation.

There are two types of massagers: one that takes electricity from the wall socket, the other that is rechargeable and the other that is battery-powered.

This one takes electricity from the wall socket, which is more stimulating than the other types.

It doesn’t look like a sex toy, so even if your family finds out, you can push it through with a massage machine.

[It is suitable for such people]
-Want a stimulating sex toy
-I only use sex toys in the house

Minimamini white

Minimamini white
Minimamini white
Rs 1514

The Minimamini white is a battery-powered massager that is considerably smaller than the Fairy Vibrator.

It is very compact and is perfect for those who want to use the massager.

The price is also modest, so it is recommended for sex toy beginners.

It has a beautiful white design, so it is also popular as a gift.

[It is suitable for these people]
-Massager beginners
-I often use sex toys on the go

Fing Vibe

Fing Vibe
Rs 1625

The Fing Vibe is a finger-mounted vibrator.

Those who use their fingers during clitoral masturbation will be able to enjoy unprecedented pleasure simply by adding the Fing Vibe to their usual methods.

It is a small vibrator, so you won’t have to worry about where it will be stored, especially since it is a small vibrator.

It does not make a lot of noise, so it is perfect for people who live with their families and want to use a sex toy without telling anyone.

[It is suitable for these people]
-I live with my family and would like to use sex toys in secret so that they do not find out
-Want a small sex toy
-I like clitoral orgasm

KamaSutra Dotted 12

KamaSutra Dotted 12
Rs 110

KamaSutra Dotted 12 is a dotted condom for Indian couples.

It is very cost-effective at RS110 for 12 condoms.

You will always use them, so a good quality condom that contains a lot of condoms is a good choice.

It is the perfect condom for daily use.

It is not always sold in the streets of India, so it is best to buy them online.

[Suitable for these people]
-I want a cost-effective condom
-I want a condom that fits the Indian man’s penis

Durex Taste me – Apple

Durex Taste me – Apple
Rs 180

Durex Taste me – Apple is a condom with a refreshing apple scent.

Many condoms are made of latex, but some people may not like the rubber smell of latex condoms.

So they use condoms with a refreshing apple scent.

Not only does it smell but it also tastes of apples, so it is useful not only for normal sex but also for giving blowjobs and masturbating with a dildo.

[Suitable for people]
-I don’t like the unique smell of condoms
-I’m tired of the condoms I always use
-I want a cost-effective condom

How to choose sextoys for Indian women

Then we’ll explain how to choose when Indian women choose a sex toy!

When choosing a sex toy for Indian women, it is important to pay attention to the following three points: – Choose a sex toy that fits you.

  • Selecting a sex toy that fits you
  • Choose one that is easy to maintain
  • Think of in what situations do you want to use it?

Let’s take it in order.

The first thing to do is to choose a sex toy that fits you.

If it is for insertion, you should choose one that fits the size of your vagina, and if it is a Strap-on, you should choose a harness that fits around your waist.

Choosing an ill-fitting sex toy can cause scratches on the skin and mucous membranes, especially on the mucous membranes.

Wounds on mucous membranes in particular are more difficult to heal than those on the skin, as they are more difficult to heal if they become inflamed by germs.

Larger dildos and dildo vibrators in particular may seem like a better deal, but they are useless if you can’t actually use them after you buy them.

When it comes to sex toys, there is no such thing as “bigger is better than smaller”.

For this reason, it is best to choose the smaller items to be inserted in the order in which they are inserted.

Secondly, choose a sex toy that is easy to maintain.

Maintenance is the process of keeping a sex toy clean and tidy.

Proper maintenance will ensure that the sex toy you buy will last for a long time.

Most sex toys are waterproof because they are made with maintenance in mind, but some sex toys are not waterproof or cannot be disassembled easily.

However, some sex toys are not waterproof or cannot be disassembled easily.

Therefore, even if the purchase price is a bit high, it is better to choose one that is easy to disassemble and easy to maintain.

Finally, choose what situation you want to use it in.

Whether you want to use it alone or with a partner, the purpose of using a sex toy varies from person to person.

For example, if you want to use it alone and you live with your family, a sex toy that makes less noise is better.

On the other hand, if you want to get more stimulation with your partner, you should choose a sex toy that is a little louder than usual but still gives you strong stimulation.

In this way, if you think about when you want to use the sex toy, you will be less likely to make mistakes.

The benefits of using a female sex toy for Indian women

There are three advantages of using female sex toys for Indian women: – The sex toy is stimulating and makes it easier to have an orgasm.

  • Sex toys are highly stimulating and can help you have an orgasm
  • Can relieve sex frustration
  • You can have fulfilling masturbation alone

The advantage of using a female sex toy is that it is easy to feel stimulation and orgasm with movements and size that cannot be handled by humans.

Men’s penises are limited in size, and they cannot vibrate as subtly as machines.

It would be difficult for two women to insert themselves into each other’s mouths because they do not have penises.

Also, when you masturbate, it may not be enough for you because you can only use your hands.

In such cases, sex toys for women can be used to stimulate the sexual organs with the intensity you desire, so you can have a satisfying experience.

Also, when you are having sex with your partner, there may be some plays that are difficult to achieve according to your own desires.

For example, if you are having sex with your partner, you may feel that the penetration time is insufficient.

You can ask your partner to increase the length of the penetration, but it may be difficult for you to tell your partner about it because of his or her pride and feelings.

In such cases, you can use a sex toy to avoid hurting your partner and satisfy your sex needs while maintaining a good relationship.

Specifically, you can use a dildo or a vibrator to increase your satisfaction.

If you use a sex toy, you will not hurt your partner who is tired and unable to caress for long periods of time, and you will not hurt his or her pride.

Sex toys are a great way to stimulate new pleasures in your partner. Sex toys are also effective in improving your relationship with your partner.

Warnings on using sex toys for women

It is important to note that the use of sex toys for women can make it difficult to have an orgasm during actual sex, depending on how you use it.

Moderate use of the sex toy will make you more sensitive to stimulation and more likely to feel pleasure, so it will be easier to feel an orgasm during normal sex.

However, if the stimulation of the sex toy you are using is too strong, it will have the opposite effect.

Earlier, I told you that the sex toy’s attraction is the movement that can never be achieved by human beings, but if you keep receiving strong stimulation, your body gets used to it.

Then, ordinary sex is not enough, and it is difficult to feel an orgasm.

It is better to avoid using a sex toy every time you masturbate, especially if you use it for masturbation.

In addition, as I mentioned earlier, it is most important to keep the sex toy clean.

After using the sex toy, you may be so tired that you may fall asleep inadvertently.

However, a sex toy that has been contaminated with bodily fluids can be a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause an infection.

It is recommended to keep the sex toy clean after using it, no matter how sleepy it may be, by wiping or washing it after use.

Summary of sex toys for women in India

Did you like it?

In this issue, we have introduced 15 recommended sex toys for Indian women, the types of sex toys, precautions, etc.

The use of sex toys will make your daily sex and masturbation more fulfilling and exciting.

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