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Published:October 5th, 2009 19:08 EST
The Lovely Singer/Actress, Alexa Dectis!

Chase Von interviews the Beautiful Singer and Actress, Alexa Dectis!

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Chase Von: Hey there Alexa and on behalf of the Student Operated Press and myself, thanks so much for finding the time to share yourself with our readers!  Our mutual friend Jessica Gilbert shared you with me, and when I first saw your picture I thought what a beauty!  Sure you get that all the time though.  (Smile).  I also know you have so many different things you`re working on so again, thanks so much for finding the time to do this interview. 

Alexa: Of course!  Thank you!  I am so happy to be here!

Chase Von:  I have to tell you that when I first went to your my space page, Jessica didn`t tell me you were in a wheel chair.  I also have to honestly admit that initially, I felt badly for you, but the more I`ve learned about you the less I feel that way. 

Hope that didn`t come out the wrong way, but what I`m trying to say is you are truly such an INSPIRATIONAL young woman, that people don`t feel sorry for you once they get to know you, they feel inspired! 

I`ve also introduced you to my friend Poet Dawn Huffaker, author of Flights of Fancy and also Flower Escapes along with an incredibly gifted photographer named Michele Duncan. (I can honestly say, I`ve seen flowers all my life it seems, but the gift Michele has for taking pictures, coupled with the gift Dawn has for writing nature poetry, made me feel like I was seeing the beauty that flowers possess for the first time)! Like yourself, Dawn has been in a wheel chair the majority of her life but also like you, she hasn`t let that stop her from achieving and making this world a better more beautiful place! 

You sing, you act, you`re also an artist and you were so determined to raise the funds for your new CD that you even sang on the streets of Manhattan to raise money for it!  Where does this incredible drive you have come from Alexa?  And I`ve read you decided to embrace your Spinal Muscular Atrophy when you were just five years old as a gift.  Can you tell our readers more about what made you see it that way? 

Alexa:  Once I was old enough to understand what Spinal Muscular Atrophy was, I had a choice to make.  I could either hate it or embrace it.  I chose to embrace it.  When I was five years old, I learned meditation.  I also began to explore what my purpose in life was.  I realized that my purpose in life was to inspire others.  God did not put me in this chair because he wanted me to be sad.  Before I was born, God helped me choose my life.  This was the life I chose with God.  Once I realized what my purpose in life was, I made it my lifelong mission to inspire others.  I am never going to stop until my mission is completed.

Chase Von:   I have to tell you Alexa, in many ways you remind me of another young lady, and child prodigy by the name of Akiane Kramarik.  She also has a deep love for God and you both have such beautiful and down to earth personalities that conflicting as this might sound, seem to have originated in Heaven! 

 I think it would be fantastic if you two did a show on Oprah with her showing her art and you singing!

I really believe the number of people you two would reach and inspire would be off the charts!    By the way, my boss here at the SOP goes by the name of The Italian Oprah.  (Smile).  She`s also interviewed Maya Angelou who is someone that Oprah truly admires but I`m sure when she learns of you, you`re going to be on the list of people she admires as well!  (Smile).  Who are some of the people you yourself admire?  I know about Hillary Duff, but not only singers, but just people in general? 

Alexa:  Although Oprah greatly inspires me, God is my biggest role model.  God always loves.  God is always humble.  God is always calm.  If we all try to emulate those behaviors, we can create a world overflowing with love.

Chase Von:  You have your own new CD called Fairy Tale with the songs Fairy Tale, It Girl, Your Reason and Progression. My daughter who is nine really loves Fairy Tale!  (Smile).  What is the best place for people to buy your music?  Also other links like to your My Space page or web pages and such, so those reading can learn more about you?

Also, a friend of mine, Kim Kline who won Best Top 40 Artist of the Year in 2007 and beat out Amy Winehouse, Colbie Caillat and Daughtry also has her songs featured in the popular show on MTV called The Hills ".  Another friend and singer, Alina Smith, is scheduled to sing in the Olympics!  The reason I bring this up though, is when I listen to your songs I can easily see them being featured as song tracks in movies and television programs as well!  Is that something you`re also working on?   

Alexa:  If people are interested in buying my CD, Fairy Tale, they can go to  It is also available on most digital music stores.  A portion on the proceeds from all sales will go towards Spinal Muscular Atrophy Research.  I want my music not only to inspire people, but also get others out of their wheelchairs.

I would really love to hear my music on a soundtrack or TV show.  Right now, I am just trying to reach as many people as I can.  If being on a soundtrack or TV show would help people realize their potential, I would love to be a part of it.

Chase Von:   That`s wonderful Alexa!  And also, you`ve been the State Ambassador for the Pennsylvania Muscular Dystrophy Association FOUR TIMES!  And the local MDA Ambassador for ELEVEN YEARS!  You also continuously get standing ovations when you perform for the Harley Davidson`s Ride for Life and the MDA Black and Blue Balls!  Not only that, but you appeared in the MDA Jerry Lewis Telethon, you were the Amazing Kid of the month in January 2009 and you also appeared in the popular CBS soap opera, Guiding Light!  Do you have any plans on having your own television show?  One where you could not only use one of your songs as the theme song, but feature your own original songs throughout the show?

Alexa: That would be really fun!  Like I said before, I am just meeting as many people as I can and doing projects that will help me inspire others.  If something like that would help me reach the world, I would love to participate in such a project.

Chase Von:  You have a lovely voice.  What is the song writing process like for you?  And are there any duets that you can see in the future?  And if so, who comes to mind for you if you were to sing a duet?  (Smile).

Alexa:  Thank you!  Songwriting is my favorite part of the musical process.  It is so liberating.  It is a way I can share my message of love, honest behavior, and fulfilling a purpose in life.  As for collaborations, I have a lot of friends who also perform and write songs.  I would love to work with any of them.  A primary key to success is to learn from others.  Surround yourself with people that have the ability to teach and inspire you.

Chase Von:  Where can our readers learn more about where you`re going to be performing next?  And is there anything else your working on you can give our readers a heads up about?

Alexa: If anybody is interested in seeing me perform, they can check out my official website ( and my MySpace page ( for updates.

Chase Von: What are your favorite meals?  And I believe your sixteen yes?  You`re also a rising star and a very lovely one at that!  Your fan base is growing larger every second!  (One of the first things I thought when I saw your picture was, if Alexa said she used Head and Shoulders Shampoo, the sales would go through the roof for it.  (Smile).  But how do you handle all the fan mail you get from your male admirers?  And are your parents cool with that?   Also, with all the publicity surrounding you, is that difficult at times to handle in regards to your classmates?  

Alexa: One of my favorite meals is sushi.  Living in New York, there is really no better sushi location.  It is on every corner!  Yes, I am sixteen.  It is really incredible to have so many fans at such a young age.  Online safety is very important.  My parents have been wonderful in guiding me through my fan mail.  I urge all children to be very careful online.  Although I have received a generous amount of publicity, I am still a regular kid.  When I go to school, my friends and I talk about fashion at the lunch table, not the latest commercial I filmed.  I have been fortunate in being able to surround myself with really wonderful people.

Chase Von:  Just thought I`d ask because being famous which you are becoming more every day now, is in itself, very difficult for some people to deal with.  But you have shown you can handle just about anything!  Did you design your CD cover? Because it`s very eye catching and beautiful!   

Alexa:  Thank you so much!  I made it very clear to my team that Fairy Tale was the theme of the record.  I envisioned what I wanted, told my wonderful graphic artists, and watched it come to life.

Chase Von:  I`ve of course heard of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation and those who wish to learn more, here`s the link:

And I know you`re young, but you`re also not only very talented, but very intelligent as well, do you think there is a possibility that stem cell research might be the answer for you and those like you in similar circumstances?

Alexa:  I do believe that stem cells could be an answer.  However, I support sources other than fetal stem cells.  Although there is more research and money invested into fetal stem cells, it is my firm belief that adult stem cells will lead to the cure.  Fetal stem cells are a risky experiment, because they are not fully developed.  While they might cure an illness, they can still grow into nearly anything, even a dangerous disease.  I encourage researchers to explore adult stem cells.

Chase Von:  Your lovely voice is just one of your many gifts, like myself, you`re also a poet.  (Smile).  Can you share one of your shorter pieces with us here?

Alexa:  Well my poetry is my lyrics.  I sing these lines in my song Make It Through ".  I wrote this song for others who have my disease.

Every time we close our eyes

It`s Heaven that we see

Another life is lost

Another soul goes free

You`ve risen up above

Chase Von: That`s lovely Alexa!  What would you say if you were standing before a microphone that could be heard by every child on the planet, and regardless of what language they spoke, they would understand you? What positive advice would you give the children, if that were possible?

Alexa:  You are beautiful.  You have the potential to change the world.  You are an angel born to spread love.  Never forget how much potential is inside your tiny little body.  God gave you that gift so that you may teach others how to live their life for positivity.  Today, embrace that.

Chase Von:  This is a personal question Alexa.  And since you`re not THAT many years removed from it, I figured you might know the answer.  My daughter is in what I call the Beanie Baby phase.  She has an army of them!  Are there any things you collect or did collect?  Because when she says can I go over my friends house and play and packs these things up, it looks like she`s carrying a suitcase!  (Heh, Heh). Will she ever out grow them?  Apparently every hour they come out with a new one she has to have!  (Smile).  But when for yourself, did you really start taking music totally seriously instead of well, just girly stuff?  Then again, maybe boys like Beanies too, but I`m just curious.    

Alexa:  Your daughter sounds adorable!  I must admit, I did go through the Beanie Baby phase.  (Laugh).  I began taking music seriously when I was about thirteen.  Before that, I always sang and wrote down lyrics.  However, I did not begin the process of creating my CD until I was thirteen.

Chase Von:  Thanks Alexa, I was just thinking we were going to have to add another room on the house and probably start claiming these little creatures on income taxes.  (Smile).  Thanks so much for sharing yourself with our readers and you are truly the definition of INSPIRING! 

I`m wishing you mountains of more success and also you and yours, all things good!  I`m certainly also looking forward to hearing about even more wonderful things I know you`re going to accomplish!  PS, when you`re on Oprah, tell her I said READ MY BOOKS!  Heh, heh Seriously, I`m laughing but I`m ah, serious.  (Smile).

Alexa:  Thank you so much for this opportunity!  I really appreciate that you are helping me spread my message to the world.  I can`t wait to have the opportunity to talk to Oprah.  I don`t know how it will happen, but the how is not important.  The will is what leads us where we are meant to be.  Being on Oprah would be the greatest gift in the world.  When it happens, I can`t wait to share the experience with you and all of the readers.  Remember, live to inspire.

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