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Published:September 21st, 2010 14:39 EST

Jerusalem Zoo Erects Barrier To Protect Visitors From Stone-Throwing Chimps

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A barrier is being built at a Jerusalem zoo to prevent stone-throwing chimps from hitting visitors, officials said.

The new reinforced glass barrier will surround the chimpanzee exhibit at Jerusalem`s Tisch Family Zoological Gardens, zoo director Shai Doron told reporters.


`Chimps know how to throw forehand, but can`t throw overhand, like a baseball. So usually the rocks they throw have a big arc and people have time to escape,` he said. - UPI

If a bunch of people were in a display in a zoo and chimps were laughing at their antics and taking videos they could post on ChimpTube, the humans would also resort to throwing stones.

It would be embarrassing to be stoned by a chimp, but it`s even more embarrassing to be hit with dung by a chimp. I endured decades of psychological torment when on a 3rd grade field trip to the San Francisco Zoo, a cruel chimp threw a piece of crap that landed on my head.

I reckon that in Jerusalem it`s terrorist bombs, and not stones that most worry Israelis. The violence-weary Israelis can put up with a little bit of monkey business.

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