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Published:December 10th, 2009 14:40 EST
Madonna Terrorizes GMTV Studio

Madonna Terrorizes GMTV Studio

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Madonna, who came to the GMTV studio for an interview during her recent trip to London, objected to anything that was not in line with her liking.

`We knew Madonna was tough, but had no idea she was this exacting. We had had specifications on lighting and camera angles before she arrived,` the Mirror quoted a TV source as saying.

The source said, `But she took one look at the chair and complained it was the wrong colour.`

The hitmaker then fussed over the red lighting." Read More

I can understand Madonna requesting that the lighting and camera angles be set according to her specifications, because even with all her plastic surgery The Material Hag looks like a wrinkled old lady if she`s captured from the wrong angle.

But Madonna took her diva behavior a bit too far by insisting that the air conditioning be turned off since it could affect her vocal chords. The ageing pop star was in the studio for an interview, and not to perform. Who cares if her voice sounded a bit too rough for the interview?

Complaining that the chair was the wrong color is just Madge`s way of showing that she`s in charge, and the little people have to bend to her will.

As long as the green room is stocked with adult diapers, Madonna shouldn`t complain about anything.

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