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Published:September 14th, 2010 19:55 EST

OMG! UFO Shuts Down Another Chinese Airport!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Here we go again. Just months after an unidentified object temporarily shut down an airport in China, another UFO briefly halted operations at a different Chinese airport.

According to initial sketchy reports in  and the People`s Daily Online, the UFO forced the Baotou airport in China`s Inner Mongolia province to prevent three planes from landing for almost an hour Saturday night."


A few decades ago the Chinese would have blamed aircraft piloted by Capitalist Running Dogs for the airport shutdown. At one time the Chinese blamed everything from earthquakes to failing crops on the American government.

The Chinese bureaucracy is more open now, and airport officials were willing to admit that an aircraft of unknown origin was responsible for the temporary shutdown at the airport.

If Chinese officials ever declare that an extraterrestrial craft interfered with traffic at the airport that would truly be a historic development. If  UFO`s of extraterrestrial origin exist, I doubt that Western nations would release that information to the general public.

Kudos to the Chinese airport officials for admitting they don`t have a clue who or what interfered with airport operations.

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