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Published:January 16th, 2010 23:01 EST
Boxing Number One Contender, Stacey (stayLo) Riele!

Chase Von and Female Boxer on the Rise! Stacey, (stayLo) Louise Reile! The Fighting Angel!

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Chase Von:  Hello Stacey and on behalf of the Student Operated Press and myself, thanks so much for taking the time out your busy schedule to do this interview.  I know you have multiple plates spinning in the air between boxing, your work as a Massage Therapist, as a Physical Fitness trainer and just life in general as we all do, but in particular to your world, regarding a situation in your family. 

If you`re willing, we`ll touch on that a bit later, but again, thanks for fitting this in so our readers can learn more about you!


Stacey:  My pleasure.




Chase Von:  Normally in the beginning of an interview, I`ll ask people to share what kind of childhood they had.  What it was like for them growing up and where, if there was anything in particular that stands out from their younger years etc.  So I`m asking you that now but in addition to that, I have to throw this one in because in my reading up on you, and perhaps I missed it but---What are you?  Meaning your nationality? 

I don`t say that in a rude way mind you because you`re gorgeous and are often compared to the Academy Award winning actress Sophia Loren!

But I`m not sure what race you are or if you`re a mixture of races like myself, though I`m thinking there is some kind of a connection for you with Hawaii also.  Which I`ve also been mistaken for, so can you just share the things you want to share on those topics?


Stacey:  I guess what you`re saying is that I have sort of an `exotic` look to me.  When I`m around Latinos, they think I`m Puerto Rican.  It`s all good, but I have 100% Italian blood.  My family comes from Italy, but I was born in New York.  When my grandfather became mayor of Herkimer, New York, he changed the spelling of our name from `Reale` to `Reile` for political reasons, so people get confused as to my nationality.


Chase Von:  (Smile).  So now not only myself but our readers know as well! 

You as our readers can tell, are amazingly easy on the eyes!  From things I`ve read you also had anger issues and boxing has turned out to be the perfect therapy for you.   I know you were a middle child and that alone can cause issues which having read your feelings on it, also made me rethink how I should fairly treat my daughter who is my middle child. 

But I`ve also interviewed what I view as some of the most beautiful women in the world to include Kimberly Prendez, Darcy Donavan, Barbara Evans, Debra Garrett, Jenny McShane, Alina Smith, Kiara Hunter, Shawn Richardz, Audrey Michelle, Jamie McCall, Joan Baker, Kitty (Kitania) Kavey, Vanessa Jay, Leah DeVon, and I`m not even trying to mention them all but most recently I`ve interviewed, Hollie (Hot Stuff) Dunaway and she too is amazingly lovely as well!

Beauty shows itself in many ways mind you but what I`m really getting at is I know a lot of women that men obviously consider beautiful.  But I also know that women are just as likely to get jealous and pick fights with women that are attractive, especially in the younger years or when they start getting interested in boys.

So being attractive can be both a blessing and a curse.  Did you ever have to fight because of your looks?  It might sound like a silly question to most men, but I know someone named Angela Meryl that is a stunt woman, heavily into martial arts and also an actress who is no doubt lovely and that`s one of the reasons she gives if you ask her as to why she`s so tough if she has to be.

This is a link to Angela`s page:




Stacey:  I think that is the reason I don`t have any girlfriends. I don`t really like girls at all, they`re mean.  I`m a man`s woman. Coming from New York, I don`t think that`s a silly question.  I used to be afraid to go to clubs or to the mall because girls used to single me out and try to gang up on me.  A couple of times, girls tried to cut me with razor blades.  I narrowly escaped with pulled hair and slices on my clothes.  It was ugly.  I`m glad that those days are over.  That reminds me of how much I love Miami Beach!


Chase Von:  Speaking of tough, you have a professional boxing record of: 10 wins " 1 loss " 4 Kos " and 0 draws so that`s with only one blemish and that was your controversial loss to Ina Menzer of Germany!

You`re also the number one ranked contender in the Feather Weight Division in the WIBF and the number one ranked contender in the GBU! 

So in other words, the one ranked first in those two boxing associations is Ina Menzer and you have lost only to her in a controversial bout where you didn`t have your actual corner and were hit after the bell rang, which ruptured your inner ear!

I know when we first started communicating you said it was a learning experience, it was in the past ect but then I found the video`s and saw exactly what you were talking about being hit after the bell and how it looked like you got robbed! 

Hollie has gotten robbed a few times herself which is in our interview as well but any way, you got knocked down and got right back up and said you could have continued.

I hope we can agree to disagree on this one Stacey, but I don`t think you should have.  I do however think, if you had your actual corner, they would have noticed the blood coming from your ear and had it looked at by the ring side doctor. 

From that point as with all fights when something happens and someone is injured and can`t continue because of the injury, it should have went to the score cards.  And from my view you had won every round up until that point.

How important is it for a fighter in your view to have people they trust managing their corner after that experience?  And just to be clear, though I`m sure you believe you could have continued and perhaps could have, the way I see it, you could have also suffered permanent damage to your ear and that isn`t something I`d want to see happen to any boxer just because of a possibly inexperienced corner manager.


Stacey:  It is very important to have people you trust in your corner.  Money makes people do crazy things (especially when they want to date you and you won`t give them the time of day!)  (BUT I WON`T MENTION ANY NAMES). I`ve learned that you can`t go into a world class situation with Mickey Mouse for your corner man.  But it`s OK, Karma will get him.


Chase Von:  I also know though you`re the number one ranked contender you`ve had difficulty getting fights because people have gone out their way to avoid you or only given you fights they didn`t think you`d win, but on the real--- How badly do you want another shot at her?

Two, with you being the number one contender, isn`t that supposed to be who she defends against any way?

And lastly, since you went to fight in her back yard, if that does take place, shouldn`t it take place in your own?  Or if that isn`t the case, in a neutral location for your both?


Stacey:  I want a rematch pretty badly!  I should be the one Menzer defends against, but she`s too scared!  Her lip was quivering at the weigh in. She ran around the ring and wouldn`t punch with me.  That`s why she was aiming for my ear, she couldn`t hurt me otherwise.  They did everything to distract me from the fight while I was in Germany and it worked because I didn`t even have a trainer.  In America, it would be a different story.  If she fought in America, she would have quite a few losses on her record by now.  Esther Schouten just dominated her in their rematch and Menzer was given the decision. You can see the match on YouTube. She clearly lost that fight.


Chase Von:  I feel you there Lady, and now I want to switch gears because I can also feel how angry that makes you and I don`t want to get popped in the eye or something.  (Smile).

Since meeting you the horrible disaster in Haiti has taken place.  Sadly enough, things like that bring out the best in people that really want to help but it also brings out people that prey upon the kind hearted and what I heard on a radio station today makes a lot of sense.

I.e., be pro active, contact the major legit organizations and do a little research to make sure what your giving is going to where it is meant to go.  I`m not rolling in dead presidents but I plan to give something myself, but I was also thinking, because as someone with PTSD I don`t often sleep well so I do a lot of reading and a lot of thinking and try and make that thinking about the things that are positive.

Stay with me StayLo. (Smile).  Not trying to be long winded on you but I thought about this.  And if this hasn`t been thought about, just like with Hollie who said I think outside the box, copy righted by Stacey Reile and Chase Von on 15 Jan 2010.  (Heh, Heh).

What if--- A female boxing calendar was made and the proceeds or a portion of was donated to the people of Haiti?

I`ve always thought Mia St. John was a beauty when first I learned of her but the more I think about it, having learned of you, Sarah (Thrilla From Manila) Goodson, Hollie (Hot Stuff) Dunaway, Ana (The Hurricane) Julaton, Krisztina (Baby) Belinszky, Melissa (Huracan) Hernandez, and a host of others, I thought not only would it be something men with an eye for beauty (and raw power) would enjoy but also, something that could help people that are actually fighting to return if possible to a normal existence although from what I know, it`s been bad there any way but talk about from bad to worse!

Another thought came to me as well so this too falls under our copy right date if it hasn`t been done yet or thought of--- (Smile).

As mentioned above, I`ve interviewed Kiara Hunter who is also the creator of Hunter Girl, a comic book she has hopes will also turn into a video game.  She also might include me as one of the characters but you`ll have to read our interview to see if I`m making that up.  (Heh, Heh).

But why isn`t there a female boxing video game?  Maybe I`m wrong, but I know there are female boxing games per say, but I mean with actual real name professional female fighters? 

Because if there is one I didn`t find it in a Google search and you would perhaps be getting a check if there was one with you in it as well right?

And if someone made one, with all the females that are in the game presently and I`m amazed at how far women`s boxing has come, wouldn`t they love it as well if in order to use their likeness, they were paid like I imagine all the others in Boxing videos, or Football videos or Mixed Martial Arts videos which they have now or so I would imagine they are?  Also, if they (Should they make a game for actual women fighters), gave a portion of that payment for disaster relief and not only for this one in Haiti, but for future disaster relief as well where ever it might occur?

OK, done now.  (Smile).  Your thoughts?


Stacey:  I have a client on Star Island in Miami who was talking about making me a calendar. Another client mentioned me making a workout video. A couple years ago, a friend of mine also told me that he nominated me for a video game of female fighters.  Now that you mention it, I`m like "Hey, whatever happened to that idea?" I`m wondering maybe he just told me that to stay on my top friends list on myspace.  Just kidding M.J. (lol). My heart goes out to the people of Haiti.  It`s so sad, I have a friend that is an Olympic boxer they call `Haiti.`  I just saw him the other day.  I would gladly donate a portion of the proceeds to help the people of Haiti.  I actually donated some already.




Chase Von:   You have done a lot of amazing things in your life Stacey!  Not only are you the number one contender, but you`re also the first woman boxer ever to appear on the popular Nine5Four The Magazine`s cover!  I`ve also seen you pictured with Pro Wrestling Legend, Hulk Hogan, Heavyweight Champion David D. Haye aka the Hayemaker, Anderson `Spider` Silva, the UFC Champion, Living legend Angelo Dunde, UFC Heavy Weight Champion Minotauro Nogueira, Daniel Valverde, the World Jiu Jitsu Champion, up and coming Angelo Santos,   as well as John `Action` Jackson, whose also making quite a name for himself in the ring!

But in your business you are also or have been the massage therapist for a host of celebrities such as Calvin Klein, Queen Latifah, Russell Simmons, and Al Roker.  You`re also a sought after model as well and have made two appearances on the popular reality show Miami Ink! 

You are also Miss Hawaiian Tropic 1st Place Winner; Miss Fitness South Florida 2nd Place Winner; and the 2000 Florida State Golden Gloves Champion!

There was also another main stream show you were going to be a competitor on that if I understand correctly, hasn`t aired yet but you were also considered (Too Good) to be on it because of your athletic prowess!  What was the name of that one again?  And I know you have had fighters avoid you but what is it like to be considered (Too Exceptional) to be on a television show about competitors?  Bitter or Sweet or what?   


UFC Champion Anderson (Spider) Silva and Stacey, (stayLo) Riele.


Stacey:  It is bittersweet.  I am too good for my own good.  Boxing is political, but women`s boxing is especially political.  No one wants their girl to get hurt.  You can`t blame them.  It`s a lose/lose situation.  They can`t hurt me.  I`m too strong.  Plus, I don`t have a manager to pay them enough to get in the ring with me, so I work with the scraps I am given.  I`m comfortable with the path that my life is taking.  I am being carried to my destiny.  I have 3 great careers to fall back on and doors keep opening.  I know God has a plan for me and I just sit back and enjoy the ride.


Chase Von:  You`re also ambidextrous!  How does being able to use both hands equally help you with not only boxing but with other things in life?  Also do you think it is by chance or some divine balance that you not only use your hands to hurt, but also to heal?


Stacey: I can knock `em out, either hand, with one punch.  I write with my left hand, but I box right handed.  Like Oscar de La Hoya.  My left hand is a fine precision instrument.  Double or triple left hooks and jabs, they all land clean and hard.  I was drawn to boxing and massage therapy for a reason. I used to suffer from severe anxiety and anger and because of these things I have gotten a lot better. I know that, it brings me to a very centered and focused place.  Divine balance is exactly what it is. But not by chance, it`s all part of God`s plan.


Chase Von:  What are some of your favorite meals Stacey and do you have to give up eating those often to make weight or are you just someone with an amazing metabolism?


Stacey:  I eat whatever I want, whenever I want it.  I love pasta (of course), Cuban food, Japanese, Thai... I love it all.  I can take my weight up to 140 pounds and back down to 120 within a couple of weeks.  I used to do a lot of weightlifting and was on a bodybuilder`s diet.  I have it down to a science.


Chase Von:  What would you say if you were standing before a microphone that could be heard by every child on the planet, and regardless of what language they spoke, they would understand you? What positive advice would you give the children, if that were possible?


Stacey:  I would say `You are special and somebody cares about you.`  No one ever told me that until I was 18 years old.  I was living with my grandmother and she told me that one day.  It was like something clicked inside of me since then.  I always knew I was different, but coming from where I came from, I thought I was different in a bad way.  Every child needs to know that they are special in some way and that someone believes in them.


Chase Von:  Who are some of the people you look up to and admire and not just in the boxing world, but in life in general?


Stacey:  I look up to my friend Ron Scarfone.  Sometimes, it`s hard for me to express myself with words in writing.  He makes sure that he lets the public know the truth about my boxing career and he doesn`t miss a beat!  He has filmed my training and sparring videos and helped me to put my fight videos in a format that would be compatible for YouTube, so my fans can thank him for that.  He also helps me outside of boxing by giving me advice and talks to me about life and what he has learned over the years, so it is not that he just helps me with boxing.  He still believed in me and my abilities after the fight with Menzer when it was such a difficult time for me with all the negative comments and articles written on the Internet about the fight from a slanted and biased point of view.  He knew it was just a matter of time before I would come back stronger than ever. 


Chase Von: Normally I ask people how important is family to them, and what is your take on the state of our current world but I think we`ve already addressed a big enough issue with Haiti as far as the world is concerned, so I`m going be a bit more specific here.

I know your mother has been fighting a lung disease and how deeply that affects you.  But how has dealing with her condition possibly changed you? 

And has that made you even more inspired because I know one of your dreams is to bring her your championship belt(s).  Also I know everyone everywhere is suffering to some degree with our current economical situation here in the states. 

Is that to your knowledge also having an effect on the Boxing World?  Might seem like a stupid question but there are many places that are shutting down for good, and I would think that might mean there are less places that are willing or able or even there to put on such events.


Stacey:  My whole life, family was always very important to me, but it seems they are not very important to each other. Hence the reason I moved away from New York to Miami 10 years ago. They are still up there fighting with each other to this day even while my mother is so very ill.  Unfortunately, my mother`s illness (the `C` word, I don`t even like to say it) has also spread from her lungs through her lymph nodes and to her brain.  It has rekindled the flame and hunger inside of me.  It is anger in its rawest form, more anger than I have ever had before.  It`s like a nightmare I can`t wake up from.  I pray every day that God heals her body, just wipes it clean.  It`s so sad.  I`m fighting mad and I feel sorry for my next opponent.   


Of course, the economy has a huge effect on how many boxing events they are putting on,  but after talking about my mother, that seems so unimportant.   I think that people still will spend money on boxing, but are probably going to be more selective about the events they choose to attend.  Besides that, mixed martial arts shows are also taking business away from boxing, at least in South Florida which is where I live.


Chase Von:  What are some of the charitable causes you believe in or support or feel very strongly about?


Stacey:  I believe in Gerson Therapy because it is the natural way to cure cancer.  This is the cause I believe in because traditional medicine is killing people and doing more harm than good.  I wish my mom had that treatment, but insurance and Medicare will not cover it.  Doctors in America tend not to believe in it, but it should be done instead of chemotherapy.  Now, my mom is suffering and this all could have been avoided if she went to Mexico and to a Gerson clinic there, but she and I did not have the money to pay for it.  I hope that people all over the world are more aware of alternative medicine and therapy.  You can learn more about Gerson Cancer Treatment by going to 


Chase Von:  I asked Hollie Dunaway this as well, and that is, with your obvious good looks, do you think you will ever pursue acting?  Also, I can`t log on without seeing pictures of Jillian Michaels the fitness guru everywhere.  Not that I`m complaining because she looks fantastic!  But so do you and I think she also has some real competition from seeing photos of you! 

So I was also wondering if you are ever going to write a book or make videos of your own fitness programs for the general public?




Stacey:  Actually my friend Ron and I discussed writing a book about my life.  I know it would be a best seller.  I`ve also done a couple of reality shows.  I think I`d make a great actress because I`m so emotional and passionate.  I`ll be the next `Sophia Loren` like you guys say and I love that! 


And you`re the second person today that compared me to Jillian Michaels or whatever her name is.  Put her in the ring with me and see if you remember her name when I`m done. 


Chase Von:  Whoa stayLo!  Let me get off that subject!  (Smile).  What are your various web pages or other places where our readers can learn more about you?


Stacey:  I am at stayLo4real on myspace, face book and twitter.  I am stayLo1 on YouTube.


Chase Von:  Besides Ina Menzer, who would you really like to fight to prove yourself further and also, what is the next fight for you that is on the horizon?


Stacey:  I want to fight everyone or anyone, especially if they have the belts around their waist which I DESERVE!  I think after my last performance, people are running scared but Marcela (La Tigresa`) Acuña, Esther Schouten and Ana (The Hurricane) Julaton would definitely be people I would love to fight!  Since Ina Menzer won`t and I want the ones that have the belts that belong to ME!

The way I see it Chase, there isn`t anyone out there that I need to
prove myself with
.  I`m the number one contender so right now I want the ones who have MY BELTS!


Chase Von:  Well Stacey stayLo (Smile), to be honest I could ask you questions for an eternity because you are truly a unique and complicated individual.  But I also know you have much to do so I truly want to thank you for sharing what you have of yourself with me and our readers here at the SOP.  Some of the people I`ve interviewed have sent me autographed pictures.  (Hint, Hint), (Smile).  But I do have one request if that`s not too much to ask.

For one of your future fights for intro music, could you have Sade`s new song Soldier of Love played?  After all, you are The Fighting Angel and my daughter loves that song and I think it would be perfect for that.   (This morning when I was taking her to school she said she really loved it, and when I said Sade has been making hits for years she asked me, who is he)?  (Smile).

I said she has a deep voice but she`s not a he.   I love Sade`s music!  I`m going to show her a CD cover or video on line later to clear that up for her,  (Smile). 

In closing for now, wishing you continued success and I figure real soon or perhaps even the next time I hear from you, I`ll be calling you Champ!

So One Love and thanks so much again and do say hi every now and then when time permits and I do hope all goes well with your Mom and do know, she`s added to my many prayers.


Stacey:  I saw that Sade had a new song out, but I haven`t heard it yet.  Something about the title "Soldier of Love" did catch my eye and I always liked her music.  It`s ironic really that you mention it to me now because, for some reason, it did stand out in my mind.  I`m going to go listen to it and I`ll let you know what I think.  I`ll bet your daughter has good taste in music, judging by her highly intelligent father! 


Thanks again man.

One Love <3


The Fighting Angel




Stacey `stayLo` Reile vs. LaKeysha `The Total Package` Williams

In the event video doesn`t work, the link is:

Stacey `stayLo` Reile vs. Yessenia de Jesus

In the event video doesn`t work, the link is: