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Published:August 23rd, 2010 12:25 EST
Video:Man Mistaken for Muslim Harassed at NY Anti-Mosque Rally

Video:Man Mistaken for Muslim Harassed at NY Anti-Mosque Rally

By SOP newswire2

An African-American man who was mistakenly thought to be Muslim was harassed at an anti-mosque rally yesterday in New York City. A crowd shouting "no mosque here" confronted the man and called him a "coward." The man is led away by rally organizers while one man shouts "Muhammad is a p*g." One person shouted "he must have voted for Obama." When some rally participants seek to defuse the confrontation, one man says, "we`re against the Muslims, not each other."

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By Glenn Greenwald,, 8/23/10

Opponents of the Park51 Islamic community center held a rally yesterday in Lower Manhattan, and a 4-minute video, posted below, reveals the true sentiments behind this campaign. It has little to do with The Hallowed Ground of the World Trade Center -- that`s just the pretext -- and everything to do with hatred of Muslims. I dislike the tactic of singling out one or two objectionable people or signs at a march or rally in order to disparage the event itself. That`s not what this video is. Rather, it shows the collective sentiment of those gathered, as well as what`s driving the broader national backlash against mosques and Muslims.

The episode in the video begins when, as John Cole put it, "some black guy made the mistake of looking Muslimish and was harassed and nearly assaulted by the collection of lily white mouth-breathers at the event . . . At about 25 seconds in, he quite astutely points out to the crowd that `All y`all dumb motherfuckers don`t even know my opinion on shit`." As this African-American citizen (whom the videographer claims is a union carpenter who works at Ground Zero) is instructed to leave by what appears to be some sort of security or law enforcement official, the crowd proceeds to yell: "he musta voted for Obama," "Mohammed`s a pig," and other assorted charming anti-mosque slogans. I really encourage everyone to watch this to see the toxicity this campaign has unleashed:

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