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What Do You Use To Help Your Body?

Review of Jewel Kats' book for children showing how a young girl Maggie explores the world of disabilities.

SOP newswireWhat Do You Use To Help Your Body? - Review of Jewel Kats' book for children showing how a young girl Maggie explores the world of disabilities.
SOP newswireTeddy Bear Princess by Jewel Kats - Teddy Bear Princess by Jewel Kats gives a great first lesson in the value of friendship and sharing for toddlers.
SOP newswireJewel Kats to Sign Books at World`s Biggest Bookstore in Toronto - Award-Winning author of empowering books for children Jewel Kats will sign books at World`s Biggest Bookstore in Toronto on August 31st.
SOP newswire2Who is the Longest Married Couple in Canada? - Search Begins for the Longest Married Couple in Canada
Anne Laszlo HowardThe Right School Can Provide Multiple Acting Gigs for Students and Open Doors - The right acting academy can make all of the difference between a floundering and a booming acting career. The Toronto Acting Academy for Television and Film's
Anne Laszlo HowardHenkaa's Sakura Mini Convertible Dress Makes Runway Debut at America's Next Top Model Live - new convertible fashion line now available. Made in Canada with love.
SOP newswire2Canada's Economic Decade - For quite some time, Canada has played David to the US's goliath. However, the recent economic crisis is causing the roles to change as Canada becomes an economic safe haven.
Ernest DempseySPCA Denies Reports of Euthanasia Plans for Faith - The pit bull named Faith was never going to be euthanized and was in no danger of dying, says the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Canada.
Anne Laszlo HowardGreen Party of Canada: "May in Your House" Television Special Presentation - On May 1, the Green Party of Canada presents its vision to Canadian voters with the world premiere of the half-hour television show: "May in Your House."
W. C. HewittWhat's with Dalton McGuinty? - The Liberal juggernaut in Ontario continues to make all sensible taxpayers shake their down trodden heads.
SOP newswire2Canada: What's In Store: Coffee, Baby Talk And Tips For Moms - Retracing her initial steps, Slonim says, "There weren't many second-hand clothing stores in the west-end so we (mothers) were travelling long
Anne Laszlo HowardWebVixxen Says Creativity Is the Key to a Well-Designed Website, Not High Cost - Small business solutions bring great design and branding for start-ups
SOP newswire2Meals With Love The Brainchild of Amita Pande - The lower level meeting room near the gymnasium was abuzz with activity at the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) in Mississauga, Ontario.
SOP newswire2Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Lalita Krishna Tells a Great Story - Telling positive stories that help change the world comes easily to award-winning documentary filmmaker, Lalita Krishna.
SOP newswire2Canadian Credit Card Market: Tough Sledding - The events of the past year have significantly unsettled the credit card market in Canada. The level of competition for customer accounts has been increased
SOP newswire2A Sleek Hijab On The Sports Field - "The whole idea was to assist the practice of sports rather than religion. And that is why it does not look like a `hijab`."
Anne Laszlo HowardSnow Day Games Releases Charity Casual Game Fly Vs. Car - Snow Day Games, a new game development studio based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, today announced that its original
Garrett GodwinSean Jones Opening the Scotiabank Photography Festival - WIDEawake Entertainment Group artist Sean Jones will be opening the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival inside the Nocturne
W. C. HewittSpring is in the air - It`s a sign of spring when the first robin arrives the temperatures become bearable and the liberal sham goes back into full force.
SOP newswire2The Adventure Junkie - It's that time of year when most Canadians head for warmer destinations. Ontario-born Meagan Mcgrath too is travelling south, but not before braving the climate in Antarctica, the coldest and windiest continent on Earth.
SOP newswire2The Swine Flu Vaccine Distributed in Canada May be Lethal - 172. OOO doses of swine flu vaccine distributed within Canada seems to be contaminated and may trigger lethal allergic reactions. The producer GlaxoSmithKline has called back the vaccine to re-test it
SOP newswire2Divorce and its Aftermath - Guneet Saini (name changed) is fair, petite and has been fighting a divorce battle for the last two years. She was married to her husband for six years during
W. C. HewittCanadian Politics, Ya Gotta Love It. - How can you not find humor in the scale of Canadian politics? Let`s face the facts. Having endured twelve years
Christopher HIllenbrandToronto Man Tried to Send Nuclear Technology to Iran - A Toronto man was charged by a Canadian court for attempting to illicitly send nuclear devices to Iran after U.S. authorities relayed the information to Canadian police.
Askin Ozcan (Mentor)Memories of Montreal - In 1974 summer, as a fresh graduate of the University of Toronto, School of Architecture, I moved to Montreal, to attend a French course for six weeks.
SOP newswire2Canada to Lead the World in Prayer - What is said to be 'one of the largest prayer meetings in Canadian history', TheCRY, is set to take place in the
SOP newswireU.S. Report On Strategic Importance of Canada to United States - Washington -- Canada has become the most important trading partner of the United States, accounting for almost 20 percent of all U.S. trade,
SOP newswire2Canadian Broadcasting Standards As Bad As The U.S.'s - A veteran open-line radio host in Ottawa contravened Canadian broadcasting standards when he made abusive and discriminatory " remarks against Muslims, the national broadcast watchdog ruled Friday.
Anne Laszlo HowardToronto`s Newlyweds to Win Back their Day Dream Wedding - It`s Payback Time - Two Toronto Babylon Productions Wedding`s Clients in Greater Toronto Area to Win Complete Refund of Purchased Wedding Package
Darren LaMontagneDarren LaMontagne Joins The SOP - This poem was always extremely personal to me. In fact, up until this point, only a small select group of people has ever read it. The reason I decided to share this now is, to perhaps, make a difference in someone's life.
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