Thorough explanation of masturbator for men!Introducing how to choose and precautions

For men

If you are a healthy man, you certainly masturbate with a difference in frequency.

It is the masturbation tool that can make such masturbation more special and more pleasant.

We will be covering topics regarding masturbation device such as “What is the purpose of masturbation in the first place?”, how to choose a masturbator, and types of masturbators.

If you have questions like; what kind of masturbation device do you want to use for masturbation?

“What kind of masturbation device is there? and “How to choose a masturbator?

Then read this article and prepare for masturbation intervention.

What is a masturbator?

A masturbation sex toy is a masturbation sex toy made for men and is an elaborate replica of a woman’s vagina, mouth or anus.

When you insert your penis into a sex toy, you can feel as if you are actually inserting it into a real woman’s vagina, mouth or anus.

Not only is it made, but it is also made of a material that has a texture similar to real human skin.

The masturbators are mainly made of silicone and elastomers, and these materials replicate the unique hand-absorbing softness of the masturbator.

The masturbator can look like a smaller version of a woman’s body, or just the lower half of a woman’s body, or it can look like a juice can.

Many people say they feel better than an actual woman’s vagina in use.

Masturbating with a masturbator can provide a special kind of masturbation that cannot be experienced with ordinary hands.

The technology for making masturbators has evolved over the years, and the masturbators themselves have become more durable.

It used to be that masturbators were ripped right away after being washed, but that doesn’t happen very often with today’s masturbators.

But that’s not the case with masturbators nowadays.

The strong ones can be used more than 100 times, so it’s very cost-effective.

Also, since masturbators themselves have a strong adult image, they were not able to be purchased openly, but nowadays they are being given as gifts for Valentine’s Day or displayed at department store events, and the status of masturbators is rising.

The purpose of masturbators

Masturbators are used to provide a higher quality of masturbation.

If you’re a man, masturbation is quite familiar to you, and if you’re like most people, you probably do it almost every day.

It’s very healthy in itself and there’s nothing wrong with it.

I think it is pleasant enough to masturbate by hand normally, but don’t you want to experience other sensations by masturbating once in a while?

It is very attractive to be able to experience the sensations of being close to a real woman, or a woman’s anus or mouth, through masturbation.

The masturbator is a product that gives you that “different feeling”.

Also, even if you have a partner who has sex with you, you sometimes want to hold a different woman, right?

It would be best if you could hold another woman at that moment, but that’s not always possible.

That’s where the masturbator comes in.

Masturbation is a sex toy that is an elaborate replica of a woman’s vagina, so you can experience the sensation of holding a different woman!

If you choose a slightly larger masturbator, it’s already perfect.

In this way, masturbation of high quality and the sensation of holding a different woman can be experienced with a masturbator.

How to use a masturbator

It is easy to use the masturbator. Just insert the penis with an erection into the insertion opening of the masturbator on which plenty of lotion is applied.

At this time, if it is a non-penetration type, it is necessary to remove the air in the masturbator.

By removing the air, a vacuum is created in the masturbator, and you can enjoy the sensation that it is being vacuumed.

Once the air is removed and the penis is inserted, all you have to do is stroke with the strength and speed you want.

Try slow and fast, change the strength of your grip and apply pressure, and enjoy it however you want.

The usual hand job masturbation can be turned into a higher quality masturbation by using masturbator.

Also, if you soak a lotion or masturbator in hot water to warm it up a bit, you can get closer to the temperature of human skin and experience a more realistic sensation.

If you don’t like the hinky sensation of sex toys, you’ll be more satisfied if you use them warmed up.

If you want to make your masturbator last longer, you should use a condom together.

If you ejaculate into the masturbator as it is, bacteria can easily grow and cause an unexpected infection the next time you use it.

Regardless of whether you wear a condom or not, be sure to wash your masturbator after use.

Keeping it clean will help prevent infections and will also help the masturbator itself last longer.

Kinds of masturbators

There are two main types of masturbators: the penetrating type and the non-penetrating type.

The through-penetration type masturbator is the one that goes through, and the other side of the tube is free.

In contrast, the through-and-through type is a masturbator of the type that the other side is not vacant.

The feature of the through-penetration type is that the price is comparatively cheap and the maintenance is easy.

However, on the other hand, the actual feeling of use is inferior to the non-penetrating type.

Because it penetrates and the other side is vacant, it cannot experience the sucking sensation like an actual vagina by all means.

Since the non-penetrating type is not penetrating, it is a little troublesome to clean it.

However, the feeling of use is excellent.

Because the penis hits the wall inside the masturbator when you stroke it, you can feel as if you are hitting the actual vaginal wall and the portio (opening of the womb).

There are two types of masturbators: disposable and reusable.

The disposable type has a sponge in the cup, and the lotion is soaked into the cup, so you don’t have to buy a separate lotion or wash it in water.

However, the feeling of use is not so realistic and since it is a one-time use, the cost performance is not so good in many cases.

In contrast, most masturbators that can be used repeatedly are made of silicone or elastomer, so they feel good and have excellent cost performance, but the initial purchase cost is high and maintenance is required.

Masturbators come in a variety of shapes.

Some are quite large with a human shape, some are quite large, some only replicate the lower half of a woman’s body, some only replicate the area around a woman’s mouth, and some are egg-shaped and don’t look like a masturbator at first glance.

The large ones are very realistic, but they are bulky and can be difficult to store.

The small ones are affordable and easy to store, but they may not be realistic in some cases.

If you have several of them and use them in different situations or in different moods, you will be able to masturbate more satisfactorily.

Blow Job Toys

Blowjob toys are a great blowjob type masturbator for those who like being sucked rather than to insert.

They are elaborately reproduced from a woman’s lips to the back of her throat, and some have parts that resemble teeth embedded in them to give them a sense of realism.

These teeth rub slightly when the penis is inserted, giving you the sensation that you are being sucked by a real woman.

There are some that recreate only the mouth area and some that recreate the entire head of a woman, and the ones that recreate the head are perfectly made, complete with ears, nose and throat.

The head version has ears, nose and throat, and the head version is perfectly made.

Some of them also have parts that resemble tongues and move irregularly every time you insert your penis.

I’m sure many men like to recieve blowjobs, but I can’t say that it’s too much to ask your partner’s woman to do it for you.

There are also times when your partner may not be in the mood and won’t be able to handle the blowjob.

But with this blowjob toy, you can use it in any way you want because it’s a sex toy. You can enjoy your ideal blowjob.


The Fleshlight series is one of the most well-known masturbators in the masturbation industry.

It comes in a large flashlight shaped case and can be used with or without the case attached.

The feel of the case is pretty mellow and the all-encompassing sensation should only be experienced with the Fleshlights.

The material that is close to human skin is used, and the feeling of being wrapped around the penis is addictive.

There is an air hole on the handle side, and the function to make the power of the vacuum stronger by letting air out of the masturbator is attached, so the secret of the best seller is that people who like strong stimulation can use it all around. In addition to the standard vaginal, anal, and oral products, some of them are made in partnership with famous porn stars, making this series a popular one among fans.

The Fleshlights Vagina is characterized by its mellow feel, the Fleshlights ST (Super Tight) and UT (Ultra Tight) are tight and comfortable to use, the exciting WW (Wonder Wave) is characterized by its wavy folds inside, and the icy cold look Fleshlights Ice” of “Fleshlights Ice”, “Fleshlights STU (Stamina Training Unit)” to reduce the stimulation to the penis and improve premature ejaculation, “Fleshlights Flight” which is considerably smaller in size, and many other variations.

That’s why many people, once they buy Fleshlights, want to buy other types of Fleshlights as well.

Fleshlights beginners may want to try the standard “Fleshlights Vagina” first.

Handheld Masturbators

A handheld masturbator is a hand-held, stroked masturbator.

They are the most popular of all masturbators and have a relatively inexpensive price tag.

There are quite a few different types of masturbators in this handheld type alone, and they come in a variety of designs that look like a smaller version of a woman’s body, or a small case that looks like a hair wax.

Many of the types are small and camouflaged in appearance, so they are so popular that beginners to masturbators will usually start with these handhelds as a challenge.

You can actually hold it in your own hand and stroke it, so you can use it as an added bonus to your regular masturbation.

There are two types of hand-held masturbators: the disposable type and the repeated use type, the penetration type and the non-penetration type.

It is easy to adjust the pleasure to the extent that the pressure can be changed by oneself though the feeling of use is as told at the beginning in both cases.

Hands Free Masturbators

Hands-free masturbators are the type of masturbators that do not use both hands and are fixed to the floor or glued to a wall or table.

You can feel as if you are actually having sex with a real woman.

Most hands-free masturbators are over 1kg in weight and are expensive. However, they are very comfortable to use.

If you’re looking for more reality in masturbation, hands-free masturbation is the way to go.

Most hands-free masturbators are large, but some are in the small to medium class, weighing around 500 grams.

Hands-free masturbators in this class usually have suction cups and are glued to the wall or floor.

If you want to use a small masturbator but want to use it hands-free, this is the hands-free masturbator for you.

If you want to use a hands-free masturbator, you should choose this adhesive type hands-free masturbator.

There are various types of hands-free masturbators such as vaginal type, mouth type (blow job type) and anal type.

There are also hands-free masturbators that can be electrically stimulated, and you can enjoy more comfortable masturbation if you choose that type.

Penis Enhancement Toys

If you have a problem with your penis, such as “small penis” or “short penis…” then penis enhancement toys are a great option.

Penis enhancement toys include penis pumps and penis pullers.

These do not use drugs or surgery to make your penis bigger, but rather a physical stretching technique to enhance it.

In particular, the towing machine is one that has been proven to ‘actually work’ in a study conducted by research scientists in Turin, Italy.(Check the reference)

The specific way to use it is to attach the penis to the special device and keep it towed and stretched.

You will need to wear it for four to six hours a day, so you may want to wear it at night when you are sleeping.

By continuing in this state, they have succeeded in elongating an average of 1.8 cm, 2.3 cm at normal, and 1.7 cm at erection. It’s a bit like straightening your teeth in that it requires patience.

Indian dick stretcher
Rs 3400

It is simpler to use than the Dick Stretcher, but on the other hand, you need to be careful how you use it because it can cause edema as a side effect.A penis pump inserts the penis into a tube that is vacuumed and enlarges the penis by creating a vacuum.

Another option, which is different from radical enhancement, is to use a penis sleeve or cock ring.

A penis sleeve is like a thick cover that is attached to the penis.

By wearing this sleeve, it is possible to make it physically larger.

The penis sleeve is a useful item for sex rather than for use in masturbation.

Cock rings increase the size of the penis by making it congested, but this one can be used for both masturbation and sex.

Since the stimulation received from the masturbator is reduced physically, it can counteract premature ejaculation and allow you to enjoy masturbation for a longer period of time, and in the case of a foreskin, the ring can be used to fix the foreskin in place while it is removed, allowing you to receive the pleasure of the masturbator more strongly.

If you have trouble masturbating with a foreskin, I recommend using a cock ring.

Electric Masturbator

Electric masturbators are the type of masturbators that are moved and stimulated by electricity.

Some people may not like the hand-held masturbators because they feel like they are doing it by themselves.

For those people, this electric masturbator is a good choice.

The electric masturbator performs movements that you can’t create with your own hands, and the movements of a woman, so it’s definitely more exciting.

They are a bit pricey, but they will provide you with more value than that.

When you insert your penis into the electric masturbator, the hole area moves automatically, giving you the ‘feeling of being done by someone else’.

You can enjoy a variety of movements such as vibration, piston and rotation.

These movements can also give you a stronger sense of pleasure, as you may not be able to do them with a real woman.

I would highly recommend this product to people who are no longer satisfied with a regular masturbator.

There are various types of power sources, such as battery-operated, plug-in, and rechargeable.

The only thing is that it’s electric, so it makes a certain amount of noise when it vibrates, so you need to choose where to use it.

How to choose a masturbator

There are many different types of masturbators, but you can’t go wrong if you choose one based on the following three criteria.

  1. Choose a masturbator that’s not too expensive or too cheap at first.
  2. Choose one that is easy to clean.
  3.  Don’t choose anything too stimulating.

The quality of masturbators is evident in the price.

The lower the price, the lesser the build quality, and the more you like the feeling of pleasure.

If you buy one that is too expensive, your expectations may be too high and you may not get the performance you want.

However, if you choose something of a certain price point, you can’t go wrong first.

If you’re looking to introduce a masturbator, a price range of roughly $2,000 to $4,000 is reasonable.

Another important factor is that it is easy to clean.

If it’s a disposable product, you don’t need to care for it, but if it’s the type you use repeatedly, care is essential.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the durability of the masturbator changes with the ease of care.

If you choose a non-penetrating type, you can turn it over and wash it, or if you choose a penetrating type, we recommend that you choose the type that is very easy to wash.

There are some masturbators that have a lot of rough warts and folds on them, but these are not recommended as masturbators to use from the start.

These types of masturbators are very stimulating and can certainly give you a pleasant sensation, but if you use a strong stimulus from the start, it will gradually become insufficient and you will want something with stronger stimulation.

It’s best to start out with something that’s mild and comfortable.

Cautions for masturbators

Masturbator is a very good product when used properly, but there are a few things to keep in mind when using it.

  1.  Always use lotion in conjunction with masturbators.
  2. Clean up after use.
  3. Don’t use harsh masturbators on a regular basis.

First of all, the masturbator does not feel good at all when used without lotion.

The folds inside the masturbator will also just rub and hurt.

Therefore, it is necessary to use a lotion together.

It’s best to choose a special masturbation lotion if possible at this time.

Lotion made from oil may damage the masturbator, which is also made of oil-based material.

It’s also very important to clean the masturbator after use.

If it’s a disposable type, you may not need it, but if you don’t care for it properly, it can be ruined in an instant.

After use, clean it properly, dry it and wrap it in a non-woven or other cloth or store it in a special case.

Finally, it is recommended that you do not use a harsh type of masturbator on a regular basis.

If you continue to use a very harsh type of masturbator, you may experience vaginal ejaculation disorder, which is the inability to cum in the vagina when you have sex with a real woman.

Do not use a high-stimulation masturbator regularly, and use it only when it is “Today is the day!

You should not use a high stimulation type masturbator regularly, but only when you have to say “Today is the day!

Summary of masturbators

A masturbation device can make your regular masturbation experience more special and of a higher quality.

If hand masturbation is not enough for you, or if you want to try a new kind of pleasure, I highly recommend using a masturbator.

There are no side effects or risks when used properly. Please feel free to use masturbators.