What is a massager? Introducing types, selection methods, and usage

For women

Originally, the Magic-wand vibrator and the massage machine were sold as a home massage machine used for the back and the shoulder, etc.

as the name suggests.

However, nowadays, they have been gaining popularity as a sex toy.

I will be answering common questions such as; “Why is Magic-wand vibrator popular as a sex toy?”, “What happens when you use Magic-wand vibrator as a sex toy?”, and “How does it feel best to use Magic-wand vibrator as a sex toy?”

If you are interested in Magic-wand vibrator or if you have never heard of Magic-wand vibrator before, please read this article to the end.

What is Magic-wand vibrator and massage machine?

Magic-wand vibrator” is famous as a handy massage machine.

Originally, it is an electrical appliance that has nothing to do with adults, and it is also used to treat back pain and stiffness in the shoulder.

However, the situation in which Magic-wand vibrator was used in a pornographic video etc.

comes to be often seen, and there may be many people who have the recognition that Magic-wand vibrator = sex toy.

It has been used in a different way than it should be, without the intention of the seller.

Magic-wand vibrator and the massage machine vibrate by the motor built in the main body rotating, and give a stimulus.

The rotation speed goes up to 10,000 times per minute.

The biggest difference between the vibrator and the Magic-wand vibrator or the massage machine is the strength of the vibration though the sex toy that vibrates by the motor rotating in the same way has a vibrator besides.

You can feel much stronger vibrations in a Magic-wand vibrator or massage machine that was originally made for massage than in a vibrator.

Therefore, Magic-wand vibrator and massage machines are often made larger than vibrators.

Because they are larger, they can stimulate a wider range of areas, which makes it easier to stimulate the sexually sensitive areas.

Since the stimulation area is wide, it is relatively easy to make a woman come off relatively easily even if you are not confident in your technique.

The Purpose of Magic-wand vibrators and Massage Machines

The original purpose of a Magic-wand vibrator or massage machine is, as I mentioned earlier, ‘to relieve stiff shoulders and back pain’ and ‘to treat’.

However, the purpose of the Magic-wand vibrator and the massage machine as a sex toy is ‘to receive stimulation by masturbation’ and ‘to give stronger stimulation than the hand and the mouth by caressing’.”

The Magic-wand vibrator is so popular among sex toys that it is said “there is no woman who does not like the Magic-wand vibrator”, and has established its status with increasing variations.

Magic-wand vibrator was created to treat women’s hysteria!?

As an aside, the Magic-wand vibrator has been used in the past as a ‘device to treat female hysteria’.

Historian of technology Rachel Maines, in her book The Technology of Orgasm,[15] has argued that the development of the vibrator in the late 19th century was in large part due to the requirements of doctors for an easier way to perform genital massage on women, often to ‘hysterical paroxysm’ (orgasm), which was historically a treatment for the once common medical diagnosis of female hysteria. Maines writes that this treatment had been recommended since classical antiquity in Europe, including in the Hippocratic corpus and by Galen, and continued to be used into the medieval and modern periods,[16] but was not seen as sexual by physicians due to the absence of penetration,[17] and was viewed by them as a difficult and tedious task.[18] Maines writes that the first use of the vibrator at the Salpêtrière was on hysterical women, but notes that Joseph Mortimer Granville denied that he had, or ever would have, used his invention for this purpose;[13] additionally, Maines states that the true use of these medical vibrators, and the vibrators marketed for home use in the early 20th century, was not openly stated, but proceeded under ‘social camouflage’.[19]

In the West, women were perceived as having no sex drive until the turn of the 20th century, and it was medically believed that they did not feel any pleasure during sex.

But women also have a sex drive.

Nowadays, it’s well known that women have a sex drive too, but in the days when this was not understood, the frustration caused by a woman’s buildup of sexual desire was treated as hysteria and a disease.

This is where Magic-wand vibrator comes in.

The idea is to relieve a woman’s sex drive with the stimulation of the Magic-wand vibrator (the same way it is used now, by applying it to the female genitals to stimulate them and make them feel orgasmic) and to cure the hysteria.

This was done by doctors as a medical procedure.

When you feel an orgasm with the Magic-wand vibrator, you feel refreshed, and so you are “cured of hysteria”.

In the first half of the twentieth century, women who were able to relieve their sexual desires by themselves no longer had to visit a doctor for hysteria, as Magic-wand vibrator was available for home use.

The Magic-wand vibrator has been a machine for women to have orgasms for such a long time.

Kinds of Magic-wand vibrators and Massage Machines

There are various types of Magic-wand vibrator and massage machines that have attachments that can be attached to the head part (the part to stimulate), the one that can be used cordlessly, and the one that has an angle in the shape of a “ku”, etc.

Although the general structure is the same, there are various types of Magic-wand vibrator.

The word “Magic-wand vibrator” may conjure up images of kokeshi dolls, but in fact, that’s not the only thing that comes to mind.

Especially, Magic-wand vibrator and massage machines made as sex toys are often made with a stylish design that does not look like a sex toy at a glance.

The size varies from a small one that is just right for one hand to one that is a little too much for one hand to hold.

Basically, the larger the motor, the stronger the stimulation.

How to Choose a Magic-wand vibrator or Massage Machine

You should choose a Magic-wand vibrator or massage machine with the following three points in mind.

  1. Cordless if you want to carry it around
  2. Select by function you want to use
  3. If possible, use a waterproof one

Depending on the purpose of use, if you want to take your Magic-wand vibrator or massage machine with you and use it wherever you are, it is definitely more convenient to choose a cordless type of Magic-wand vibrator.

Not all Magic-wand vibrators and massagers are designed to be used for sex or masturbation, so the cord can be quite short if they are plugged in.

It is a disgrace if there is not an outlet when you try to have sex with your partner and use the Magic-wand vibrator.

On the other hand, if you use it only in a fixed place at home, there is no problem in the outlet type.

As for the Magic-wand vibrator and the massage machine, there is the one equipped with not only the vibration but also various functions. Some have more than 20 kinds of vibration patterns, and the head part is flexible and easy to apply to the place you want to stimulate.

Some are designed to be cute and feminine. You should buy one according to the situation and purpose you want to use it for.

You should look at the reviews of buyers.

These are the words of people who have actually purchased and used the product, so they are quite reliable.

Also, if possible, choose one that is waterproof.

A Magic-wand vibrator or massage machine can get dirty while you are using it.

In such cases, it is easier to clean them if they can be washed in their entirety. Therefore, it is better to choose the waterproof type if possible.

However, the price of the waterproof type tends to be higher.

Minimamini white
Minimamini white
Rs 1514

For example, this is a lifestyle waterproof Magic-wand vibrator.

Life waterproofing means that it’s waterproof enough to be ‘safe as long as you don’t intentionally submerge it in water or pour water on it’.

It’s compact, easy to hold and cordless, so you can use it anywhere. It’s not too expensive and performs just fine.

How to use a Magic-wand vibrator or massage machine

Magic-wand vibrators and massage machines are sex toys that can be used by both men and women.

You don’t need any technique and you can easily have an orgasm.

They can also be used for both sex and masturbation.

Magic-wand vibrators and massagers are used by placing them gently on the genitals or sexual area.

Compared to a vibrator, the motor is stronger and the stimulation is very strong, so the only choice is to use it “gently”.

Especially when you stimulate a woman’s clitoris or nipples, it is best to put a piece of cloth between them, such as over your clothes or underwear.

If you want to apply it directly to the clitoris or other parts of the body, a vibrator is a good choice.

If you want to apply it directly to the clitoris during sex, do not press it against the clitoris, but apply it really gently.

Watch your partner and if he or she is in pain, stop immediately.

Gently applying or not applying, such a small movement is quite pleasant.

When you get used to the stimulation of Magic-wand vibrator and the massage machine, it is recommended to change the strength of the stimulation and to enjoy it.

More Comfortable! How to use the Magic-wand vibrator

If you want to use it in a slightly different way, you can also apply the Magic-wand vibrator while the woman is standing.

If you’re going to use the Magic-wand vibrator for masturbation, try applying the Magic-wand vibrator to yourself in a standing position.

Women are more likely to have an orgasm when their legs are stretched out and on pins and needles.

If you find it difficult to feel your partner’s woman orgasm, you can try this approach.

Also, many of the Magic-wand vibrators sold for sex toys have special attachments in the same line.

The special attachment makes it easier to stimulate the sexual area and increases the pleasure, so it is a good idea to have it.

The Magic-wand vibrator is a sex toy that can be used differently depending on the situation, and it is a cost-effective sex toy.

Fairy mini vibrator
Fairy mini vibrator
Rs 4565

This is the Fairy mini vibrator, a Magic-wand vibrator that is made as a sex toy and is popular for its durability and excellent value for money.

Magic-wand vibrator and massage machine notes

When using a Magic-wand vibrator or massage machine, pay attention to the following three points.

  1. Avoid overuse
  2. Do not expose it to the same place for a long time
  3. Try to keep it clean

Since a Magic-wand vibrator and a massage machine have strong stimulation, if you use it too much, you can feel an orgasm only with the stimulation (especially women).

Since a man rarely uses a Magic-wand vibrator for the purpose of masturbation, I told you that it is a woman this time, but be careful because even a man can only be satisfied with it when he concentrates on the glans and performs special masturbation such as applying a Magic-wand vibrator to the glans.

It is recommended to use it when “This is the moment! It is recommended to use it at the time of “This is the moment!

Moreover, it is not good to apply a Magic-wand vibrator and a massage machine to the same place for a long time.

Again, it causes the inflammation of the tissue of the muscle and the skin, etc.

to keep applying the stimulus continuously because of the goods that are strong stimulus.

Don’t forget to keep your Magic-wand vibrator or massage machine clean.

Magic-wand vibrator and massage machines are easily soiled because they are sometimes applied directly to the genitals.

A dirty Magic-wand vibrator or massage machine may cause bacteria to grow and cause inflammation.

It is advisable to use a special cleaner or disinfecting wipes to wipe them off after each use, or to rinse them lightly.

Summary of Magic-wand vibrator and Massage Machines

A Magic-wand vibrator or massage machine can lead you to orgasm without any particular technique, even if you have never used a sex toy before.

This makes them a good choice to have as a first sex toy.

Many of them don’t look like sex toys either, so they are safe even for those who have roommates.

Proper libido relief is a necessity for both men and women. Why not pick up a Magic-wand vibrator and enjoy the pleasure of it?