What is sex lubricant?Explain the difference and usage of each ingredient


The word “sex toy” may seem like a hurdle to overcome, but lotion is actually one of the most familiar sex toys.

Many of you may have used lotions to prevent sexual pain.

Actually, there are various kinds of lotions, and you can enjoy masturbation and sex more by changing them for different situations and purposes.

In this article, we explain thoroughly the types of lotions, the purpose of use, and how to use them.

If you’ve read to the end, you’re a lotion master too!

What are lotions?

Lotion is a lubricant used during sex and masturbation.

It is used during sex or when using a sex toy to prevent damage to the vagina or anus.

You may think of lotions as being used for penetration during sex, but that’s not actually the case.

Lotions are used for a variety of purposes: they can be used for massage, for lotion play, and even for oral sex.

You can also dissolve the lotion in a tub of hot water and enjoy the feel of it with your partner.

Lotion is typically made mainly of sodium polyacrylate (a polymer that is also used in diapers and sanitary products) and is very cheap compared to other materials.

For this reason, this is the type of product used in leisure hotels.

There are various other types such as glycerin-based ones, silicon and oil-based ones, and water-soluble ones that can be easily washed away.

It is necessary to choose according to the purpose of use. Some of them are made for oral sex, such as “edible lotions”.

They are made of water candy, honey and maple syrup, so they are perfect for those who have a sweet tooth.

They are made for a variety of reasons, not just to make sex smoother.

The Purpose of Lotion

The purpose of the lotion is mainly to relieve painful intercourse during sex, to lubricate anal play, and for men to use the masturbator.

Other flavored lotions can also be used to reduce the strain during oral sex.

Although the main purpose of these lotions is to relieve friction, they can also ease the pain of intercourse and reduce the burden of oral sex, making sex more enjoyable and improving your relationship with your partner.

It is common, even among healthy people, for the vagina to produce insufficient lubrication. Artificial lubricant replaces the natural vaginal secretions, making the vagina feel more moist and reducing any discomfort resulting from vaginal dryness.

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How to use lotion

The lotion is easy to use!

Just take a small amount in your hand when you use it and apply it to the area you want to alleviate the friction.

If you want to use it on your masturbation, you can put it directly into your masturbator.

You can also use it for caressing as well as for sex penetration.

You can also put a lot of lotion on your hands and apply it to your partner’s body and massage it into your partner’s body.

If the lotion dries up while you’re using it, you can of course add more lotion, and you can also add water or hot water to revive the viscosity of the lotion.

If it is a maniacal use, you can soak a cloth such as a towel or gauze in the lotion when you masturbate, and masturbate with it…there is also a method to use it.

By soaking the cloth in lotion, a unique sensation is created, and by touching the nipples and genitals with it, it gives a different kind of pleasant sensation than a finger or vibrator.

If a woman feels painful intercourse during sex but does not feel comfortable telling her partner and wants to use a lube, there is a pre-filled vaginal lubricant that can be used.

This type of lotion looks like natural vaginal fluid, so it’s easy to use even if you don’t want to suggest to your partner to use it.

Finally, when you’re done playing with the lotion and it’s time to wash it off, you may have a hard time getting it off.

If that’s the case, you can rub a little salt into it and then rinse it off so it flows easily.

If you use it in the bath water, you can dissolve a little salt in the same way and you won’t have to worry about it clogging the drain.

Types of Lotion

There are various types of lotions.

Popular lotions are mainly made of sodium polyacrylate, which is a polymer used for diapers and sanitary products.

Other types include those based on glycerin, those based on oil, and those based on silicone.

In addition to the different ingredients, there are various lotions that have a scent, a warming effect, a cooling effect, sweet flavors and tastes, and lotions that can be used up in small portions.

These lotions are usually changed depending on the purpose of use. For example, if it’s cold in the winter or if you’re using a sex toy, a lotion with a warming effect is recommended.

If you’re going to have oral sex, it will be more exciting if it has a sweet flavor or taste to it.

If you don’t use the lotions that often, you can buy them in small packages.

Some lotions are made in powdered form by adding your own water to the lotion.

You can even make your own flavored lotions with flavored drinks and other ingredients.

Use different lotions for different situations and frequencies.

Multipurpose type

Multi-purpose lotions are those that can be used for both vaginal and anal use.

Usually, vaginal and anal lotions have different ingredients, but you can use them both if you choose the multipurpose type.

There are many types of lotions, so it can be hard to decide which one to use for the first time.

In such a case, you can’t go wrong by buying this multi-purpose lotion.

If you’re making your debut in lotion, I would definitely recommend these multipurpose types.

Anal Lubes

Anal stand lube is specially designed for use with anal sex and anal sex toys, and is made to last for a long time with a high viscosity.

It’s made mainly of silicone and oil, so it can be used in bathrooms and other watery areas without any problems.

If you’re going to use anal lotions, I would recommend using anal lotions.

For example, if you use glycerin-based lotions, it may cause stomach irritation because the anal area is connected to the rectum.

However, it varies from person to person, so some people don’t have an upset stomach even if they use lotions that mainly contain glycerin.

Also, sodium polyacrylic acid-based lotions are not suitable for anal use.

Polyacrylic acid is a polymer used for diapers and sanitary products, but it can bind with water in the anal area and make it dry instead.

So, if you’re going to buy an anal lube, it’s best to choose a silicone or oil-based lube that’s specially designed for anal use.

Flavoured Lubes

Flavor stand lubricant is a lotion that has a scent and taste to it. It is mainly used for oral sex.

They come in a variety of flavors, including fruit scents such as strawberry and grape, chocolate, mint and maple syrup, and some are made with completely food-based ingredients called ‘edible lotions’.

Who doesn’t like the distinctive smell of lube or the rubber smell of condoms during oral sex?

Flavor-stand lube can help alleviate those complaints. Normally, lotions are not designed to be put in your mouth.

As a result, lotions other than flavor stand lube are not sweet or bitter…in fact, they are often bitter.

So when you use a flavor stand lube, you can focus on oral sex without worrying about the bitter taste or smell.

Flavor-stand lube also eliminates the smell of your genitals.

If you’re sexually stuck in a rut or want to try something new! I would highly recommend this lube!

Lubes for lady

Lubricant for women is a lube used for pain relief during sex penetration and when using sex toys.

Women may still feel pain during sex depending on their condition, but this is usually the pain of friction felt by inserting a lack of secretion.

Lubricants for women can alleviate that pain.

If a woman is going to use it in the vagina, she should choose a lube that is mainly made of water-soluble ingredients such as glycerin.

Many lotions that are mainly made of sodium polyacrylate are polymers that have a high water-holding capacity, so they take water from the vagina and make it easier to dry out.

Another problem is that they adhere to the vagina and are difficult to remove.

On that point, if the lotion is made mainly of water-soluble ingredients, it won’t take water away from the vagina while using it,

and it is safe because it is discharged properly after use.

In order to find out which lotion is for women (used by women during sex), it’s safe to say that if it’s labeled as ‘lubricating jelly’, it’s specially made for women.

Incidentally, lotions made for women may contain beauty ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, so there are even lotions that allow you to take care of your skin while using them.

Lubes for Men

Lubricants for men are used for gay men who insert themselves into the anus and for masturbation using a masturbator.

Similar to the anal lube mentioned above, oil or silicone lube should be chosen to keep its viscosity for a long time.

Avoid using oil-based lotions for masturbators.

Masturbators are made of silicones and elastomers, which are oil-based materials, and if you use them with oil-based lotions, the masturbator can melt and break.

Therefore, if you want to use them, it is better to choose a sodium polyacrylate lotion that is cost-effective and will not damage the masturbator.

Lubricant Applicators

The Lubricant Applicator is a special applicator for inserting lube deep into the vagina and anal area.

It is shaped like a syringe and is injected with the desired amount of lube.

By adding lotion in advance, you can enjoy playing with it while keeping its viscosity for a longer period of time during sex and masturbation.

You can also use the applicator as a substitute for an enema by filling it with water instead of lotion and injecting it from the anus.

Especially when you enjoy anal sex or anal sex toys, it is necessary to excrete stool as much as possible and keep it clean, so it is used in such a timing.

By the way, the applicator is usually used up once. For hygiene reasons, it’s best to avoid repeated use.

Silicone Lubes

Silicone stand lubricant is the most popular lotion in India that is made mainly of silicone material.

It is oil-based and water-repellent, so it can be used in bathrooms and other watery places.

Silicone is oil-based, so you can’t use it together with masturbators or condoms, which are also made of oil (if you use them together, masturbators or condoms may be damaged).

Lotion made from silicone can keep its viscosity for a long time, so it’s best for anal sex or anal sex toys.

How to choose a lotion

There are three points to pay attention to when choosing a lotion!

  1. Select by purpose of use
  2.  Choose by the features of the lotion, such as flavoured or thermal effect
  3. Select by safety

After all, when choosing a lube, we recommend that you choose it for different purposes.

Do you want to use it as a lubricant during normal sex, or do you want to use it for anal sex or anal sex toys, or do you want to massage your partner or do lotion play, or do you want to use it in the masturbation hole when a man masturbates, or do you want to use it for oral sex?

Ka…There are so many variations when it comes to using lotions in one word.

If you want to use it as a lubricant for normal sex, you can choose the lotion for women that I mentioned earlier, or if you want to use it for anal, it’s a special anal lotion.

If you want to use it for lotion play or masturbation, you can use a lotion that is mainly made of sodium polyacrylate, which has an attractive thread.

If you’re going to use it for oral sex, we recommend using one made of ingredients like glycerin, which is safe to put in your mouth.

Also, some lotions have different scents and effects, so you can choose the one that best suits your situation and mood.

For example, if you’re using it in the winter and it’s cold, you can choose a lotion that has a warming effect, and if you’re getting into a sex rut, you can choose a flavored lotion that will give you a good stimulation.

Finally, you can’t ignore the safety of the lotion. Lotions come in direct contact with the body and mucous membranes and can be put in your mouth.

Therefore, it is most important that they are made of materials that are safe for the human body.

However, lotion itself is made with that in mind, so there are almost no products that you have to worry about in terms of safety.

However, it is recommended to check the ingredient list to at least understand what kind of material it is made of and what side effects it may cause.

Things to look out for

There are a few things to keep in mind when using the lotion.

  1.  Pay attention to the expiration date!
  2. If your skin is sensitive, test it by applying a small amount beforehand
  3.  Be careful not to use oil-based lotions with condoms

In fact, lotions also have an expiration date. It is natural since it is applied to the body, enters the mouth or touches the mucous membranes, but the safety of lotions that have expired cannot be guaranteed.

Most lotions have a use-by date of about two to three years after purchase, but once opened, you should use it up within six months.

It’s also important to be careful not to let your hands, fingers, or genitals directly touch the mouth of the lotion bottle or tube when using it.

If you have weak skin, you need to put a small amount on the soft inside of your skin beforehand to check for roughness when using the lotion.

Lotions are made of materials that are safe to apply to the skin, but in some cases, if the materials used are incompatible with your skin, it can cause skin irritation.

Also, oil-based lotions cannot be used with condoms.

Condoms are made of latex or other rubber materials, but rubber materials are very sensitive to oil. Contact with oil can damage condoms and cause them to puncture or even tear.

The combination of lotions used is important to enjoy the proper effects of condoms.

Lotion Summary

Lotion is familiar and easy to introduce sex toy. In fact, there are various types, and you can enjoy more fulfilling sex and masturbation by changing what you use for each purpose.

Each material has a different feel, so it’s recommended to try to find the one you like.

Just be careful about using oil-based lotions with condoms and masturbators! The same goes for silicone-based dildos and vibrators.

Be sure to take a look at the different lotions and find one of your favorites.