Really pleasant male masturbation and how to do it!

For men

Are you in a rut with your daily masturbation routine?

I’m going to show you five ways men masturbate that you might not expect!

Why not enjoy the wisdom of our forefathers and open the door to new pleasures?

This article is recommended for the following people

  • Those who are tired of masturbating every day.
  • I want to know a new way to masturbate.
  • Self-masturbation does not feel so good.

If you have any of the above problems, this article will help you to solve them.

Please stay with us until the end.

Do you want more variety in your masturbation?

Masturbation is an essential act in relieving men’s physiological needs.

Many will do it not just once a day, but many times a day.

Many people are particular about everything from choosing a side dish to situations.

But when you masturbate in the same way every day,

don’t you sometimes want to try other masturbation methods?

Men who are curious and loyal to their desires will be especially prone to this.

Variation in masturbation can be very useful for actual sex as well,

as it allows you to develop new sexual areas and reaffirm your habits and situations that feel good.

5 really good masturbations that feel really good

So without further ado, let’s take a look at five types of masturbation that can really make you feel good!

Some of the masturbation techniques I’m about to show you involve the use of goods.

The person who has never masturbated with a thing may have some resistance, but please don’t worry because I will explain how to do it and cautions in detail.

The common head job masturbation is omitted in this article as “usual masturbation”.

Masturbators and masturbation

Have you ever used Masturbators for masturbation, a Masturbator is a male masturbator that is an elaborate recreation of a woman’s vagina, anus and mouth.

With one hand.
There are a variety of variations, from cylindrical ones that you can hold to larger ones that are similar in size to an actual woman.

In Europe and America, flashlight-type masturbators called “head” are very popular.

The charm of masturbation with Masturbators is, to say the least, “the degree of adhesion and the feeling that cannot be reproduced with one’s own fingers”.

Companies have made every effort to make it resemble a woman’s vagina or anus, but in reality it is much more than that.

This is why people who are addicted to masturbating with Masturbators may not be able to orgasm when having sex with an actual woman…

Be careful not to overuse them.

How to masturbate with Masturbators

The masturbation method with Masturbators is simple: just fill the Masturbators’ hole with plenty of lube, insert your erect penis and stroke it at your desired speed.

Naturally, Masturbators don’t produce any secretions, so be sure to use lotion at the same time.

If you don’t use the lotion, it may not only not feel good, but it could damage your penis.

Also, be careful about the material of the lotion you use; Masturbators are usually made of a silicone like material called elastomer.

This material gives them a unique tactile sensation similar to that of human skin, but this elastomer is made from an oil-based material.

What happens when you combine the oil-based Masturbators with a lotion that is also derived from oil…it melts. Melts?

You’d think. It melts. It doesn’t dissolve every time, but you don’t want your Masturbators that you bought to dissolve and become unusable.

Be sure to use a lotion that is mainly sodium polyacrylate or mainly glycerin.

Recommended goods for masturbation with Masturbators

Masturbators can be categorized into two types, disposable and reusable, but I will introduce the reusable type which is more cost-effective.

Basically, the repeated use type is better material and the pleasure is greater.

Please challenge the introduction of the first time by the repeated use type.

Rs 13720

Head is a very popular Masturbators in Europe and the United States that I mentioned earlier.

They are made of a proprietary material and are popular because they feel very close to a real woman’s vagina.

The price is high, but the quality is certified. In some cases,you can use them more than 100 times if you take good care of them.

It is a quality that I am convinced that it keeps its popularity for a long time.

By the way, the generic of head is recommended to the person who “is interested in head, but the price is too high…”

Vaginal Male Masturbator
Rs 3482

This product is not a legitimate head, but it is famous for its very high satisfaction rating despite being only 1/3 of the price of a legitimate head.

The shape and feel of the generic is very similar to the regular one, but the noticeable difference is the scent.

The regular fleshlight has infinitely less of an elastomeric smell, while the generic has a slight oil smell.

However, this won’t bother you if you don’t mind it.

When masturbating with Masturbators

When you masturbate with Masturbators, pay attention to the following three points.

  • Do not overuse Masturbators.
  • Keep Masturbators clean.

The first thing to do is not to overuse Masturbators; many Masturbators are highly stimulating and are tighter than the actual vagina of a woman.

Therefore, if you continue to use them at a high frequency, you will be less likely to have an orgasm during actual sex.

Therefore, it is recommended to use Masturbators to spice up your masturbation routine.

Be sure to wash your Masturbators after use and keep them clean. (Repeated use only. You don’t need to wash the disposable ones.)

Masturbators are often complexly made, so when you insert your penis, it’s easy for semen, lotion, and skin to rub off and remain on the penis.

Therefore, if you don’t clean them immediately after use, bacteria can grow and cause unexpected infections.

Prostate Stimulation Masturbation

The next step is prostate stimulation masturbation.

Have you ever heard of the prostate, an organ that exists only in men?

It is a walnut-sized organ that surrounds the urethra.

The prostate is an important place that is responsible for making and protecting sperm.

Such a prostate gland can actually become a very large orgasmic sexual area depending on its development.

The orgasm a man feels in his prostate is called a dry orgasm.

Dry orgasms are called dry orgasms, and dry orgasms do not involve ejaculation, while wet orgasms are called wet orgasms.

Dry orgasm does not have a refractory period (post-cum clarity), so you can have as many orgasms as you like.

This is why it is also known as the male G-spot.

The prostate can be touched indirectly through the rectum.

You can insert a finger or toy through the anal passage and it is located about 5 to 10 cm from the anal entrance.

If you want to touch it yourself with your finger, it is located on the belly, about the middle finger inserted to the second joint.

It’s very difficult to find it, although it feels like a heart shape smashed up a little bit when you touch it.

So it may be difficult to find it at first.

How to Masturbate with Prostate Stimulation

As for how to masturbate to stimulate the prostate to orgasm, it is essential to develop the prostate first.

I mentioned earlier that it’s not an organ that can feel orgasms from the start.

The development of the prostate is done by touching the prostate for an extended period of time, which will help you to feel orgasms.

This makes it a little difficult to do with your fingers.

First, use an anal plug to dilate your anus and develop your prostate.

Once you can feel an orgasm in your prostate, you can then feel pleasure wherever you are as long as your prostate is stimulated.

Some people have dry orgasms with an anal plug inserted while they are out and about.

Prostatic stimulation masturbation notes

When masturbating for prostate stimulation, keep the following three things in mind

  • Be careful with anal development.
  • I’m not in a hurry to develop my prostate.
  • No blanks for anal dilation.

Most people who are just starting out with prostate stimulation masturbation will probably start with anal development.

Therefore, anal development should be done with caution.

Anal is an organ made up of muscles called the anal sphincter.

As such, it is made to contract and close when something (stool) is not passing through it.

In order for the muscle to stretch, it needs to spread slowly over time.

What happens if you try to widen the anus in a hurry is that it tears.

It’s called a fissure, and it can make your anus useless. If that happens, you’re going to have to take care of a colostomy, no matter what age you are.

Be careful if you have a short temper.

Also, don’t be in a hurry to develop your prostate in the same way.

It’s not an organ that is inherently pleasurable, so stimulating it at first won’t feel good at all.

The time it takes to develop varies from person to person, with some people taking a few weeks for the quickest, and others taking months for the longest.

If you take your time and don’t rush into it, you’ll have a pleasant sensation you’ve never felt before.

Finally, it’s also important to avoid a blank period for anal dilation.

I told you that anal is made of muscle, but even if you’ve dilated it, it will return to its original size if you wait too long.

Therefore, it is important to regain your anal size with an anal plug at least every two to three days after anal dilation.

Recommended goods for prostate stimulation masturbation

Once your anus has been fully developed by the anal plug, you can use prostate stimulation products to develop your orgasm.

They are designed to stimulate the prostate gland just right, so prostate development will go more smoothly.

The two most popular prostate stimulation masturbation products are as follows

Analyzer Rosso
Analyzer Rosso
Rs 3530

↑The Analizer Rosso up is one of the most popular prostate stimulation toys.

It has the function of a butt plug, so it’s perfect for beginners of prostate development who can also use it for anal dilation.

The vibrator is detachable, so you can use it without vibrating.

Rs 2942

↑The Labyrinth upstairs is another prostate sex toy that can be used with a vibrator attached, just like the Analyzer Rosso.

It’s made of high-quality medical-grade silicone material, so it’s gentle on the anal, and it also has a suction cup so it can be used hands-free.

The above two are two of the most popular products in anal development, so if you’re not sure what to choose for your first prostate toy!

This is especially recommended in the case of

head masturbation

Head masturbation is a method of masturbation that stimulates the head part of the penis and leads to wet orgasm.

4,000 nerves gather in the head, and it is very sensitive.

It is said that it is as sensitive as a woman’s clitoris.

Try stroking the head with the palm of your hand, or touching the head with your fingertips, and then releasing it.

It’s always better to use a lotion at this point. The smoother the touch, the easier it is to feel an orgasm; please remove the foreskin firmly to expose the head during head masturbation.

If you are worried about too much skin, use a cock ring to stop it.

By the way, did you know that a man can also squirt?

Male squirting occurs when a man has a wet orgasm and then continues to stimulate his head.

In general, male squirting is not particularly pleasurable, but for some people it is intensely pleasurable.

Recommended items for head masturbation

A vibrator is recommended for head masturbation.

You can stimulate it with your hands and fingers, and of course, try to apply the vibrator gently.

You can feel the sensation of a woman being attacked on her clitoris.

Classic Egg vibrators Black
Rs 700

If you want to use it for ↑head masturbation, this orthodox egg vibrator is recommended.

It’s easy to operate and it runs on batteries, so you don’t need to charge it.

When you receive it, you can put the batteries in and use it right away.

The price is also very affordable, so it’s great that it’s easy to get your hands on.

Head masturbation notes

Next, I’m going to tell you what to do when you masturbate your head.

head is a very sensitive area, so you need to be very careful when handling it.

If you scrub it in the dark, you’ll just feel the pain!

  • Don’t mess with the urethra area too much.
  • Try to be gentle with lotions.

If you tease the urethra area too much during head masturbation, germs may enter the area and cause urethritis.

Therefore, stimulation of the urethra should be moderate.

Also, be sure to use a lotion in conjunction with it and touch it gently.

It’s a sensitive organ, so it may be more difficult to keep touching it hard, but when you feel up to it, the pain will be gone and you’ll be tempted to stimulate it harder.

You will regret it furiously later.

Magic wand masturbation

The Magic wand is a large vibrator that vibrates faster and more powerfully than a vibrator.

Originally, Magic wand was sold as a home massage machine for relieving the lower back and back, but before long, it became a sex toy.

When a man masturbates with the Magic wand, he should start with his penis erect.

You should start from the inside of your thighs, lymph nodes and other places other than your penis.

The more you hurry, the more pleasure you get.

When you stimulate other parts of the penis, apply Magic wand gently to the back of the penis and the head part.

Try to find the place where you can easily feel your orgasm by touching and releasing the wand.

You can ejaculate at the same time as the head masturbation.

There is something indescribable about the pleasure of ejaculating without stroking your penis.

Recommended goods for Magic wand masturbation

The following goods are recommended for men to masturbate with Magic wand

Fairy Vibrator
Rs 2250

The Fairy Mini is the high street Magic wand in the Magic wand world.

It is a sex toy and the head part is flexible.

Therefore, you can caress your penis and nipples by yourself in a comfortable position.

Some people may be hesitant because it looks a bit cute, but if you want to choose it for its function, this is definitely the one for you.

It is recommended to buy it for sex with your partner and use it for masturbation.

Cautions for Magic wand masturbation

Then, it is a caution when you do Magic wand masturbation.

  • Do not hit the penis vertically.
  • Magic wand output starts from weak.

Magic wand should not be applied vertically, but rather with the side of the penis.

Vertical is difficult to apply and can cause too much stimulation and pain.

Therefore, it’s just fine to start with the side part to touch or not touch.

Also, start the Magic wand on the weakest power (the weakest one); the Magic wand has stronger vibrations than the vibrator, so if you start with strong vibrations, you may feel pain again.

Remember that the penis is quite a delicate organ than you think.

Floor masturbation

Next is floor masturbation.

Floor masturbation is the type of masturbation in which you feel an orgasm by rubbing your penis on the floor.

Floor masturbation does not need to use your hands, and you can get stronger stimulation than head job masturbation.

The method of floor masturbation is simple.

All you have to do is to lay a towel on the floor, lie down on it, and move your hips while rubbing your penis against the floor.

The more weight you put on the floor, the more stimulation you will get. Normally, when you masturbate, you need to start with an erection in your penis after you have increased your feelings, but floor masturbation does not require you to have an erection from the start, as you will gradually become erect as you rub it against the floor.

Of course, you can also start with an erection.

Since it is much more stimulating than normal masturbation, many people cannot go back to normal masturbation once they are awakened to the pleasure of floor masturbation.

Warnings about floor masturbation

Although floor masturbation is very stimulating and easy to feel pleasure, the danger of it is actually a concern in the medical field.

The reason for this is that it ‘makes it difficult to ejaculate in a woman’s vagina’. In fact, floor masturbation can cause vaginal ejaculation disorder due to too much stimulation if you make a mistake.

It can also cause psychogenic ED (erectile dysfunction) due to the vaginal ejaculation disorder. When masturbating on the floor, it is most important not to do it at a high frequency.

Also, pay attention to the hygiene of the floor and other areas that come in contact with your penis.

If you find trash on the floor, or if you masturbate on the floor in unsanitary conditions, germs may enter through minute scratches and cause an unexpected infection.

Creating an environment for floor masturbation is also very important.

For advanced users! Unusual type of masturbation

Followed by, “These five types aren’t enough!

“I’ve done this before!

Here are five different types of oddball masturbation for advanced masturbators who want to know what to do!

None of this is completely safe, and it’s all at your own risk.

You might just wake up to your new sexual habits and pleasure.

Self-sucking Masturbation

Self-fucking masturbation is a method of masturbation in which you give yourself a blowjob as the name suggests.

It is not possible to do it unless your body is considerably soft (the range of motion of the spine is wide) and the length of the penis itself is enough.

If you sit somewhere in a chair with your legs spread, you should be able to take your penis into your mouth easily.

For those of you who have never done it before, it’s like, “I can do that!

You may think that this is a good idea, but the truth is that there are quite a few people who do this self-sucking masturbation.

If you are confident in the softness of your body and the length of your penis, please give it a try.

Urinary tract masturbation

Urethral masturbation is masturbation that inserts a foreign object such as a long, thin stick into the urethra, and enjoys the feeling when the foreign object is put in and out.

Urethral masturbation, just hearing about it makes me feel pain.

Some of you who have been hospitalized may have inserted a urethral catheter perhaps?

I’ve never done it, but it’s probably similar to that feeling.

This urethral masturbation is one of the most popular masturbation methods for people who are addicted to it once they get into it.

It’s very exciting to have a foreign object visually inserted into your penis, and it seems to be irresistible to those who have an M nature.

It can also stimulate the prostate gland via the urethra, so those who have already developed a prostate can reach dry orgasm.

The feature of urethral masturbation is that you can enjoy the pleasure of urination at the same time.

If you are looking for a thorough stimulation, why not give it a try?

At first, a soft medical urinary catheter is recommended.

Masturbate to ejaculate from prostate stimulation alone

Masturbate to ejaculate from prostate stimulation alone is also a form of masturbation.

Masturbate to ejaculate from prostate stimulation alone is a method of masturbation in which a finger or a toy is inserted through the anus to stimulate the prostate gland and bring it to wet orgasm.

This is what it is called.

It is assumed that anal and prostate are already developed, but the situation that ejaculates unintentionally is also irresistible to the person of M temperament.

Homosexual masturbation

Next, it is hypnotic masturbation.

Hypnotic masturbation is the masturbation that does not touch the genitals at all to reach orgasm, and it is similar to dream semen. It is a sensation similar to a dream semen.

It causes an orgasm by suggesting to oneself only by the sound of a pornographic video or the sound of caressing.

Incidentally, some people who have developed a prostate can reach dry orgasm through hypnotic masturbation.

Masturbate with your legs extended

Masturbate with your legs extended is, as the name implies, masturbation that involves pinning your legs out and having an orgasm. Basically, both men and women are more likely to have an orgasm if they put more effort into their lower body muscles.

The risk of Masturbate with your legs extended is ‘vaginal ejaculation disorder’, which can be caused by Masturbate with your legs extended.

Masturbation, by nature, is dangerous for both men and women in certain situations.

If you don’t put yourself in that situation, it can be difficult to reach orgasm.

However, it’s not often that you have to be in a position where you have to pin your legs out for sex.

When that happens, it’s finally difficult to have normal sex.

Masturbate with your legs extended may need to be done only when you want to have a quick orgasm, for example.

Do you have a problem with masturbating too much?

Now that we’ve introduced you to a wide variety of masturbation options, many of you may be worried about how often you masturbate.

The following rumors about masturbation are prevalent in the world.

  • Too much masturbation will make you bald.
  • Too much masturbation makes you unattractive.
  • Too much masturbation causes skin problems (acne).
  • And so on….

Some people may have been swayed by these rumors.

However, there is actually nothing wrong with too much masturbation.

In fact, it can be expected to relieve stress and reduce the development of prostate cancer.

However, if you become a masturbation addict, it’s a different story.

There are situations in which a person has to masturbate to be able to stand still and think about masturbation.

If you fall into this kind of masturbation addiction, it is a problem because it will interfere with your daily life.

Too much masturbation is not harmful to your health, but it would be good if you can devise a frequency that does not interfere with your daily life.

“Don’t know where to start? Then start with Masturbators

‘With so many different types of masturbation, it’s hard to know where to start!

I’m sure you’re right, I know you are.

If you are, you should definitely start with Masturbators – Masturbators are the perfect sex toy for quick orgasms with no technique required. Even a novice sex toy user can use it easily and there’s very little that can go wrong with it compared to other goodies.


What did you think?

Have you found a method of masturbation that interests you?

Masturbation is a very attractive thing that can awaken you to new pleasures as the variations increase.

It can also be used for actual sex and to improve your technique.

However, if you don’t think about how often you masturbate, or if you don’t prepare carefully for masturbation, you could get injured, or there is a risk of infection in some masturbation.

Please consider the precautions we’ve given you and enjoy your masturbatory life!