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Only Half of Women Can Locate Vagina on Medical Diagram of Female Reproductive System

Half of 26 to 35-year-olds were unable to correctly identify a vagina on a medical diagram of the female reproductive system, a new survey has found.

Robert Paul ReyesOnly Half of Women Can Locate Vagina on Medical Diagram of Female Reproductive System - Half of 26 to 35-year-olds were unable to correctly identify a vagina on a medical diagram of the female reproductive system, a new survey has found.
Robert Paul ReyesInebriated Chinese Dude Gets Stuck in ATM Booth - A drunk Chinese man got wedged underneath an opening in a glass wall of an ATM.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Takes Dog to Bar, Loses Dog, Calls 911, Ends Up in Jail - A Jupiter woman took her dog to the bar, police said, and when she got drunk, the dog ran away.
Robert Paul ReyesStripper Mom of Missing Child Tells Cops: I Have to Get Up on Stage! - A 29-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday after police say she hung up on a deputy who was trying to find her missing daughter.
Robert Paul ReyesBulging Biceps Burglar Bums Booze, Bamboozles Bungling Cops - He`s a man with the bulging biceps. The Broward County Sheriff`s deputies said he`s stolen bottles of booze from six liquor stores across Florida two counties.
Robert Paul ReyesOMG! Dude's Testicals Bigger Than Basketballs! Weigh 100 Pounds! Video! - Be careful what you wish for, if your testicles are as small as peas; don`t pray for bigger balls, you might be stricken with scrotal lymphedema.
Robert Paul ReyesBritish Bloke Fakes Kidnapping to Enjoy Night Out Without Girlfriend! - A man in England was fined for wasting police time after telling his girlfriend he was kidnapped so he could stay at a party with his friends.
Robert Paul ReyesRare Blue Lobster Caught Off Maine Coast: Video - A blue lobster was caught off the coast of Maine over the weekend a 1-in-2 million find.
Robert Paul ReyesBomb Expert Called in to Defuse Plastic Toy Lightsaber - A plastic toy lightsaber discarded on a road in Alaska caused a bomb scare, prompting local police to dispatch a bomb expert.
Robert Paul Reyes$10,000 in Marijuana Seized from Virginia Man Named Stoner - A Virginia man whose last name is Stoner faces numerous drug charges after police seized over $10,000 in cannabis plants from his home.
Robert Paul ReyesLady Beats Man Bloody After He Farts on Her Face! - A South Carolina man's drunken flatulence earned him a swollen right eye after he allegedly passed gas on a woman's face.
Robert Paul ReyesIndian Boy with Hands Larger Than His Head: Video - Let`s give Kaleem a big hand for dealing with his unique condition with grace and patience.
Robert Paul ReyesThai Selfie Queen Posts More than 12,000 Selfies - It turns out that the Queen of Selfies isn`t Kim Kardashian or Lindsay Lohan, but a 40-year-old married woman from Thailand.
Robert Paul ReyesDid Woman Take Pic of Mysterious Cloud or UFO Mothership? Video! - According to New 10 Meteorologist Monica Woods what Barker witnessed was called a Sun Dog, a halo created when lights interact with ice crystals in the atmosphere.
Robert Paul ReyesSenior Stunned and Surprised by Stratospheric $315 Bill for Calling 911 - I strongly urge senior citizens who experience chest pains to call 911, if it turns out that you only have heartburn, don`t turn down a free ride to the hospital.
Robert Paul ReyesBaby Giraffe Kicks Woman in Head After She Climbs into Giraffe Exhibit - Amanda`s elevator may not go all the way to the top floor, or high enough to pat a giraffe on the head, but who cares, she`s gorgeous!
Robert Paul ReyesWorld's Most Pierced Man Rolf Buchholz Barred from Dubai: Video - The world`s most pierced man, Rolf Buchholz, has been denied entry into Dubai after he was due to make an appearance at a hotel nightclub.
Robert Paul ReyesMan Poses For New Mug Shot Wearing T-Shirt With Photo Of His Old Mug Shot - Only a clueless idiot, with no respect for the law or himself, would wear a t-shirt with a reproduction of a previous mug shot to a booking photo session.
Robert Paul ReyesDrug Bust! Lady With Cocaine Hidden in Breast Implants Arrested at Madrid Airport - If Charlie Sheen hooked up with this woman, would he have sex with her, or slice her breasts open and get high?
Robert Paul ReyesArizona Teacher Drunk as a Skunk at School: Video - Jardine teaches math, can you image trying to learn math from a teacher who is so drunk she doesn`t know a fraction from her rear end?
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Beats Bloody Hell out of Sister with Spatula! - West Virginia woman Stephanie Platt now faces serious charges after she attacked her sister with a grill spatula.
Robert Paul ReyesBeauty Contestant Busted for Work Comp Fraud Through YouTube Video - Palmer claimed that she couldn`t stand for more than a minute without enduring excruciating pain, but she had no problem strutting her stuff in heels in the beauty contest.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Calls Cops to Report Chicken Crossing a Road: Video - An Oregon resident called non-emergency dispatchers to report that there was a chicken crossing the road in Linnton and slowing traffic because it was taking too long to get to the other side.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Pummels Victim Over Too-Short Shorts - Alicia Rae Hanson, 25, took offense to the tiny bottoms worn by the girlfriend of an employee at a tree service company`s barbecue in June and sucker-punched and beat the woman.
Robert Paul ReyesRussian Train Passengers Finish Beer of Man Who Fell Off Train - Passengers of a Russian train finished the beer of man who fell off while trying to get fresh air during a trip from Moscow to the town of Petushki.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Stuck Inside Clothing Bin for 3 Hours - A Canadian man who was stuck inside of a clothing donation bin for about three hours apparently didn't have time to locate a pair of pants for himself.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Charged with DUI After Driving Tractor with Genitals Exposed! - At some point during the tractor trip, Elias Velez-Morales also allegedly urinated on himself and on his clothes. In a possible effort to dry out, he had his genitals exposed.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Arrested After Beating Cops in Donut-Eating Contest - It`s ill-advised to beat police officers at their own game; beating cops at a donut-eating contest is like beating politicians at a contest to determine who can sleep with the most bimbos in one night.
Robert Paul ReyesNaked Man Brandishing Leaf Blower Terrorizes Neighbors - A Massachusetts homeowner was arrested Monday for open and gross lewdness after passing motorists spotted him--leaf blower in hand--doing yard work in the nude, according to cops.
Robert Paul ReyesMan, 71, Arrested for Crips-Related Graffiti! Original Gangsta! - You have to give this old thug his props; from a cute baby in his diapers to a decrepit old man in his diapers he kept it gangsta.
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