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Dude Smokes Weed With Strangers, Gets Clothes Stolen

Dude you need to quit smoking weed, and stop hooking up with strangers.

Robert Paul ReyesDude Smokes Weed With Strangers, Gets Clothes Stolen - Dude you need to quit smoking weed, and stop hooking up with strangers.
Robert Paul ReyesCanadians are Turning Politicians on Their Money into Spock - RIP Spock!
Robert Paul ReyesDoes NASA Photo Depict Crashed UFO on Mars? Video! - An unusually shaped object seen in the otherwise deserted Martian skyline could be a crashed UFO, say some skywatchers.
Robert Paul ReyesBaby Born Encased in Amniotic Sac Becomes Viral Star: Video - Baby Silas is adorable, now that he has been freed from the amniotic sac! Congratulations to the mom on the birth of her gorgeous baby.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Dog Shovels Snow From Ice Rink - An Ontario man posted a video on YouTube depicting his pooch clearing snow from his backyard ice rink.
Robert Paul ReyesBathroom Explodes With Man Inside - A man who was thrown out of a Rhode Island bathroom by an explosion was able to walk away with only a bruised knee.
Robert Paul ReyesAPB for Queen Elsa Over Winter Storm! Burn the Frozen Witch! - Elsa, the icy heiress to the Arendelle throne, is wanted in Harlan, Ky., where police officers are fed up with wintry weather.
Robert Paul ReyesCan You Help Identify UFO Spotted Over Cornish Beach? - Daily dose of UFO tomfoolery!
Robert Paul ReyesAfrican Having Devil of a Time Removing Demonic Ring! - Funny how it`s only hapless individuals in hellholes in Africa and trailer parks in America who have problems removing demonic rings.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Plows Snow With Motorized Toilet: Video! - A Maryland man is clearing snow from Bethesda's sidewalks with a snowplow attached to an unusual vehicle -- a motorized toilet.
Robert Paul ReyesMan Claims Cops Beat Him, is Caught on Camera Punching Self: Video - A California man locked up in an Oregon jail holding cell was caught on camera punching himself in the face in a desperate attempt to blame police for his injuries and get out of trouble.
Robert Paul ReyesBeautiful Lady Pulls Gun on Boyfriend for Rejecting Her Sexual Advances - If the gorgeous Ms. Smart googles herself and she stumbles on this article, I beg her please contact me! I will make you my wife and cater to your every whim.
Robert Paul ReyesWanted Man Arrested After Taunting Police on Facebook - A criminal who used Facebook to taunt police officers trying to track him down has been re-arrested and returned to the prison authorities.
Robert Paul ReyesCupidrone Delivers Roses on Valentine's Day: Video - This video is an epic fail.
Robert Paul ReyesTexas Teen's Terrible Tweet Gets Her Fired On Twitter! - Is Cella a heroine or a ratchet drama queen, let her know via Twitter.
Robert Paul ReyesHero Dog Thwarts Gas Station Robbery, Bites Robber in Face! - Dog bites man isn`t a news story, but dog thwarts armed robbery by biting robber on each side of his face is a heartwarming story guaranteed to elicit smiles.
Robert Paul ReyesSouth Korean Cafe Features Two Live Sheep - Sheep in a restaurant is a baaah baaah bad idea!
Robert Paul ReyesMan Lists 'Drug Dealer' as Occupation on Arrest Report - A West Palm Beach man listed his occupation on an arrest report as drug dealer.
Robert Paul ReyesFemale Mugger Sprays Man With Pepper Spray - Charlotte Mecklenburg Police said a woman attacked a man with pepper spray outside his condominium on Fairview Road and demanded money from him.
Robert Paul ReyesPunxsutawney Phil is a Pimp! - Punxsutawney Phil, the world`s most adorable seasonal prognosticator, saw his shadow on Monday morning, portending six more weeks of winter.
Robert Paul ReyesTrucker Pulls Tooth, Creates Monster Traffic Jam - An Alabama man flipped his tractor trailer after he took his hands from the wheel to pull a loose tooth from his mouth, causing a traffic jam and closure of parts of an interstate for hours.
Robert Paul ReyesGiant 'Cow Art' Smiley Face an Abomination! God Help Us! Video! - Smiley faces and drones are ubiquitous and a blight upon our great nation, and a work of art that incorporates smiley faces, drones and cows is destined to be bullcrap!
Robert Paul ReyesWeather Map Goes Crazy Live on KSAZ-TV! Cory McCloskey Rocks! Video! - McCloskey of KSAZ-TV rocks!
Robert Paul ReyesWoman in Wheelchair Stands Up to Shoplift - British police released CCTV footage of a woman recorded standing up from her wheelchair and walking around a store while shoplifting.
Robert Paul ReyesWater Company Tells Residents Black Water from Pit of Hell Is Fine to Drink: Video! - The executives of the Golden State Water Co. should be sentenced to community service cleaning the streets under the hot California sun with only their nasty water to drink.
Robert Paul ReyesHoly Mackerel! Irish Eat Mackerel Dumped on Street By a Truck! - Officials in the Northern Ireland capital are warning residents not to eat mackerel plucked from the road after a truck dumped its load of fish.
Robert Paul ReyesThe Horror! The Horror: 100 Robots Perform Synchronized Dance Routine - This video is not for the weak of heart, if you must watch it don Depends diapers, and have your Life Alert button at the ready!
Robert Paul Reyes'In Dog We Trust'! Video! - The Pinellas County Sheriff`s Department has been the subject of some humor this week, since a rug they ordered was misprinted with the phrase, "In dog we trust` rather than the intended, "In God we trust.`
Robert Paul ReyesUFO Pilot Flying Under the Influence? Video! - Traffic police may want to breathalyse a little green man from Betelgeuse after a UFO was filmed flying erratically over Tyneside.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Drunk on Vanilla Extract Charged With DUI - If you are arrested for being drunk on vanilla extract at a Walmart parking lot, you are white trash.
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