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Water Company Tells Residents Black Water from Pit of Hell Is Fine to Drink: Video!

The executives of the Golden State Water Co. should be sentenced to community service cleaning the streets under the hot California sun with only their nasty water to drink.

Robert Paul ReyesWater Company Tells Residents Black Water from Pit of Hell Is Fine to Drink: Video! - The executives of the Golden State Water Co. should be sentenced to community service cleaning the streets under the hot California sun with only their nasty water to drink.
Robert Paul ReyesHoly Mackerel! Irish Eat Mackerel Dumped on Street By a Truck! - Officials in the Northern Ireland capital are warning residents not to eat mackerel plucked from the road after a truck dumped its load of fish.
Robert Paul ReyesThe Horror! The Horror: 100 Robots Perform Synchronized Dance Routine - This video is not for the weak of heart, if you must watch it don Depends diapers, and have your Life Alert button at the ready!
Robert Paul Reyes'In Dog We Trust'! Video! - The Pinellas County Sheriff`s Department has been the subject of some humor this week, since a rug they ordered was misprinted with the phrase, "In dog we trust` rather than the intended, "In God we trust.`
Robert Paul ReyesUFO Pilot Flying Under the Influence? Video! - Traffic police may want to breathalyse a little green man from Betelgeuse after a UFO was filmed flying erratically over Tyneside.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Drunk on Vanilla Extract Charged With DUI - If you are arrested for being drunk on vanilla extract at a Walmart parking lot, you are white trash.
Robert Paul ReyesBaby Born With Two Front Teeth - Alyssa Bailey was born three days after Christmas with a little something extra -- two bottom front teeth.
Robert Paul ReyesMeth Suspect Arrested at Kmart Wearing 'I have drugs' T-shirt - John Balmer, 50, was arrested and charged with possession of meth at a Kmart while wearing a T-shirt with the message: WHO NEEDS DRUGS Seriously I have drugs.
Robert Paul ReyesPrison for Millionaire Who Collected Welfare - I pray this fraudster will have a heart attack in jail and wake up in hell.
Robert Paul ReyesBobcat Hit by Car, Hitches a Ride in Grille: Video - An Arizona bobcat was uninjured after being hit by a car traveling about 40 mph and taking a ride inside the grill of the sedan.
Robert Paul ReyesFirefighters Free Naked Woman Trapped in Chimney - Riverside County firefighters spent two hours working to free a woman stuck in a fireplace at a Woodcrest home.
Robert Paul ReyesUFO Sighting at a Fireworks Show on New Year's Eve! Video! - UFO Sightings have been reported from various parts of the world during New Year celebrations and in London, an eagle eye-shaped flying object was spotted hovering over the London Eye during the fireworks display.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Dad Extracts Son's Tooth Using Golf Club: Video - A dad made himself and his 7-year-old son into viral stars with a video chronicling a baby tooth extraction using dental floss, a golf club and a golf ball.
Robert Paul ReyesWatch Dude Solve World's Biggest Rubik's Cube in 7.5 hours - It may have taken him the better part of a day, but Kenneth Brandon solved a 17x17x17 Rubik`s Cube, the largest puzzle of its type, in 7.5 hours.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Wooden Ferrari 'Drives' the Canals of Venice - An Italian craftsman is making a splash on the "streets` of Venice with a wooden Ferrari F50 he created to float the city's famous canals.
Robert Paul ReyesMinnesota's Giant Paper Ball Sets Guinness Record: Video - The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency said a 426-pound wad of paper created to represent the state`s waste has been awarded a Guinness World Record.
Robert Paul ReyesPatient Causes Hospital Fire By Smoking Crack While Being Hooked Up to Oxygen - A fire broke out while a patient was attempting to smoke the cocaine from a homemade device
Robert Paul ReyesCapsized Kayaker Was Trying to Install Charlie Brown Cutout on Christmas Tree Raft - Charlie Brown is the patron saint of hapless morons; I can see why this fellow has such a fondness for the round-headed cartoon character.
Robert Paul ReyesMoron Fled Police in Kayak Without a Paddle - Talk about being up sh** creek without a paddle ...
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Kangaroo Punches Drone from Sky - A kangaroo knocked an aerial drone from the sky after the device hovered too close to a small group of the animals.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Pimp Slaps Granny After Facebook Friend Request Denied - Most young adults would pay their grandmothers not to follow them on Facebook; they want to keep their online freaky behavior hidden from their parents and grandparents.
Robert Paul ReyesUnexploded World War II Bomb Found Near Berlin - Authorities in a German city evacuated about 10,000 people from the area surrounding a building site where an unexploded World War II bomb was found.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Fakes Heart Attack While Partner Steals Barbie Car: Video - Two men were arrested on charges of grand theft after one of the men faked a heart attack so the other could walk out of a Walmart with stolen toys.
Robert Paul ReyesUFO Mothership Spotted Hovering Over Statue of Liberty in NYC: Video - A UFO was caught on video in New York last week after a tourist caught the circular black object hovering over the Statue of Liberty.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage! 200-Pound Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Statue Stolen! - Someone has made off with a 200-pound wooden Rudolph statue from a neighborhood in Los Angeles County.
Robert Paul ReyesBrewery Creates Christmas Tree From 300 Kegs: Video - The Genesee Brewing Co. in New York State stacked 300 empty beer kegs to create a 23-foot-tall Christmas tree topped by a rotating Genesee sign.
Robert Paul ReyesPackage Thief Pranked into Purloining Parcel of Poop: Video - A couple fed up with packages being stolen from their porch said they put a box of dog poop on their porch and recorded it being swiped.
Robert Paul ReyesSUV Crashes into Garage Through Roof - A California couple said they initially suspected an early morning earthquake Wednesday when an SUV crashed through the roof of their garage.
Robert Paul ReyesLost Sheep Wearing Christmas Sweater Claimed by Owner! Video! - Oh Christmas that magical time of the year when we spike the eggnog, make out under the mistletoe, buy presents for people we despise and wear god-awful Christmas sweaters.
Robert Paul ReyesWatch Rocket-Powered Porta-potty Blast Off! - A Michigan club released video of its porta-potty rocket flying about 2,000 feet, remaining airborne for 38 seconds
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