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Woman Shoplifts Vibrator, Hides it in Child's Stroller!

Obama has blessed the poor and needy with Obama Phones, he needs to give poor and horny women Obama Vibrators.

Robert Paul ReyesNorth Korea Dictator Kim Jong-un Has Panties in a Twist Over Video - Fight tyranny and oppression and like this YouTube video!
Robert Paul ReyesMan, 97, Booted From Retirement Home For Playing Ukulele - I can`t stand anyone playing the freaking ukulele, but when you are almost a century old, you should be allowed to play the ukulele wearing only your diapers, if such is your desire.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Shoplifts Vibrator, Hides it in Child's Stroller! - Obama has blessed the poor and needy with Obama Phones, he needs to give poor and horny women Obama Vibrators.
Robert Paul ReyesHuge Purple UFO Scares Bejesus Out of Kid! - A Big Purple Mothership was the last thing Lenny expected to see when he went out four-wheeling.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Survives Encounter With Testicle-Eating Fish: Video - A fisherman is thankful that he is still in one piece after an encounter with a member of the piranha family that purportedly has a penchant for poaching men's private parts.
Robert Paul ReyesBurglary Suspect Busted After Returning to Scene of Crime for Lunch - A man was arrested on suspicion of burglary after he returned to a fast-food chicken restaurant for lunch only hours after he had burglarized it.
Robert Paul ReyesWaitress in China Eats Cockroach in Front of Diners After Complaint - Finding a hair in your soup is cause for mild consternation, but finding a cockroach in your salad is grounds for a lawsuit.
Robert Paul ReyesLady Drops Her Pants at Dick's Drive-In - A Seattle woman was arrested and booked into King County Jail for assault and harassment after she dropped her pants and made a scene at a Dick`s Drive-In.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Company Limits Bathroom Breaks to 6 Minutes a Day - Spend more than 6 minutes a day in the bathroom at Chicago`s WaterSaver Faucet company and you`ll face disciplinary measures.
Robert Paul ReyesMan Charged With 'Threatening' For Carving Watermelon In 'Passive-Aggressive' Manner - Has the world gone insane?
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Steals Granny Panties from Dollar General, Flees in Ice Cream Truck! - When you`re arrested for stealing panties from a Dollar General store, you have officially hit rock bottom.
Robert Paul ReyesTwo Losers Busted for Smoking Heroin Inside Chuck E. Cheese Restroom - If these two losers want to play Russian roulette by smoking heroin they should do their dirty deed in a gas station bathroom, an alley or inside a dumpster.
Robert Paul ReyesTrekkie Spends $500,000 to Remodel his Basement into Enterprise Bridge: Video - A Star Trek fan in Long Island is garnering attention from around the globe after spending $500,000 to turn the basement of his family`s home into a replica of the Enterprise bridge.
Robert Paul ReyesPolice Request Residents to Stop Pooping on Trains - A train that hauls cargo on the Providence and Worcester Railroad was carrying some extra weight after it apparently got pooped on by some Massachusetts residents who felt inclined to go to the bathroom off a bridge.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Busted for Dealing Cocaine at a Bingo Hall - But who would deal cocaine at a bingo hall? The senior citizens would mistake coke for talcum powder and they would sprinkle in on their adult diapers.
Robert Paul ReyesCountry Hick Wearing Cowboy Hat, Boots & Dress Leads Cops on a High Speed Chase - A 29-year-old man from Dover, New Hampshire, was arrested after leading deputies on a 43-minute chase while wearing a cowboy hat, boots and a woman`s dress in a car painted with derogatory statements about law enforcement.
Robert Paul ReyesBambi Gone Wild! Deer in Liquor Store Causes $3,000 in Damages! Video! - In a shower of glass, cigarette packs, and the remains of a $205 limited-release bottle of Sam Adams Utopia, a deer landed in the store and began racing the aisles.
Robert Paul ReyesLovely Lady With Heroin in her Car Pulls Over to do Semi-Nude Yoga - A woman was arrested in the middle of a roadway where cops said they found her Wednesday doing yoga poses in her panties.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman Robs Hotel for Beer Money: Video - Police also tell KRQE News 13, Ahumada told police she robbed the hotel because she needed money to buy beer.
Robert Paul ReyesCook finds 'God' in an Eggplant: Video! Enough Religious Tomfoolery! - A Louisiana line cook claims he found 'GOD` in an eggplant at an Italian restaurant in Baton Rouge.
Robert Paul ReyesCat Goes Bonkers, Traps Cowardly Couple in their Bedroom! - The woman accidentally stepped on the cat`s tail, if you ask me I think she got exactly what she deserved. It may be bad luck if a black cat walks by you, but it`s even worse luck if you step on a cat`s tail.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Burns Woman With Hot Coals, Stabs Her With Barbecue Fork - I have to give the assailant style points, when you overturn a grill and throw a woman onto the hot coals, proper etiquette requires you stab her with a barbecue utensil.
Robert Paul ReyesDrunken Dude Tells Cops Dog Drove Him to Store - A Georgia man who appeared to be highly intoxicated was arrested after allegedly telling an officer that his dog drove him to the store so that he could purchase corn.
Robert Paul ReyesMeth Head Burglar Found Hiding in a Box of Stuffed Animals - Washington police officers found a man crammed into a giant box of stuffed animals when they responded to a burglary alarm at a Tacoma thrift store.
Robert Paul ReyesSheep-Abducting UFOs Terrorize Wales: Video! - An alert about alien SHEEP abduction was among the calls about UFOs received by one force over the past four years.
Robert Paul ReyesUFO Symbols Appearing on Cattle Crossing Signs - Strange UFO symbols have appeared on dozens of cattle crossing signs.
Robert Paul ReyesCreep Punches Girlfriend's Pet Rabbit After Argument About Women's Rights - The poor rabbit was severely injured, but he`s expected to survive, the woman suffered a few bruises but was otherwise uninjured, and Wertz is walking bowl-legged behind bars.
Robert Paul ReyesBrit Brazenly Poops in Barclays Bank Branch Before Beating It: Video - Is this a gentleman with a vendetta against banking institutions, a performance artist, or a poor soul afflicted with diarrhea? What do you think?
Robert Paul ReyesWoman, 56, Attacks Man, 25, for Turning Down Her Sexual Advances - Moral of this story: If an elderly woman asks a twenty-something man over her house for drinks, it can only mean that she wants to get her freak on.
Robert Paul ReyesChinese Dude's Heart Ripped From His Chest: Fight Over Cup of Noodles - A man has been killed after his still beating heart was pulled out of his chest and bit into by his attacker after a furious row over a bowl of noodles.
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