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Belgians Flood Twitter With Cat Pics

The stream of cat pics was sparked when the country's federal police made a request on Twitter for the public to maintain silence about the ongoing counter-terror operations on social media, for fear of alerting potential targets of the raids to police movements.

Robert Paul ReyesBelgians Flood Twitter With Cat Pics - The stream of cat pics was sparked when the country's federal police made a request on Twitter for the public to maintain silence about the ongoing counter-terror operations on social media, for fear of alerting potential targets of the raids to police movements.
Robert Paul ReyesMcDonalds to Sell 48 Piece McNugget Bucket in Japan! The End is Nigh! - Every meat tastes like chicken, you name it: Snakes, crocodiles, and even possums. Except for Chicken McNuggets, they taste like Satan`s stool sample that`s been sitting in a doctor`s office for a couple of days.
Robert Paul ReyesRobber in Darth Vader Costume Foiled by Jar of Salad Dressing - Needless to say Mercer is a total wimp, and he`s going to need a light saber to fend off the sexual predators who will make his live a living hell behind bars.
Robert Paul ReyesAustralian Lad Hiccups His Way Through Australian National Anthem: Video - 7-year-old Ethan battled through the hiccups to perform perhaps the greatest rendition of the Australian national anthem EVER SEEN.
Robert Paul ReyesPhone Thief Uploads Selfie to Victim's Cloud Storage - California police began searching for a cellphone thief after the victim discovered several photos of the suspect in their online storage.
Robert Paul ReyesExperts: Viral Cucumber Prank Harmful to Cats - A viral trend involving placing cucumbers behind cats has been deemed cruel and harmful behavior by some experts.
Robert Paul ReyesRowdy the Dog Afflicted With Vitiligo: Video - He`s survived both a poisoning and shooting, but it`s a rare skin condition and an unusual set of spots that have recently made Rowdy the dog a local celebrity in Oregon.
Robert Paul ReyesHasbro Robot Cat Perfect Gift for Senior Citizens - Hasbro`s $99 Companion Pet Cat is now available, and comes equipped with motion and light sensors so that it can respond to being petted. Granny will think the cat is real, and she just might make the robot cat the only beneficiary to her will.
Robert Paul ReyesDrunk Dude Arrested for Assault With a Sandwich - Moral of this story: Sandwiches make great meals, but lousy weapons.
Robert Paul ReyesFrail Grandmother Yells at Burglars: Get the Hell Out of My House! - A Tacoma grandmother took matters into her own hands when she surprised robbers in her house, shouting them right out her front door.
Robert Paul ReyesBritish Cops Drink Tea With Lonely Elderly Couple - Police officers came to the aid of an elderly couple who dialed 999 because they were lonely - and made them both a cup of tea.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman in Epic Rage Over Pancakes at Denny's! - West evidently has a sense of black entitlement, she believes she`s entitled to a free Obama phone, free Obamacare, free food stamps, and an endless supply of pancakes for her and her friends for only four bucks.
Robert Paul ReyesWoman, 88, Shoots at Burglars! - Crooks picked the wrong place to attempt a break-in, after they were nearly shot by an elderly woman.
Robert Paul ReyesTwin Thugs (Malek & Shamel) Swipe Identical Items From Walmart - Twin brothers are facing theft charges after they stole identical items yesterday from a Walmart in South Carolina.
Robert Paul ReyesCreep Arrested 2nd Time in 3 Years for Hiding Under Storm Drain to Take Pics of Female Pedestrians - When you are arrested twice in three years for hiding in a sewer so you can take upskirt pics of female pedestrians, you are human excrement who should be exiled to a sewer.
Robert Paul ReyesGirl, 8, Caught Trying to Smoke Pot in School Bathroom - Authorities in Ohio said an 8-year-old girl was found in a bathroom attempting to smoke marijuana in an inefficient way -- by lighting a plastic baggie on fire.
Robert Paul ReyesMeet Goliath, The Adorable Baby Cow, Who's Convinced He's a Dog: Video - Goliath thinks he`s a dog, and I guess as long as he doesn`t start chasing the cat in the house, it`s all good.
Robert Paul ReyesIsrael, Indeed the World, Outraged Over Proposal to Deport Street Cats - Cat lovers around Israel were dismayed by Agricultural Minister Uri Ariel`s suggestion that stray cats should be transferred to another country.
Robert Paul ReyesCouple's Engagement Ring Beset With Wisdom Tooth - A California woman whose photo of her engagement ring beset with her finance`s wisdom tooth went viral says `diamonds are so overrated.`
Robert Paul ReyesPlane Diverted When Farting Sheep Trigger Smoke Alarms - A Singapore Airlines flight from Australia to Kuala Lumpur was diverted when fire detection devices were triggered by gas from the plane's cargo -- 2,186 sheep.
Robert Paul ReyesWrinkles the Clown Will Scare Your Brat Straight! Horrifying Video! - Desperate parents in Naples, Fla., have a new weapon in their arsenal for reining in misbehaving kids.
Robert Paul ReyesRainbow Cloud Will Blow Your Mind! - A holidaymaker was amazed when she looked up at the Caribbean sky and spotted this stunning rainbow.
Robert Paul ReyesThieves Steal 50K Worth of Hair Extensions! Dear God, What a World! - Who is more disgusting and deplorable: Men who steal hair extensions or the women who wear them?
Robert Paul ReyesGrumpy Cat is Jedi Knight for Halloween - Grumpy Cat hates Halloween, and she probably hates her owner for dressing her up as a Jedi Knight for Halloween, but millions of her fans think she looks adorable as a Jedi Knight.
Robert Paul ReyesTop 7 Things I Hate About Halloween - Top of the list? Candy Corn!
Robert Paul ReyesWhen Yoga Meets Bowling: Video - Yoga is terrific if you`re an attractive young woman with a burning desire to show off your camel toe in skin-tight yoga pants, or if you`re a foolish young man who wants to get in touch with his inner spiritual child.
Robert Paul ReyesYouTube Star Tillman the English Bulldog Has Died! The Internet Mourns! - YouTube star Tillman the English bulldog, known for his various skateboarding and surfing videos, has died. He was 10 years old.
Robert Paul ReyesThe Most Terrifying Pumpkins This Side of Hell! - Cutting simple triangle eyes and box-shaped teeth will no longer give you the coolest pumpkin design on the block.
Robert Paul ReyesPumpkin-Spice Products Are Ruining Halloween! - The US is awash with pumpkin spice everything during Halloween!
Robert Paul ReyesKangaroo Takes Dip in Family's Pool: Video - A north Melbourne family`s CCTV camera has captured the moment a curious kangaroo hopped right into trouble after it decided to take a cooling dip in their backyard pool
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