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Retired Firefighter Burned to Death After Lawn Mower Catches Fire!

There is nothing more relaxing and peaceful than riding a lawn mower, you feel like you are Lord of the Lawn, the Pimp of your neighborhood.

Robert Paul ReyesWaterspout Destroys USPS Semi-truck! Video! - A dog tinkling on a mail carrier is an apt metaphor for the irrelevancy of the USPS, but a waterspout destroying a USPS semi-truck is evidence that even the Almighty thinks the postal service is an anachronism.
Robert Paul ReyesRetired Firefighter Burned to Death After Lawn Mower Catches Fire! - There is nothing more relaxing and peaceful than riding a lawn mower, you feel like you are Lord of the Lawn, the Pimp of your neighborhood.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Stabs Police Car to Express His Displeasure With Law Enforcement - A police car's hood was stabbed with an eight-inch butcher's knife.
Robert Paul ReyesOrphaned Baby Possum Treats Kangaroo Doll as Mother: Video - A tiny baby possum is being hand-raised by an Australian wildlife hospital with the help of a stuffed kangaroo the baby animal treats as her mother.
Robert Paul ReyesPlaymobil Pirate Ship Includes Black Slave! Harmless or Hurtful? - I don`t expect the Playmobile pirate ship to be awarded a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, but by the same token I don`t expect the NAACP to waste their time and resources protesting a harmless children`s toy.
Robert Paul ReyesCigar-shaped UFO Targets Active Volcano - FIRST it was the Sun, then International Space Station (ISS), but now those pesky UFOs won`t stop visiting active or erupting volcanoes...allegedly.
Robert Paul ReyesLil BUB, The World Famous Internet Cat, Is Dropping an Album: Video - If a talentless skank like Miley Cyrus can release a pop album, and an egomaniac jerk like Kanye West can release a rap album, then why the hell can`t a world-famous cat release an Avant-garde concept CD?
Robert Paul ReyesAudit: Scientists in Antarctica Prone to Alcohol-fueled Fights, Indecent Exposure - The bureaucrats back in Washington should cut these researchers some slack, they should be allowed to work in their underwear and drink on the job.
Robert Paul ReyesLAPD Nab Runaway Miniature Horse - Police are looking for the owner of the miniature horse. Hmm, this adorable horse was loose in Los Angeles, maybe it belongs to Sarah Jessica Parker. Maybe her son ran away from home?
Robert Paul ReyesDude Calls 911 to Complain That His Girlfriend Won't Have Sex With HIm - A South Carolina man called 911 early this morning to complain that his girlfriend would not have sex with him.
Robert Paul ReyesRutting Moose Duke it Out in Alaska! More Entertaining Than a Ratchet Hood Fight! - There are no ghettos in Alaska, and therefore no ratchet street fights, but there`s plenty of moose, and here`s an epic moose fight captured on video for our enjoyment and edification
Robert Paul ReyesTiny Dog Scares Away Three Bears: Video - A little dog is being called a big hero after she scared off three bears outside her home in Monrovia.
Robert Paul ReyesJust in Time for Halloween: Evil Cat Haunts Cyberspace - A cat covered in flour has been labelled the 'devil' after pictures of him looking possessed were posted online.
Robert Paul ReyesDunkin' Donuts Employee Tells Officer: We Don't Serve Cops Here - One employee from a Dunkin` Donuts restaurant in Connecticut is in hot water after reportedly refusing to serve a cop coffee.
Robert Paul ReyesMonkey on Loose in Florida Eats Mail - Residents of Sanford, near Orlando, posted photos on Twitter of the monkey, named 'Zeek,` jumping on cars and sitting on a mailbox eating someone`s mail, according to cops.
Robert Paul ReyesBundle of Marijuana Falls From the Sky Onto Family`s Doghouse - If a bundle of weed dropped out of the sky and landed on my dog house, I would thank the Lord that my pooch escaped injury, and then I would light a candle to the patron saint of weed, Snoop Dogg, for my good fortune.
Robert Paul ReyesIrate Driver Tells Deputy: No Wonder You People Get Shot: Video - Police officers have a thankless job, smile at any officer you meet today.
Robert Paul Reyes'Minions' Sign at Village of Same Name Taken Down - A Minions road sign erected outside a Cornish village of the same name has been pulled down amid safety concerns.
Robert Paul ReyesObese Man Fired Due to Extreme Flatulence and Uncontrollable Diarrhea - A Pennsylvania man was fired from his job at a pork roll producer due to extreme flatulence brought on by gastric bypass surgery, according to a discrimination lawsuit filed by the man`s wife.
Robert Paul ReyesStudy: Washing Dishes May Relieve Stress - Doing the dishes may lead to stress relief if performed in a certain state of mind, according to a new study.
Robert Paul ReyesHomeless Man Pleads for Return of His Pooch - Tim Nelson lost his job, house and his wife, but he wasn`t complaining because he still had his best friend and companion by his side, Moe, a 14-year-old Chihuahua.
Robert Paul ReyesWhy Did the Cougar Climb on Top of the Power Pole? - A mountain lion climbed up a 35-foot-high wooden power pole Tuesday afternoon about two miles south of Cougar Buttes on East End Road.
Robert Paul ReyesCat Attacks Silly Girl Playing Flute: Video - Can you blame this kitty for going Medieval on a silly teen girl sitting cross-legged on the floor playing her damn flute?
Robert Paul ReyesMaxi Pad Bandit Caught! - A man was arrested and booked for burglary after surveillance video showed him stealing items from a business while wearing a feminine hygiene product on his face in Apple Valley.
Robert Paul ReyesJapanese With Only One Finger Abandons Everest Climb - Kuriki lost nine fingers to frostbite in a previous Everest attempt, l hope he still has his middle finger so he can flip the bird at fate and his haters.
Robert Paul Reyes'Sexy' Donald Trump Halloween Costume for Sale: Video - Yandy.com is selling a limited-edition outfit called the `Donna T. Rumpshaker,` for $69.95. That price includes a white sleeveless collared shirt, red tie, royal blue faux blazer and matching booty shorts.
Robert Paul ReyesDid Adorable Little Girl Catch 20-inch Bass With Barbie Fishing Pole? video! - A proud papa shared video of his enthusiastic young daughter reeling in an approximately 20-inch bass with her Barbie fishing pole.
Robert Paul ReyesShould a Professional Stone Skipper Be Stoned to Death? Video! - For a grown man to devote his time to setting records for stone skipping is ludicrous and a sure sign that the End of the World is nigh!
Robert Paul ReyesTractor-pulled Dog Train Big Hit in Fort Worth: Video - Eugene is proof that life doesn`t end at retirement; this kindly old gentleman has devoted his golden years to adopting shelter dogs, and entertaining his neighbors.
Robert Paul ReyesPizzeria's Pontiff Picture Pie Praises Pope: Piety or Profits? - At Bleeker Street Pizza, chefs are now transforming pies into portraits of his holiness.
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