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Mom Outraged by Article About Hillary Clinton and Her Daughter

Readers are always welcome to send letters to the editor if they object to any SOP article.

SOP newswire3Mom Outraged by Article About Hillary Clinton and Her Daughter - Readers are always welcome to send letters to the editor if they object to any SOP article.
SOP newswire3Moshe Turner's Thoughts on Narcolepsy - Narcolepsy used to be known as a sleep disorder of psychological origin as scientists had not been able to find a physiological cause. That changed with the discovery of orexin in 1998. In recent years narcolepsy has been reclassified as neurological disorder.
SOP newswire3SOP Readers Blast Robert Paul Reyes for His UFO Tomfoolery Article - Readers had plenty to say about Robert Paul Reyes' article: Outrage: Library to Host UFO and Bigfoot Lecture! Say No to UFO Tomfoolery!
SOP newswire3Grace Hill Media Responds to Review of 'Noah' by Robert Paul Reyes - Jonathan Bock takes exception with my review of 'Noah.'
SOP newswire2Equal Rights for the Abused! - This is an emotional letter to write as the topic affects so many women`s rights presently and for years to come.
Ernest DempseySave Russia`s Forest from Reckless Destruction - Mikhail Novikov asks for action to save Russia Federation's natural forests from destruction by the authorities.
SOP newswire3Robert Paul Reyes Told It LIke It Is In Regard To Murder Of Delbert Belton - You, Mr. Reyes, have told it like it is with regard to the heinous murder of Delbert Belton. The suspects are black!!!
SOP newswire2Edward Snowden, Europe, America, Democracy and the Law - The debacle involving American whistle blower, Edward Snowden, has inadvertently highlighted the unacceptable subservience of EU countries to the political demands of the United States congress.
SOP newswire3Jyll Latham: My Pig Is A Pet! - This is not a commercial swine, he is a PET. Just like any of your cats or dogs.
SOP newswire3Reader Writes Letter In Response To Mary Hardison Article - Grandma Mary, as the family refers to her, decided to go paragliding for her 101st birthday celebration a couple of months before the actual event.
SOP newswire2Yanira Maldonado Was Framed! - There is no questions that Yanira was framed. Even in innocence, no-one in their right mind would board a bus in Mexico headed for the U.S. with 12-lbs of drugs.
Ed RobertsThanks to TheSOP: I Love Comments! - I want to thank you again for having the SOP site to help me reach others with my poetry.
SOP newswire2What's Really Behind the Killing of Pimp Kenneth Cherry? - Kenneth Cherry had quite a few arrests in the SF Bay Area and at least one conviction.
SOP newswire2Does AIPAC Lobby Members of Congress? - It is a reply to Douglas Reed: Does AIPAC Determine US Foreign Policy.
SOP newswire2Press Statement of Mr. Ali Emre Bukagili, the Plaintiff of Fazil Say Case - Many judicial proceedings have been enforced and are still being enforced based on the subject matter articles in the European countries.
SOP newswire2Mr. President, Congratulations on Your Election Victory! - You now have the unique opportunity to enforce an equitable solution to the seemingly intractable Israel-Palestinian conflict.
SOP newswire2Mr. Viguerie's call to Catholic Leaders - It is remarkable how sure this writer is about pulpit restraint among many catholic leaders on issues like same-sex marriage.
SOP newswire2Romney Needs to Mobilize his Followers - FEMA has been a mainstay for safety, development, and disaster planning and information for decades.
SOP newswire2Police: Their Culture and How They Can Be Improved - Journalists and other citizens need to know as much as they can about police " their culture, how they can be improved, and what it takes to lead them.
SOP newswire2The 2012 Nobel Prize and the Obligation of the EU to Assist World Peace - The EU needs to set an example that criminal activity will not be encouraged.
SOP newswire2Anonymous and Operation Jubilee: Rules of Engagement - Reverend Martin Niemoller famously stated - "In Germany, the Nazis first came for the communists, and I didn`t speak up because I wasn`t a communist.
SOP newswire2Bill Keller Hates Romney - The communuties of the West where Mormons are most highly concentrated.have fewer social pathologies than anyplace else in the country.
SOP newswire2Jessica Ridgeway Case: Dad Has History of Domestic Abuse. Red Flag! - My concerns are this: if mom watched her walk till out of sight as a concerned parent, why not answer the phone all day?
SOP newswire2Get your facts straight. It is infuriating to read such bigoted articles like this.... - After actually reading this dreadful article, it is clear the author has no idea what he is talking about. Al Qaida does NOT have full access to Iran.
SOP newswire2Important Steps Obama Should Follow Immediately Following his Re-election - Immediately following President Obama's successful re-election for a second term, there are some important steps he should reasonably take:
SOP newswire2Letter from a Former Muslim: Enough is Enough - My name is Majed El Shafie. I was arrested, tortured and sentenced to die in Egypt after converting from Islam to Christianity. I
SOP newswire2Netanyahu has none of the attributes of a Dayan or a Ben Gurion - An extreme right-wing Likud state and Likud values are certainly not Jewish values. Netanyahu is a Zionist from another era. We live in a new century that Mr Netanyahu
SOP newswireDo Not Attack Iran: Ensure Peace in the Middle East - Mr Netanyahu, I will be as succinct as it is possible to be within the English language:
SOP newswireJudie Brown`s Open Letter to Cardinal Dolan - Judie Brown, president of American Life League, writes an open letter to Cardinal Dolan about President Obama and Alfred E. Smith`s dinner.
SOP newswire3Pit Bulls Are Friendly & Loveable - Reader responds to article by Robert Paul Reyes about a pit bull who bonded with a baby goat.
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