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U.S. Benchmarking Capabilities Against China, Russia, Dunford Says

Russia and China are near-peer competitors and the United States must benchmark military capabilities against these possible threats, Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford said at Duke University here last night.

SOP newswire3Decisions to Use Nuclear Power Are Complex, Stratcom Commander Says - Unlike common misconceptions, making the decision to use U.S. nuclear power is a collaborative process thats practiced every day and is usually not subject to time constraints, U.S. Strategic Command commander said at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 14.
SOP newswire3U.S. Benchmarking Capabilities Against China, Russia, Dunford Says - Russia and China are near-peer competitors and the United States must benchmark military capabilities against these possible threats, Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford said at Duke University here last night.
SOP newswire3Dunford Discusses Military Support to DHS - The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff laid out the process for military support to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security during a discussion with students in Duke University Program in American Grand Strategy yesterday.
SOP newswire3Mattis Shares Threat Pictures Behind New National Defense Strategy - Defense Secretary James N. Mattis shared the thinking behind the new National Defense Strategy during a discussion at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington yesterday.
SOP newswire3Active-Duty Troops En Route to Texas - As of this afternoon, a little over 1,000 troops are in place in south Texas, and that number is changing by the hour as additional forces move in place, Air Force Gen. Terrence J. OShaughnessy, commander of U.S. Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command, said at a Pentagon news conference today.
SOP newswire35,200 Active Duty Personnel Moving to Southwest Border - The Defense Department will deploy more than 5,000 active-duty personnel to aid the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Customs and Border Protection "to harden the southern border," said Air Force Gen. Terrence J. OShaughnessy, the commander of U.S. Northern Command and North American Aerospace Command.
SOP newswire3Dunford Shares Thoughts on Maintaining U.S. Military Competitive Advantage - is a dangerous and unpredictable time, and the United States must reverse any erosion in its military capabilities and capacities, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said at the Military Reporters and Editors conference here Oct. 26.
SOP newswire3Dunford Asks Defense Chiefs to Guard Against Complacency - There is no room for complacency in the fight against violent extremist organizations, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told his worldwide counterparts here today.
SOP newswire3Chiefs of Defense Conference Looks to Win the Peace Against Violent Extremism - Its not about winning the war. Its about winning the peace," was an expression heard often today at the Counter Violent Extremist Organizations Chiefs of Defense Conference here today.
SOP newswire3Bells of Peace and the End of the War to End All Wars - In 1918, the world had never seen such killing.
SOP newswire3Passing the Decanter, the U.S. Naval Academy Way - The reign of the Naval Academy Class of 1978 is over as Navy Adm. Kurt Tidd passed the Old Goat Award decanter to Vice Adm. Bill Lesher during a ceremony at the Navy Yard, here last week.
SOP newswire3Secretary Mattis Delivers Remarks at the Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas - James Mattis delivers speech.
SOP newswire3NATO Trident Juncture Exercise Tests Deterrence Capabilities - The worlds preeminent defensive alliance is readying to demonstrate its capabilities in its largest exercise since 2002, said Navy Adm. James Foggo, the commander of NATOs Allied Joint Force Command in Italy.
SOP newswire3Air Force Civilians Impacted by Hurricane Receive AFIMSC Support - Linda Alcala listened to a news report about Hurricane Florence approaching the Carolina coast. She heard about a woman whose family didnt have enough money to evacuate, and payday wasnt for another week.
SOP newswire3NATO Moves to Combat Russian Hybrid Warfare - Russia is disturbing the peace, and NATO countries must combat its hybrid strategy, the alliance supreme allied commander for Europe said here today.
SOP newswire3EOD Technicians Describe Their Equipment, Mission - As part of the Defense Department's "Showcasing Lethality" series, three Air Force explosive ordnance disposal technicians from the 11th Wing at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, briefed reporters at the Pentagon today on what their EOD unit does in the national capital region.
SOP newswire3Mattis: More Data Needed to Assess Womens Effectiveness in Combat Arms - With so few women in combat arms right now, the services and Defense Department officials really cant judge how successful the effort has been, Defense Secretary James N. Mattis told cadets at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia, yesterday.
SOP newswire3Army Astronaut Prepares for December Launch - One soldier is proving childhood dreams can come true as she prepares to launch into space for her first time.
SOP newswire3Mattis Pays Tribute to Prisoners of War, Missing in Action - Service members who were held as prisoners of war and those still missing from the nations wars deserve respect and admiration from the nation for which they fought, Defense Secretary James N. Mattis said here today.
SOP newswire3Airman Practices Humanitarianism on the Home Front - Massive flooding, forest fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters devastate thousands of families and homes each year around the world. Members from all branches of the U.S. military help to give relief from many of these events by providing aid through humanitarian missions.
SOP newswire3Deputy Secretary Discusses Future of Space Force at Space and Missile Systems Center - Space is a contested environment, and the United States must deploy new tools, new capabilities and the right leadership to ensure dominance in that environment , Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan said recently.
SOP newswire3Fort McCoy Firefighters Aid Local Flood Response, Relief Efforts - Fort McCoy firefighters sprang into action to help local emergency response agencies deal with the aftermath of an Aug. 27 storm that dumped up to 12 inches of rain and caused extensive flooding and damage.
SOP newswire3Reserve Airmen Help Support Fallen Troops - According to the Air Force Personnel Center and the Defense Departments Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, there are approximately 258,000 enlisted airmen serving on active duty and nearly 55,000 serving on reserve status.
SOP newswire3Airmen Make it Rain Soldiers - Airmen from the 62nd Airlift Wing and soldiers from the Armys 82nd Airborne Division participated in a joint exercise to airdrop equipment and personnel at two drop zones during Exercise Predictable Iron at Fort Bragg, North Carolinas Pope Field, from Aug. 20-24.
SOP newswire3U.S. Air Force Supports Premier British Air Force Exercise - The U.S. Air Force 492nd Fighter Squadron sent several F-15E Strike Eagles to support the British Royal Air Force premier air combat training exercise, Typhoon Warrior, Aug. 14-23, at RAF Coningsby, England.
SOP newswire3Navy Recruiter Embraces American Ideals - Serving in the military provides the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself, and to be a positive influence, Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Caroline Ballad said.
SOP newswire3The ART of Training the Total Force - Intelligence analysts sit in front of computer monitors, closely watching images of an ongoing mission, but they are feeling stressed. The reason for this stress could vary, from work to personal issues
SOP newswire3Civil Affairs Soldiers Enhance Tanzanian Operations to Counter Illicit Trafficking - Deep in one of the largest countries in East Africa, U.S. Army soldiers have been training Tanzanian game wardens in operations to deter poachers and prevent extremist organizations from profiting from illicit activities.
SOP newswire3Deployed Soldier Produces Beats in Off-Duty Time - Even with increased workloads and long hours, deployments are a great way to work on ones self. One soldier viewed his time on deployment as a chance to hone his craft.
SOP newswire3Guardsmen Work Together to Save Stricken Woman's Life - The first day of a no-cost health clinic provided by the military to civilians at the Mitchell Pauole Community Center started simply enough.
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