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Where's Hillary?

Where`s Hillary? For the love of God I hope and pray that the answer will never be: She`s in the White House.

Robert Paul ReyesWhere's Hillary? - Where`s Hillary? For the love of God I hope and pray that the answer will never be: She`s in the White House.
Robert Paul ReyesHillary Clinton Proves She's in Good Health by Opening Jar of Pickles? Video! - Hillary`s health is no joking matter, can you imagine the old hag trying to push the nuclear button? Half the United States will be nuked before before she can summon the strength to push the button.
Robert Paul ReyesHillary Clinton Ethically, Physically, Spiritually & Psychologically Unfit to be President - Hillary would be well-advised never to leave home without a Life Alert device around her neck, and an extra Depends diaper in her purse.
Robert Paul ReyesRudy Giuliani is Spot On! Google: Hillary Clinton Illness! Videos! - Go online and put down `Hillary Clinton illness,` take a look at the videos yourself." Rudy Giuliani
Robert Paul ReyesDonald Trump Nude Statue 'The Emperor Has No Balls' Erected In New York City - Life-sized nude anatomically-correct statues of Donald Trump were installed without authorization in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle
Robert Paul ReyesJoe Biden and Hillary Clinton Engage in the Most Awkward Hug in History! Video! - Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden shared an awkward hug this morning as they greeted each other at the Scranton airport.
Robert Paul ReyesRose McGowan: Donald Trump Coverage Is Poisoning Humanity! - It's easy to say that reporters, bloggers and columnists should simply stop covering Donald Trump. But journalists have a responsibility to cover Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and point out any lies, exaggerations and discrepancies in their policies, so that the electorate can make an informed decision on election day.
Robert Paul ReyesWas Donald Trump Inciting 'Second Amendment People' to Assasinate Hillary Clinton? - Donald Trump is the least articulate presidential candidate in recent history, and when you couple that with his penchant for his stream of consciousness style speaking, it virtually guarantees that every time he speaks he will utter a mind blowing statement.
Robert Paul ReyesHillary Clinton Short Circuited Her Campaign! Is She a Clone, Robot, Mind Control Victim, or Just a Heartless Witch? - Donald Trump is striking hard at Hillary Clinton over her recent remarks that she "short-circuited` when discussing her private email use in media interviews.
Robert Paul ReyesBill Maher: Donald Trump is Like an Infection - "Donald Trump is like an infection" -- truer words were never spoken.
Robert Paul ReyesWould You Buy Cat Butt Jewelry Featuring Donald Trump's Face? Video! - Politically minded pussycats (and their owners) now have a new way to express their opinion on how they feel about Donald Trump - in the form of cat butt jewelry.
SOP newswire3ISIL Knows It Will Lose, Already Shifting Strategy, Obama Says at Pentagon - After presiding at a meeting of his National Security Council in the Pentagon today, President Barack Obama said Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant leaders know they will lose in Syria and Iraq, and they are already shifting their strategy in advance of that sure defeat.
SOP newswire3Obama: Zika Poses Significant Threat, Public Should Take Precautions - The Zika virus is posing a significant threat to the American people, especially babies, and the nation should take precautions against its spread, President Barack Obama said today at the Pentagon.
Robert Paul ReyesTrump Called 'Loudmouth Dick' Live on CNN: Video - Donald Trump doesn't have a filter, he utters whatever nonsense pops into his diseased brain -- perhaps it's excusable if a political analyst doesn't filter her words in describing him.
Robert Paul ReyesHubby, 78, Beats Hell out of Wife, 73, for Supporting Hillary Clinton - During an argument about the presidential race, a 78-year-old Donald Trump supporter threw his wife, a 73-year-old Hillary Clinton backer, to the floor of the couple`s Florida home, according to cops who arrested the older septuagenarian on a felony charge.
Robert Paul ReyesDonald Trump: Bernie Sanders Sold His Soul to the Devil by Endorsing Hillary Clinton - Ninety percent of what spews out of Trump's piehole is nonsense, but he's spot on in his assessment that Bernie Sanders sold his soul to the devil.
Robert Paul ReyesDonald Trump is a Pumpkinhead - A pumpkin doesn`t have any hands, and Trump`s hands are so tiny, he`d be better off without them.
Robert Paul ReyesHillary Clinton Rocks a White Pantsuit for her Acceptance Speech! A Vision of Hell! - Hillary disdains anything that smacks of femininity; I wouldn`t be surprised if she wears boxer shorts underneath her pantsuits.
Robert Paul ReyesHillary Clinton's Acceptance Speech Puts Bill Clinton to Sleep: Video - Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton accepted the Democratic Party presidential nomination Thursday night, thereby becoming the first woman nominated for the office by a major political party.
Robert Paul ReyesElizabeth Banks Mocks Donald Trump's Grand RNC Entrance: Video - I love Elizabeth Banks to death, and I wish Donald Trump was dead!
Robert Paul ReyesYou Need to See Donald Trump`s Late Mom's Hairstyle! It Will Blow Your Mind! - He got it from his mama. Twitter is going wild over an old photo of Donald Trump`s late mother, Mary Trump, in which she sports an almost identical hairstyle to that of her son.
Robert Paul ReyesIf Hillary Clinton Wins What Should We Call Bill Clinton? The Beard? First Dude? - A beard is an opposite sex date taken to an event in an effort give a closeted gay or lesbian person the appearance of being heterosexual. There's no doubt that Bill Clinton is as straight as an arrow (sexually speaking), and there's little doubt that Hillary is a lesbian. The Clintons have a marriage of political convenience, when Slick Willy was president the then young and relatively attractive Hillary served to give the public the impression that he was a family man. Now it's Bill's turn to be an asset to Hillary by serving as her beard.
Robert Paul ReyesCher Posts Tweet Pic of Donald Trump Sleeping With Vladimir Putin - I wish Putin was running for President of the United States, the patriotic Russian statesman has the balls that wimpy Obama lacks, the brains that the silly Trump is missing, and the heart that the frigid Hillary was born without.
Robert Paul ReyesIs Restaurant Ad Comparing Hillary Clinton to a Cold Fish Sexist? Hell No! - Hillary is cold and calculating, absolutely no warmth emanates from her frozen soul. She's spiritually and sexual frigid -- any fool who has intimate relations with her will end up with a frozen popsicle.
Robert Paul ReyesObama's Half-brother Says He's Voting for Donald Trump - President Obama`s Kenyan half-brother wants to make America great again -- so he`s voting for Donald Trump.
SOP newswire3Obama Speaks on Global Development - Since taking office, President Obama has sought to define global development as more than mere charity, but as a comprehensive investment in initiatives, and people, that will create real outcomes for communities around the globe.
Robert Paul ReyesWhy Are Evangelical Leaders Endorsing the Manifestly Evil Donald Trump? - James Dobson endorsed Donald Trump for president hours before the newly minted GOP nominee is slated to take the stage the final night of the Republican National Convention.
Robert Paul ReyesIvanka Trump for President of the United States - Last night Trump was articulate, charming, and on message, what a masterful performance the speech didn't offend any minorities. I am of course talking about Ivanka Trump, four or eight years from now she will make a terrific president.
Robert Paul ReyesThe Donald Trump Mike Pence Air Kiss: Awkward, Awkward, Awkward! - Donald Trump`s failed attempt to kiss his running mate on the forehead at the Republican convention has lit up the Internet.
Robert Paul ReyesArtist Plastic Jesus Builds Wall Around Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star - Donald Trump's controversial call for a 'great, great wall' on the US-Mexico border has yet to be realised but a tiny, tiny one has been built instead - surrounding his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
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